Strange History of Mother's Day

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The Modern version of Mother’s Day we currently celebrate is much more of a business model than anything resembling the early days of the celebration which occurred years before Christ was born.

By: Kelly Banaski

Strange History of Mother's Day

It was originally a three-day festival held in honor of the mother goddess of the population. It was quite a serious affair, as the mother goddess is the bringer of life and all its fruits. The mother goddess is a representation of the life force that joins all we see and feel. She is called different things in different cultures.

The details in festivities and traditions vary as well. The holiday we celebrate as Mother’s Day has slightly different connotations.

History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a Spring celebration held at a time when the world is blooming in honor of those that bring forth life. More than 46 countries celebrate some concept of Mother’s Day, but here in the United States, we have celebrated our moms since the early 20th century due to a diligent daughter who fought hard for the national holiday. Most of the remnants of past theology has long since been forgotten.

Anna Marie Jarvis was enamored of the work her mother did tending to wounded serviceman, and the business of childrearing and homemaking. As Anna entered her tween years, she overheard her mother’s prayer to someday have a memorial day for mothers in observance of their love and work.

Once her mother passed away in 1905, Anna worked to make it a reality.

Two years after her mother’s death, she was leading mother tributes in her own hometown and a year later, her state, Pennsylvania, followed suit. Slowly, other states joined in, and by 1914 it became a national holiday. The day was spent in religious service and then handwritten letters were given to mothers and grandmothers to express the appreciation for all they do. The mother received white carnations and were treated to lovely lunches and gifts of love.

There is a strange twist to this story. Mother’s Day became so popular by the 1920’s, greeting cards were developed for the holiday. It became about buying gifts and cards and a whole industry was suddenly constructed.

This made Anna extremely mad. She fought the rest of her days to have the holiday and all the commercialization it had become, abolished forever.

She died never having any children.

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