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Many relationships end for different reasons: as problems of coexistence, absence of love, infidelity, among others; but sometimes when these breaks are conflicting, and unfortunately some parents try to hurt the ex-couple through the manipulation of their children.

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There are parents who try to prevent the relationship of the children with the other parent, or even worse destroy it, without realizing the damage they cause their children, which leads to the children to some extent separate from reality, accepting the lies as real. Occasionally there are situations of manipulation so strong, that the contemptuous behavior of the child towards the father is rewarded, ignoring his true feelings.

This has as a consequence that the development of the child is affected, because the contact with the parent becomes almost null, due to unfounded hatred against his father and even his family, also his academic performance and his interaction with the environment It can suffer negative modifications, since one of its authority figures has lost credibility before it.

In the processes of separation of parents children are the most vulnerable, not with this I want to tell them to avoid doing it thinking about them, because when healthy cohabitation ends despite the external help that can be had in various couples therapies , there is nothing to do; but it is necessary to remember that children do not have to be part of the conflict, so they must resolve their situations without including them, they are the product of love and surrounded by love they must grow, independently if the parents are together or separated.

Finally friends, the ideal is for children to grow up with their parents, but when separation became the solution to their problems, the most healthy thing is for parents to strengthen the respect of their children towards their parents, encouraging contact, even shared custody would be a wonderful agreement for the children, when it is done from love without violating their rights, remember that they are not to blame for our decisions.

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