A Gift For Me!

4년 전

My son @chrismiller was at the trash and treasure (fleamarket) today and he saw a lamp/clock that he thought would look nice in our house.

He purchased it for us (for me).

I think it is very nice and adds a bit of a traditional baroque look to the room.

As all our things are in Europe, packed up and waiting to be shipped to Australia, our house here is on a minimum with things and when something like this is added to our decore it really makes a difference.

Here is a photo of the clock/lamp.


All we need to find out now is where to open the clock so that we can change the battery.

Hopefully we won't break it.

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It'll be a nice decoration whether or not you are able to change the battery.

Wow lovely lamp :) It's actually love from your son, take it to Australia with you.

That lamp clock is absolutely magnificent! What a treasure!!

Its a beautiful lamp, will you take it to Australia with you? Not an easy item to pack ....


It is in Australia. My son found this at the market today, here in Sydney.

All our things that we had in Europe are still in Europe, packed up and ready to ship over to our new home here in Australia. As soon as my husband sells our property there.

So this clock really makes a big difference here in our home, because we have so few things here in Australia right now.


Oh that makes sense! I know what its like living in four walls waiting for your shipment to arrive

I believe that place for battery is on the bottom side, or maybe somewhere on the back... Good luck!

Did he find it at fleamarket?
What a serendipity!


Yes, today at trash and treasure (at fleamarket) here in Sydney.

Very lucky.

Wow... Your son just got you a masterpiece of art