Bloody Thieves!

4개월 전

Birthday Party Tainted by Theft

Yesterday we went to a Family Fun Day, in a local park with my daughter and the grandkids. It all got a bit manic but was good fun none the less.

This is a picture of a massive snake in the reptile exhibition. Not sure what I feel about people being photographed with it. Seems like it might be a bit stressful for the snake!


There were 2 stages with live music, food and craft stalls, fairground rides etc. We spent a long time at Rugby Tots which both boys seemed to enjoy.

After a picnic lunch we went to the play area which was like something from animal farm with the older kids marauding around and not giving the little ones a look in. So we retired to the sand pit where a younger version of animal farm was taking place! 😂

On 2 occasions I had my spade nicked by different toddlers.

Having survived the event we went to a friend's 50th birthday party in a venue on the seafront in the evening.

All went well until, when we went to leave I discovered my hand bag had been stolen. It happened in the space of a couple of minutes and, it turns out, was captured on CCTV.

My phone was in the bag, along with my purse and house keys. So, having reported it last night I am now cancelling all my credit cards, blocking my phone and John is getting ready to change the locks. What a miserable way to spend a Sunday.

I wish I'd asked the Manager to show us footage from an outside camera as well as the inside one in case we could have seen which direction the thief went in. Maybe he abandoned my bag and just took the cash. Too late now though.

All in all I think I've lost about 300 quids worth of cash, credit notes and store card balances. Worse though is a few irreplaceable personal items that were in my purse. One from a friend who is now deceased. 😢

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I'm sorry to hear about that, @gillianpearce, specially for the sentimental value of your lost items...

Hopefully the wallet reappears somewhere and you'll recover them. 🙏


I don't think that's very likely @trincowski but you never know. it would be wonderful if it did.


Many thieves just want the money. And they ditch the rest as soon as possible to avoid being caught.


Yep. That's what I've been hoping but there are lots of bins along the sea front so if he dumped it in one I think it's less likely that it will be found and handed in by an honest member of the public. That's why I don't hold out much hope. Also, the bins would have been emptied before people got up in the morning.

I've heard nothing yet but who knows how long it takes a busy police force to get around to, what must be to them, a pretty small crime. 😢

Ugh... Thieves. Here's hoping Karma gets him. Is there a way to track your phone?

A couple friends of mine had their bags stolen when they were in Cádiz, Spain. They had gone to the beach and, so, found themselves stranded in their bikinis (literally), with no cash, phones, etc.


There's no way to track the phone because it was turned off. I was hoping that he might have just taken the cash, then dumped the bag and someone else might have handed it in. But so far there's no news of it.

I haven't heard anything from the police yet so I might contact them again tomorrow and find out what they're doing. The thief was captured on CCTV so you'd have thought it would be better sooner rather than later. But, to them, I suppose it's a small crime. 😢

Oh no! So sorry to hear that happened. Not sure I could handle the stress of all those important things being taken.

Fingers crossed that something can actually come from the CCTV

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No choice but to get on with it @ashtv and try not to dwell on it. Have heard nothing from the police so far. 😢

It's absolutely bitter, I'm so sorry, it's absolutely cruel. I once forgot the handbag on the bus, as I wanted to take away many bags of recycling waste in the recycling yard. I plumbed into abysmal depths. I waited for the next bus and asked. Thank God I got it back after some time. Since then I always check whether I have my bag where it should be and also the keys. I also always try to protect the poor thieves by taking full care of my things.


poor thieves

Not sure that really applies in this country @suntree. This man looked pretty well dressed and certainly not poor.

I think he is just a selfish person who prays on others.


Did you ask again at the place if the bag was found? It could be that the thief only took the things he needed and threw the bag away.
Have you recovered from the shock?
Last week I bought 10 great clothes, because each cost only 1,99 Euro. I don't know why the store threw the stuff out like that. It looks like I'm pretty well dressed now and still poor. So you can't always assume that you're rich if you're well dressed. You don't know much about what's going on in the other person. But nevertheless it is bitter and not okay if the bag was stolen.

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