If You Want a Family One Day, You Need to See This...

3년 전

Experts are "baffled" as to why fertility rates have plummeted in the United States. If we examine the events of the past that played a role in the destruction of the family unit, and connect those events to low birth rates and widespread infertility of the present, will we be able to paint a picture of the future?

The future of the family?

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Excellent video. I definitely agree that feminism is pushed so hard by politicians because they want to monetize everything everyone does. A woman who raises her own children and takes care of her own home does not have to hire maids, yardworkers, or childcare workers or go out to eat as often. All of these workers are paid for by orphaning children to the state and enslaving everyone in the cubicles (with the added effect of having to hire psychiatrists and psychologists because everyone is confused).

Great work as usual Grace. I agree completely, this has been done "by design". I love watching your videos, I can tell you do such an extensive research and then have the wonderful talent of breaking it down simply, exposing the truth and putting it all together in a short, easy to digest , comprehensible way. Thanks!

Resteemed!! Thanks for all you do, @reallygraceful! I am a huge fan. We are in a fertility crisis, worldwide thanks to the genocidal cabal.