Long awaited visitors


Tomorrow my husband’s brother and his wife will arrive to Finland. It’s been many many years since my husband has seen them and for me and our daughter this is the first time ever. So a big thing!

Our daughter has been asking about Uncle and Aunty for weeks now and every time she wakes up she tells us that she dreamed about them. Though she doesn’t probably even understand what a dream is. So cute. She has also been practising how to say “Nice to meet you” and “G'day”. She is a bit shy with new people, so I'm sure it takes a while before she even makes a peep.

Uncle and Aunty will spend a week with us and the plan was that we will just hang out together with no special program. Sounds good to me but of course, as a Finn, I started to think about all the things they should see and experience. What would an Aussie want to see and do in Finland? Sauna, swimming in the cold lake, the local sights? We were supposed to wash our carpets (outside, near the lake) before the guests arrive but then I figured something like that would also be a very Finnish and a fun thing to do together. Or does it sound more like torture to you?

What would you want to see or experience in Finland? Any tips for us?

I’m so excited to meet them!

Hugs, Momone

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Sauna and cold lake. Absolutely!

No to carpet washing. :D What about picking berries in the woods? Barbecue sausages in nature, maybe on the lake shore?

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Sauna and cold lake...? Cleaning carpets? Hmm, tough choice!

It was so awesome to meet you sister-in-law and of course to meet my little niece. She didn’t seem shy at all, I think you’ll agree. We got along like best mates! She is so awesome and I love her so much. Thanks for your hospitality and just for the record whatever we do will be great as long as we’re spending time together.

I'm very excited for all of you. I don't know Finland, but it looks an awesome place with lots to see. Personally I would go to picnic spots and places with different foods and warm atmosphere that make get togethers even more memorable