How many fathers can say they caught their own son at birth?

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 Hi guys, meet my two sons, Owen (4) and Chris (1).I'm posting this because these two little "rug rats" is the best events and gifts i have ever received in life. And i'm so proud of them that i have to share them with the rest of the world. One will never know what love is or feels like until you have a child. And the more you get, the bigger and better the love grows.I was fortunate to be part of my youngest son's birth. Let me tell you why.To start off with, when my eldest son was born, i was not able to stand in with the birth. My wife was transferred from the one hospital to another because the sisters said that there were some complications and that they were not experienced enough to help her. So at the second hospital she had to go in on her own due to renovations that was made in the maternity ward. All the woman was in one bit ward so its quite understandable. Even so, i was kinda upset, i mean this is my first born and it is an event that is unique on its own. So in about 10 minutes from arriving, my some was born without any complications as mentioned by the previous hospital. I was pissed because i felt like i was robbed from a once in a lifetime event.

So when my wife was at her last with the second pregnancy, she told me that she wants to wait till the latest possible time before we go to the hospital, to ensure that she does not get transferred again. I was a bit worried but i supported her request. You do not argue with a pregnant woman. We were at her parents place having dinner when she started going into labor. Her water broke when she went to the bathroom and that was the sign to say that you do not get closer than this. We went "low flying" to the hospital which luckily was not to far. We arrived at the hospital about 5 min later. As i tried to help her get out of the car, she told me that she can not get out as the baby is on his way out.I could see the head crowning and told the porter at the door to get the doctor. This baby is going to be born right in front of the hospital casualty entrance.In the time we waited for the doctor to arrive, my wife had one big contraction and the head came out. So there i was, standing alone with my son's head already out and no doctor in sight. So i had no choice but to be the doctor for once. I told my wife that it is now or never. This baby needs to get out and fast or he will choke to death.One big push and he was out. It all happened so fast yet for a moment, time stood still. The fist thing that went through my mind was, DO NOT F*CK THIS UP...... Support the head, check to see that the cord is not wrapped around the neck etc. I placed my son softly on the seat and wrapped him with a towel and waited for the doctors to arrive.That was by far the best experience i could ever be part of. EVER....... That really made up for missing the birth of my first son. My wife made sure of that. She rocks.

Thank you for reading this. It's not your average topic but for me, it was very interesting and i just had to share this over again. 

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