Blog#19: Mom- the most wonderful woman in life💌

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When I was at 1 year old and my Mom

I've believe that everyone in this world always have in their heart a great and wonderful love for mom, but sometimes they do not know how to express their love or even make their mom sad and disappointed.

When you were small, you'd love to talk everything happened in your life to a unique friend- Mom. The whole life, at that moment, whatever surrounds you, that could be easily confided with her.
When you start to grow up, you have your own job, more relationships, much more worries in life, the time you spend for her lesser, the moment you talk to her shorter and the days you come back to visit her ocasionally.

When growing up, you dont want to be controlled by family, you are eager to have your own decisions in life. You feel fed up with getting permisions or advices from your mom. However, do you know that in your mother's eyes, you are always a small boy/ girl forever? Every step you go, she wishes she could know whether it is ok for you or not, it is an opportunity or a challenge for you, and you love it or not? She takes care of how you feel, what you do and which things make you anxious.

You are happy, she feels happy too
You are sad, she feels sad but never forget to encourage you.
You get lost in the thing you do and feel disappointed, she feels even more heart-breaking but never forget to cherish your hopes. "Please dont give up, baby!" is what she said to you.

She spends her whole life to look after you. From your first days when you were just a blood in her womb until you can confidently step out of her arm to have your own world. She never leaves her eyes on you, never neglects you even 1 second, and never stops having pride on you.


My mom loves me by the same ways as billions of mothers in the world love their children.
Everyday she wants to know what I am doing. What I ate. What kind of clothes I am wearing. How my job is going on. How about my love. Exactly, everything about me. At least 4 phone calls per day if not she will be very worried. However, personally instead of being happy I feel a bit annoyed with, I tried to persuade her that “Mommy, we are adults, we can take care of ourselves and have our choices in life. For the time being, you can relax and enjoy your hobbies. We will be allright, for sure.” You dont know that after listening to those sentences, she bursts into tears because she thought we do not need her anymore. This breaks her heart.

“Mom’s happiness is to take care of her children the whole life”

Mom is the person you love most, you believe that you understand most but sometimes both of you can not avoid arguing with each other about different opinions in thought, ways of living or even just giving and taking advices.

I just wanna ask you:
Have you ever fought with your lover?
Have you ever been stressful with your friends?
Have you ever gotten in trouble with your colleagues?
And have you ever had arguments with your mom?
How about your solutions?
Most of us try to conserve those above relationships because we think they are important to us. If we try to make it more complicated, we will lose a boyfriend, a bestfriend or a colleague. However, nobody realizes that when we have an argument with our mom, we tend to fight with our mom over your problem ‘cause we think we are correct, we are mature enough to give our own ideas. There is one thing you dont understand that mom accepts to be a loser not because of being wrong. Because her love is extremely big.

"Con khóc vì Người đến mòn mỏi, héo hon
Nhưng chưa bao giờ hiểu nỗi buồn Mẹ giấu
Giọt nước mắt con có mấy người hiểu thấu
Mà ngay cả lúc con cười Mẹ cũng biết con đau?"

-Lam Khuê-

The older I grow, the more I understand in this difficult and harsh life, our wonderful mothers do not need to have our money or our belongings. The thing they wish to have most is our time when we are able to take some days off going home, eating the food they cook and talking with them.

"Cuộc sống lọc lừa, lẫn lộn vàng thau
Người với người đối với nhau bằng hơn- thua, được- mất
Nhưng chỉ có tình thương Mẹ dành cho con là thật
Và duy nhất trên đời đủ nhẫn nại, bao dung..."

-Lam Khuê-


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By: @quynhngan253

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Đọc bài bạn thấy nhớ mẹ quá. ước gì mẹ còn bên ta.

Ngân sắp xa mẹ r :))


N ở nhà với mẹ mà. Xa là xa thế lào.?! OĂn buồn cười thậc.