Life Cycles

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Here in this photo you can see my 6yr old helping me collect coriander seeds to be sown later in the year. It’s the first time we’ve collected seeds from the previous harvest to plant again...

So begins a cycle of life. A cycle of love and connection. A cycle of choice and understanding.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life, cycles and the importance of generation recently.

My grandma passed away a few weeks ago and I flew to Tasmania for her funeral and to be with my extended family. It was intense and emotional and although I enjoyed some time away from my children I did find myself coming back pretty emotionally drained.

We need time to process these cycles and to process what family means. The ties we cannot see are so strong and sometimes they choke us where they mean to support us. Family is a necessary but sometimes complicated organism and I am thankful for the quirks and love that will always be there.

So for now I will listen to Sibelius’ ‘Finlandia’ with fresh raw tears and I will bake Korvapuusti buns with my boys to honor our heritage and to pass on a wonderful tradition. I’ll always miss you Grandma. Rakastan sinua Mummo 💞

I have a few big weeks coming up and hope to keep you all updated,

Have a blessed week,
Jessi 💐

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Thinking of you in this emotional time. The life cycle and family connections are indeed very complicated. Uplifting at times, utterly distressing at others.

I have been harvesting some coriander seeds myself and noticed a few bore holes in some, so I've put them in the freezer for a bit. I don't know of it will make them unviable to grow from, but I was hoping to use them for food, so I want to stop the bug cycle in its tracks.

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Thankyou @minismallholding ❤️
And oh that’s a good thought! I’ll check mine! I was also worried cos I left them for sooooo long and just picked the seed off the plant, rather than hanging the stems in a paper bag to drop off on their own like I was advised to! Ah well time will tell!


I never thought of hanging them to drop off. I've also just picked them off the plant and I'll need to separate them from the dried leaves and stems too now.

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Glad you made it home safe. Sorry about your Grandma. I don't have any grandparents left; trying to help my kids appreciate theirs. After all, she's not their mother in law ;)