My family, my priority..


No matter how stressful, or disappointing my day had been, it can never be an excuse for not having time with my family.
I cherish my people so much cos without them, there would be no me.
Time is money they say but personally, I feel one should not place priority on making money only and forget the family aspect of life cos this is where the support comes from when you begin to face challenges, this is where the prayers come from when you need it most, this is where love comes from when you begin to feel rejected, when life turns it's upsets at you, the family is where you can depend on.
Obviously, this is one of the reasons they say "no place no like"
You gotta create some time for your loved ones no matter how busy you are, share feelings and ideas, create fun and entertainment, wine and dine together, come on, all these create a stronger bond and makes u more united..
Let love lead?!!!

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