Genetic Counselling

3년 전

Genetically acquired disorders and characteristics can easily be transferred from the parents to offspring. Genetic counseling is an endeavor to educate the parents and make them aware of the impacts of their genetic composition on their future family.
Diseases such as erythroblastosis fetalis result from the incompatibility between the father’s genetic structure and the mother’s, resulting in a fetus with hemolytic anemia. It is therefore imperative that the parents are counseled on the various genetic characteristics which can result in problems on their born children. Genetic counseling is the process by which a parent is advised to make proper decisions pertaining the hereditary complications and the risks involved (Heller). It is a communication process in that it consists of the process of exchanging the medical facts with the parents, enlightening the parents on the possible hereditary contributions to specific conditions, undertaking and interpreting of the genetic test result, and advising the parents on the available options of preventing future complications (Heller).

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Hmm, but where do you draw the line on what is important? When are you just worrying people over such and such a percent of something happening? Could we be creating a scary monster that keeps some people from having kids when nothing may happen sometimes?