Healing Families Destroyed by CPS (FamilyProtection Series -- Anna's Family Story Part II)

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May this Christmas 2017 be a time of healing for this dear family that has been terrorized and left in shattered pieces by the government-funded Terrorists widely known as "Child Protection Services."

My friend, Anna, has already shared with us how this time of year has normally been a Nightmare Before Christmas.

But there is hope on the horizon. 2018 could be a year of reconciliation for this family.

And my greatest desire is that 2018 will be a year where this most evil of Child Trafficking systems begins to shatter under the weight of public revelations.

** Anna's story continues below.
** Names have been changed to protect both of our families from the very real risk of vindictive retaliation that faces anybody who reveals the dastardly deeds of these government-funded monster agents.


Anna's Family Story Part II ...

We haven't seen Benjamin, my husband's son, for years. He's a grown man with two daughters who live with him. He's had his own battle wth the beastly system ... same Team Leader/Supervisor who sanctioned Twyla's abduction, offered Ben a deal -- testify against your Dad in court, and we'll let you see your daughter! Ben agreed. That daughter is 12-years old now, and her sister is 10.

They're meeting the rest of us for the first time this year.

Suspicion -- Accusation -- Fear -- Division

They turn family members against each other. Social Workers guilt you into making statements against each other. They ply you for the negative statements and change wording just enough to skew the meaning to sound as ugly as possible.

They made Ben and his Dad enemies.

Maybe this year, God willing, we could reconcile ...

Our truck pulls into Ben's driveway just after dark. 12-yr-old Trudy opens the door just a crack, then closes it.

"They're here! They're here!" she exclaims breathlessy, hopping up and down ... We climb out of the truck, and Ben steps outside to greet us. They stand still, Father and Son, facing each other for a long moment ...

Finally, they embrace. They hold onto each other wordlessly for a long time.

I can tell my husband is weeping by how his shoulders are shaking.

He carefully composes himself and then introduces Liam, Ben's younger brother.

Liam was not quite 2 when our family was torn to pieces. Now he's almost as tall as Ben ... and Ema, Ben's youngest sister, who was born after we were all driven apart from each other.

She looks just like her older sister did when they stole her from us, when all the horror started. In fact, she's 9, the same age as Lisa was ...


(flashback to 11 years earler)

They came just before Christmas. Two men; the Social Worker and the Team Leader asking questions. They had a report that all we had for food was instant noodles (easily disproven) and something about a female child "rubbing a doll on her titties."

When the Social Worker, Richard Hardcock, related this phrase, he blushed, and smirked and licked his lips.



Tell them to leave your property. No matter how reasonable they seem, they absolutely can not make money from your family unless you go with the program, whether by force or by consent. They want you to make a plan - a "Protection Plan," except that the moment you do this, you have admitted to being unfit to parent and have unknowingly given your consent. Consent is what they seek. DO NOT CONSENT!

The bonds and friendships Lisa had were systematically severed and replaced wth twisted versions: Johanna, her first foster-mom, told her we were drugging her and that's why she never remembered being abused. Cops, Counsellors, Social Workers, all interrogated her mercilesly until they felt they had extracted what they wanted.

"Okay. He's a bad, bad man," she puts her head down on her arms.

"Please, can I please go home now?"

This after a particularly grueling four-hour interrogation at a police station, was the break in her spirit they had been waiting for. Instead of letting her go home, they set about dismantling our family, one at a time.

"Your daughter has made some very serious allegations, Anna! You need to respond appropriately."

"What did she say?" I asked Richard Hardcock, the Social Worker.

"We can't tell you that," he replied.

"How can I respond appropriately if I don't know what she said? Obviously! Let me talk to her. Whatever happened, let her tell me. Oh my God! Please! Tell me! What happened to my daughter?!?!"

The Social Worker wrote in his report that I was being non-compliant; that I was protecting my husband - the perpetrator. He recommended that I get a psychiatric evaluation and a risk assessment, but did not mention drug tests.

Later he wrote a twisted, leading statement in a report to court --

"Anna's extreme weight-loss and irrational behaviour is consistent with crystal meth use."


(present day - December 2017)

We've got to find Lisa while we are in town. I task my older son, Joe, age 25, with the search since he knows a lot of local people ...

He phones me where I'm staying ... "Mom! I'm at the Department Store. Lisa is here with Gabriel!" ... my grandson!

Oh my heart. "I'm on my way!"

We hug. We kiss each other's faces. We don't care who is watching. I tell her how beautiful she is -- she tells me I still look the same. Both our faces are wet. My girl, my girl! Oh, I love you so much! I NEVER abandoned you! I miss you every day ...

Could it be? Could we all spend Christmas together somehow? Sharing a plate of nachos at a local restaurant, I scarecely dare to hope ...

Perhaps, God willing, maybe this year ... maybe ...?!

But the damage goes deep. As I talk with my daughter -- the one MCFD took away to "protect" -- the depth of the damage starts to show. She's on anti-anxiety medication, has a long list of foods she can't or won't eat, tells me of her episodes of night terrors

... and she blames my husband, Chuck.

She can't remember how she and her brother had asked to call him "Dad," because my children said it would be confusing to their new baby brother if they called their step-dad by his name, and besides, Lisa had said to me back then, "He's filled the empty hole in my heart where a Daddy's 'sposed to be," how she lavished kisses all over his face, or how if she pouted he'd get her brother to feed the chickens and put away the dishes instead of her.

Under the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) supervision, we weren't allowed to say anything positive about Chuck at all -- not even "remember the pancakes he made?" because that was a good memory.

"He forced us to call him Daddy. He made me kiss him if I wanted to go to my friend's house ..." and she starts recounting all the horrible things she was told that he did. Her face clouds over in rage. She is still in pain after all this time. Those three years of brainwashing surely took its toll.


He is a monster to her,
and to say anything differently is still forbidden.


to be continued ...


"Write it down! Don't let your story fade away unheard, unknown!"
(Anna's close friend, Hazel)



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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or place them for adoption.

Share your own story and use the tag #familyprotection




This account of TRUE events that took place 11 years ago and was written by my friend, Anna. It is the third in a series that she and I will be sharing here on Steemit with the familyprotection tag. Please share this story with others, so that we can wake people up to the atrocities being committed in our so-called civilized societies. The mainstream media will rarely broach the subject. We must expose these stories to the light of day -- and stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children.

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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @canadian-coconut for supporting @familyprotection


May I know about Child protection agencies dear @familyprotection


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so informative post

Difficult to put into words how that makes me feel, anyone who has any doubts that these agencies have been corrupted need to take a red pill.
The very act of threatening and bribing one family member to testify against another with their own child as 'bait' for false testimony is horrendous.
I just got everyone with me to read it as there are a number of parents here and the outrage is unanimous. Some have tears and are finding it hard to believe this is a true account of real events. I'm showing them the back story now.
This story is one that needs resteeming, re-telling and shouting from the rooftops until everyone is aware of these crimes that are taking place under the cover of 'protection'.
Time to say 'No More!'


Thank-you Thank-you for reading this to all those around you, and making them question what they thought they knew.
It is so hard for people to believe the depravity that these so-called "Child Protection" agents stoop too -- but it sadly very, very true and not a rarity.


Hi Linda, you're a fantastic truth teller regarding the dangers of vaccinations. I therefore just want to give you a heads up on a new video I just came across that I find incredibly scary. The video is here. Please have a listen:

I've also included it as part of a related post on my blog, but most important is that people watch this video and understand what the plans are coming down the pike with vaccinations. This is really scary stuff that will be tied to the UN ID 2020 program. They plan to link national IDs with your vaccination records. You will not be able to travel without a full vaccination schedule if they have it their way. You'll most likely also not be able to keep your children or be able to receive any government services either.

I can't read Anna's story without rivers of tears streaming down my face. What an incredible injustice has been done to this family. These cps workers are monsters! There's no humanity left in them or they wouldn't do what they do. The: I'm only doing my job, doesn't cut it here either: find yourself a real job and leave these poor families and children alone! And you're right about how easy it is to convince people to believe that they have done something they haven't. The police are very good at that too, even without trying. I freeze when I see them show up on a road or when they drive behind me, even when all my papers are in order, taxes paid, car tested and passed, all lights working: I still sweat that they might stop us and 'do us' for something...and this is Ireland, not even the US. CPS does it too, they put words in your mouth, in that of children, and everything they write down is their word against yours and they win...I think my wish for 2018 is like yours @canadian-coconut: let's all work hard to expose these monsters and break them down piece by piece.

What kills me is knowing that all of that time separated, all of that time angry at the wrong people, all of that time missing out on loving each other you will never get back. Anna I am saddened that you have missed loving on your children because someone wanted to take that away from you. They separated a loving family for their own intentions. It is really eerie knowing they can walk in your home and turn your world upside down just like that. I can’t begin to imagine being separated from my precious children. This is a wake up call that it could happen to anyone.

I will continue to resteem these stories, share them with my loved ones so they can know what to do and what not to do if these monsters come on their property. Thank you for your story and sharing your pain with us so we can really see the truth. I am praying for a miracle that you all can be reunited once again. ❤️


Thank-you for sharing these stories. It is so important for people to realize the type of wicked and crazy stuff that goes on.
I hope that these stories encourage even more people to do the same and share their stories of family abuse.


Absolutely! If we don’t share the truth how will anyone ever know about the wickedness? They are so clever at hiding the truth and disguising who they really are. Too many people “trusts” the government and the organizations they put together, it’s time to uncover this madness. I hope more people will come forward to share their stories too. This could possibly save many families in the future from experiencing this type of abuse.


Just curious:
The story is heavy and honest. I don’t have cHildren of my own but my heart sank when i read this.
My question is:
Do you think that people working for this Agency are all monsters?
It is a job like so many more.
Do you think it is personal for them? Or is it business as usual = just do your duty from nine to five and go home?

Much respect for your stories and the actions you do.
Best regards,


If they are involved in Child Trafficking -- I consider that a monster.
So if a Social Worker goes into the situation assuming that the parent is guilty, and refusing any evidence to the contrary of their pre-conceived opinions ... then rents or sells that child into foster care or adoption -- they are abhorrent and anti-family and anti-child. They are supposed to protecting children -- not ripping them away from loving families and placing them in abusive Foster Care homes.

Now if there are Social Workers that actually evaluate all evidence, and don't assume guilt right off the bat -- and try to keep the child with parents whenever possible, or at least with another family member -- that Social Worker would not be a monster.

However, from what I have observed, the system is stacked to hire and/or create monsters.

Very smart to change the names to protect both families from the risk of vindictive retaliation that faces everybody who reveals the dastardly deeds of government-funded monster agents. Shame! on them!

Anna, We love you and will help protect you and your children what ever way we can!

CPS "Protection Plan" is a crock-of-shit! It's more like a invitation to kidnap by trickery of words. That is not Consent!

YES!, We must expose yours and others stories of this abuse! And stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children.

My blood was boiling as I trailed down this story, My hands refused to type anything, because my mind is not composed this far, i had to step away from my keyboard for about 45 minutes before writing this comment. I can't begin to comprehend the pain and stress you and your family had to go through.
They break our children beyond, trick them and emotionally burden them to making "innocent flawed statement" just because they think they can go back home when they do.
We need to make the process as stressful as possible for this CPS set of devils. Children should never be left for interrogation alone.

Anna, I am deeply sorry for what happened, and I hope you all get to spend this holiday together this time without fear, without one iota of fear. Godspeed Dear friend.

Ya, brutal story for sure. I was kidnapped by the government as a child 20 years ago. They didn't treat us kids that good. Mom has schizophrenia. The government was just as crazy but at least we know mom loved us. Know a bit what Native people went though. My experience was much luckier. Just think of the history of how children are treated. Makes sense we have a broken system and more of the same to day. Still it's not an excuse. The b.s. from the agencies must stop.


I am so sorry that this happened to you too!
It would be great if you wrote about your experiences and tagged it #familyprotection

We are trying to expose these atrocities to the light of day.
Thank-you so much for leaving this comment.


I have told some of the story once or twice, could give it another go with the tag. Thanks!


That would be great. Thank-you.


https://steemit.com/familyprotection/@havok777/i-have-a-story-about-being-raised-by-the-ignoramus So did release a sort of story about it. Thank you for getting me thinking about this again. I like to tell the story yet perhaps in a more abstract way. I need to use my art and music as an outlet for this.

This brings up so many emotions in me, but mainly it is anger. What families are being put through, what control the CPS have and how readily they play with peoples lives, like they are pieces on a board. How utterly hopeless they make people feel, how they are striving to destroy our spirits, our families, our well being. How this nightmare is a reality for more and more families, that it continues to happen globally. We must be united and make our voices heard, we are connected now more than ever and that must be used to it's fullest advantage.

This reminds me of a story that happened in a family I know with a false confession and details. It's quite true. And CPS, of course, was at the center of it. It is scary the power they have and the way that people are so scared of them that they'll do anything.

This is a truly heartbreaking expose of the corruption and sheer evil that lays at the heart of the entire worlds child protection agencies. Sadly if the court system refuses the fight for them, then people need to empower thmselves and others. From that perspective the care and sense of community offered by @familyprotection promises to empower those that have been left powerless by a system that takes both their children and their voice! Thank you for giving people the courage to once again find that voice and speak out about this insidious darkness.

It's difficult to believe that we live in an age where such things are allowed to happen. A time where at their lowest ebb family members are pitted against eac other using progaganda techniques the Nazi's would have been proud of! I don't know when this is going to stop, what I do know is that with every brave post such as this that day grows slowly nearer. My only hope is that the suffereing of brave parents such as Anna will not have been in vain, that their pain will go on to become a thorn in the side of anyone that sanctions this abuse. That their voice will become a collective primal shout of rage that one day the entire world will hear. Thank you @canadian-coconut

There are no words that can appropriately describe how much my heart hurts reading this story. But this:
And the paragraph that follows, hell yes! Do Not Consent, or as I tell my children, NO is the most powerful word in the English language. Sometimes the best thing is to keep it simple, and saying No is as simple as it gets.

It amazes me that this story is true. It's the sort of thing we hear about, but thankfully never experienced. I pray we never do. Even if there is no reason to worry, we didn't do anything wrong, there is still something to be concerned about: they want our children. They are very good at getting our children.

Tell them to leave your property. No matter how reasonable they seem, they absolutely can not make money from your family unless you go with the program, whether by force or by consent. They want you to make a plan - a "Protection Plan," except that the moment you do this, you have admitted to being unfit to parent and have unknowingly given your consent. Consent is what they seek. DO NOT CONSENT!

Do not consent. Say "I do not consent." Do not open the door. Get a lawyer on the phone. Do not answer any questions. Be polite, but firm. If they ask to come in, ask for a warrant. Record audio. Take notes. Take names. Do not be aggressive. Do not become "defensive". Do not be offended or outraged. Be calm. Be smart. Be rational. Be firm. Be polite. Smile.

Don't let them say that these are the actions of guilty parents, no these are the actions of parents who are protecting their children from harm.



Have an "exit plan" as well. ;) If you let them in, they aren't just looking to talk to you...they are taking notes on everything around your house that can be used against you - is the dresser bolted to the wall, does it look dirty, are the kids wearing socks? It's scary what they can take and use against you.


By that standard, no home is fit for children. Do they hold foster parents to that standard? @ironshield


Exactly. We had a friend tell us when they were doing a domestic adoption that the lady inspecting the house didn't like that there was a crack in the sidewalk. So he had to bust the whole thing out and pour a new concrete sidewalk leading to the front door!! Isn't that crazy? And they had to have every single electric plug covered with one of those plastic child safety plugs. Every single one in the whole house.


Meanwhile we hear about abuse in foster homes. But let's not make it too easy to get them adopted... for their safety. @ironshield


You said it @ironshield...they want our children and it’s up to us to know how to protect them. I’m already prepared on what to say should we ever be approached by them. I just pray the good Lord gives me strength not to hurt somebody if they try to enter with force. I’m serious, I’ve said this before but my husband and I will die protecting our children from predators.


I know the feeling. Reading some of the horror stories has completely changed how I view the "protective" services that are out there. I just didn't know how these things happen. I thought my wife was just paranoid. @ironshield


I’m so glad to hear you say that. The goal of these stories and what @familyprotection is doing is to make people aware, wake them up to the truth. I’m glad it’s working. Your wife surely isn’t paranoid. It’s a good thing to stay on our toes and be prepared just in case.

What a sad and horrific story. A lot of damage has been done like you said, but it's never too late to start anything and there is always a way and with God all things are possible even when we don't see a way, so you are all in my prayers.
I pray and hope that this family will reunite and become closer than ever before. I pray that this new year will bring them all peace, love, happiness that could never be broken again and many, many new beautiful memories as a family.

This is another example of government abuse against the people.

Every time the government increases its programs and therefore, it’s control, it takes away the freedom of the people piece by piece.

We need to have less government and more freedom, otherwise this issues will keep happening again and again.

Do you support the libertarian view of the world?

@canadian-coconut - **What horror. It reads like a plot of some twisted TV series drama. I am so sad to hear that this happened in real life. Machiavellian behavior of the officials (so called Social workers too) leaves me speechless. How can someone who is tasked with protecting families claim to be doing so by tearing them apart???
I need not be so surprised though - I HAVE seen such a thing happening in India, very close to my hometown. Child adaption service officials involved in a scandal of trafficking children and selling them!! I am ashamed to say that, a that time, last year, I barely gave it a thought. A job for the police, I must have thought. Now, after reading your articles, I understand the power of media to raise a voice and spread awareness.
I will follow @familyprotection and support in any way I can. I have been passionately blogging for my cause of spreading wildlife awareness, protecting the habitat etc. A form of family protection too in a way for animals who can not even voice their woes. I have now realized that humans too, need support.
Thanks for sharing this. Hats off to your involved effort to spread the word. Upvoted full



I couldn’t even finish reading this without the anger boiling out of my head.
I know people who have had to deal with these so called protective services assholes.
They don’t care, they do lie, and they are built on the foundation that families are bad, a separated family creates division instead of unity.
This is one part of the establishment that needs an overhaul ir be dismantled, so sick of this guilty till proven innocent crap.

Tampering with memories is an interesting psychological trick. In ruminating, we take an already fully conceived thought and we 'infer' some new piece of information to make the thought stronger and more likely to be remembered. The trouble with thinking about things in the past with no new information is that half the shit we're thinking we just blindly made up, and yet adding new information makes it increasingly believable and therefore increasingly likely for us to remember the event this way. It really is a vicious cycle and shows us just how volatile the human mind can be.

As an ex Juvy Officer, you are right on! A lot of the kids that get placed in foster homes end up getting abused even more by foster parents. Some good does come out of it in cases of extreme abuse and neglect but only if they are placed in good caring homes. Most of the abusers are left to run free and look for their next victim. Thanks for posting this article and being a spokesperson for these children! Also thank Anna for allowing you to tell her story.

What a shower of bastards! This is absolutely outrageous. I can't understand why they would do that to good families. Here, in the UK, there are similar cases. Why though? There are so many OBVIOUS cases of abuse: the kids have bruises all over their faces, they exhibit signs of psychological disturbance. These kids are left with abusive families only to end up dead. I don't get it. Much love to Anna and her family. I hope they find some sort of resolution and justice. I hope they can heal.


It is very odd indeed. What really seems to happen is that if the parents actually love their children and want the best for them, those children are removed. Meanwhile, if parents are actually abusive and do not really care about their own children, then the children are allowed to remain with the parents.

From all the cases that I have been seeing, Social Workers will make the choice that is in the worst interest of the child. It sounds crazy I know, but that is what I have seen with my own eyes.


I know. It's crazy-making. It only makes sense if framed within a sinister context. Scary. Thanks for sharing.

I resteemed this because cps is and has been outa control. All it takes is for some do gooder that has absolutely no right to be involved to make a call and they come running just urchin to destroy a family that may at the most need some legit counseling. Tearing these families apart unless there is clear evidence of outright abuse is wrong.

We can call this: family terrorism.
What is the difference between bloody terrorism and family terrorism
... I think the terrorists are using explosives and weapons... But governments use the law against families....
The only thing I can help these families is praying for them and trying to spread this unfortunate truth.
..... And you, my friend..@canadian-coconut. You will live longer than your life... Because you live for a human project... When you die .. will be other people continue... You're going to die, but your project will live long time .
... thank you

These poor people have been treated so unjustly. I would be surprised if any of them ever trusted again. How is cps getting away with this? 🐓🐓


I often wonder. However, it may appear that government funded terrorism could somehow manage to get by unscathed. The damage is evident here


Perhaps you are right. I had not thought about it from your perspective. 🐓🐓

So sad. Who would ever believe this could happen to one's family. What a disgrace. All the best to everyone dealing with this!

@canadian-coconut mam...
I'm rwaly interesting topic....actualy I think we always try protect our children..like our eyes...bcz...kids like a poundation in our society...kids are future in the world...
Wel done mam..I'm really appreciate and respect to ur ideas...
Followed now..I'm become ur fan now...
Meery Christmas and Happy new year ..

I wish you more happiness
and good health this Christmas.
Have a very merry Christmas!

May you find the one that
you will share this holiday with under the mistletoe.
Merry Christmas, my friend!

I hope the birth of our savior Jesus Christ
will give you renewed hope and will to live His life.
A peaceful Merry Christmas to you and your family.

God has given us a new blessing this day.
He has given us His only son to save us from damnation.
I hope the Lord Jesus Christ may live in your heart as we celebrate His birth.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Have a happy holiday!

Thank you for being one of the people
who made this world a wonderful place to live in.
I pray that you’ll be blessed with good health, security, success, peace and joy.
Merry Christmas to @canadian-coconut mam and your family

Well said CPS stands for child parent separation. Nothing is worst than separation from our loved one. I hope 2018 reunites them...

  ·  3년 전

I am still feeling sad after reading Anna story :( Government abuse is rising day by day. we need to be rise or voice more frequently.

I can't help but wonder how they get you on their radar. I'm assuming for ex addicts it is the actual act of getting help to get cleaned up, because they seem to get their children taken whereas I see plenty of addicts still with all their children.

Thank you for sharing these stories. They are heartbreaking and scary, but need to be told.

I'm going through something somewhat similar but the government is not allowing me to be a father to my daughter but allows her mother to marry a man on probation for domestic strangulation and battery and the family courts don't even care or take this concern into any consideration.. meanwhile the mother can lie and say anything she wants in front of the judge and her free lawyer helps our get away with it..


How a government agency which is supposed to protect families and most especially children, can do the exact opposite is terribly sad. The irreparable damage they have caused not only to Anna's family and a lot more is unthinkable. 😯

Our family is plauged with Parental Alienation from my Fiances ex-girlfriend/Daughters mom.
He is forced to use a visitation center that charges him 36$ an hour to see his child and its supervised.. The mother has no consequences for her false claims either.. He keeps fighting though, hes on here under the name @drtarts
The CPS and Family courts need some serious reworking... They are destroying families..

I can only hope the best to your friend Anna's family Linda, hope you also hope we all, hopefully the problems and cruelty of this government program is coming to an end, always support you Linda.

Indeed a touching story Linda. Many thanks for sharing this with us. My sincere sympathies with Anna and all those people who have gone through this trauma in life. I sincerely pray to God to stop this manace and punish the culprits in such a manner that they shiver before attempting to do such cowardly acts again. They surely need to be taught a lesson. Resteemed this post for awareness within the steemit platform. Regards Nainaz.

Let's be united together to make a strong bond to protect and preserve our family against the cps, the terrorist group attack. Family is our heavenly places where we share love peace and happiness, but if destroyed,life become meaningless and miserable. Thank you so much for your bold and very honourable job. May this New Year 2018 ,bring smiles and laughs to the life of victimised people.

Oh my Goodness! This is just terrible! Im so sorry she had to go through all this and Im sorry the children were involved in such a ridiculous horror story! I cant even imagine!

This story jut makes my heart break. There is no reason for urjothis crap to occur. PLEASE FOLKS DO NOT VOLUNTEER YOUR INFORMATION. You need legal counsel and a witness. Also Keep a journal as a record of what happens. This helps on several levels. It protects you with a written document. It also helps when you need to recollect something. Finally it is therapeutic to write and journal as emotion flows from your hand to the paper. On must protect themselves because no one is going to do it for you. Certainly not the CPS. Thanks for sharing this sad but necessary story.

this is really a very big problem, but your existence makes the burden of the family becomes light. loyalty comes only from those who are strong in their faith. it already lies in you the noble lady ,,,,

when a person has understood the nature of god then the social act is a mild thing for him. it is right in your heart. I also hope through this big day I hope this problem is solved. amen.

Thank you for sharing these stories @canadian-coconut It is very important for people to know what is going on in the world....thanks for sharing with us.

This reminds me of how broken my family is 😕

I am so sorry for what you went and are going through. Never talk to them is a message that needs shared. Thank You
Best Wishes.

Child Protection Services need more activation.

Unfortunately, this is so true:

May this Christmas 2017 be a time of healing for this dear family that has been terrorized and left in shattered pieces by the government-
funded Terrorists widely known as "Child Protection Services."
This is very ugly reality

I've watched couple of movies on this topic and these movies have scratched the mask from these family protection services and showed the audience their true faces and motives.

What we have been taught in school books is not necessarily true. There is so much wrong in this world and it ruins peace of mind of any normal human being.

@canadian-coconut and @familyprotection, youre doing a very good job. Keep it up. You got my support.

Steem On!

U love this Family Story ......... thanks for share @canadian-coconut

I am very sad to see the destruction of a family,
hopefully 2018 to be a happy day with for all @canadian-coconut

Best wishes for these families in 2018, GOD Bless them.
Thanks @canadian.coconut for updating with the help of story, nicely written. appreciated you.

Way to bring awareness to help others @canadian-coconut!

Anna's extreme weight-loss and irrational behaviour is consistent with crystal meth use.

They would do anything to get ahold of a child, to earn money!

Under the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) supervision, we weren't allowed to say anything positive about Chuck at all -- not even "remember the pancakes he made?" because that was a good memory.

Gives the name "Monsters" a whole new definition. We've had enough already!

Stories like these must be brought to the limelight to create awareness. But I doubt, will people ever take action against these culprits?

This sums it all:

Happy Christmas

Many stories in our lives coincide with real life. Still the story is a story. After the story we get pleasure and again get hurt.

Many of the stories are hidden in the truth. The truths that mix with our lives.
merry Christmas

family is a precious thing in this life in the world.
therefore keep your family from the influence of the environment and always keep it in peace.


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Thank you for raising awareness! This kind of stuff happens in the Philippines too. :(

The story you post on the post should be spread out through world .Children are really abusing now a days. Unbelievable injustice has been done on Anna.I am going to give massage to my society thanks you just open my eyes @canadian-coconut

GOOD post men stories in our lives coincide with real life :)

To be honest I can't make sense of any part of her story. Unless I am missing something it's bits and pieces of her account of what happened between intermittent posters of rage against child protection services. It swings from statement made when someone was three to now they are grown and meeting up...etc, etc., it's not organized to make any sense. There is no resources to verify or back check any of these stories, like googling for newspaper article pertaining to the event. If you are going to put these articles out there then you should allow for people to verify them. Reason?.....because there are so many children out there in need of homes why would the government feel compelled to need to kidnap kids? Just doesn't make any sense.


At the beginning of each article, I explain that this is anonymous because neither Anna nor I want these horrible people to come and take our own children, out of vengeance. Believe me, that this is a very real risk. So no, of course I am not going to verify or allow you to back check this story. Believe me or don't! It's your choice. But many, many people here on Steemit know the type of honest and good person that I am, and they believe me.
However, you are free to believe the lying child kidnappers if you so choose.

I have also experienced FIRST HAND the viscious tactics of the MCFD, while helping 2 other famlies in my town. A lot of the very same tactics that they used on Anna were used on them too -- and I saw it with my own eyes.

I will not let anybody bully me into silence. The truth needs to be told.


I am by far not trying to bully you into silence, I was a foster child myself, though I hated the experience had it not happened I would have never learned to read or write or be able to differentiate what a good family environment was like versus a bad one. My foster mother by far had the two most profound effects on my life, she was always engaging us in activities but was brutal to me about my weight, made me feel ashamed and told me no one would ever marry me because I was fat. That stuck with me my whole life, I could never overcome it, on the other hand I learned how to raise a family the right way. If it hadn't been for that I probably would have grown up to be a prostitute with all my teeth missing since all but one tooth could they save at that time. Yes I had to contend with a lot not only then as a child but how it affected me as a adult. I don't know how to make a long story short but there are many variable involved. One thing I do know is when it comes to my own family the good out weighed the bad, for me personally about how I ended up feeling about myself and self worth not so great. The ironic part is I have never been married, maybe she was right, I don't know, is that because no one really wants me or that I don't feel anyone really wants me. I just don't agree that bashing the system as a whole is justified nor is just remembering the bad or cherry picking the bad to get a point across.
In the end we all get thrown back into the pile and have to find a way to reconcile even if that reconciliation puts us back into denial or not. That's why facts are important. When I do read this story there are a couple of things really concerning to me that draws me to want to hear both sides the story or have other questions that could lead me to more validity of the claims. I also understand that other countries do not have as stringent checks and balances as the US had and will grant that they may be able to better pull off such injustices, as a case I read about in Norway last year.


In my town, which is where these events happened to Anna, the Social Workers are pure evil. I know this not only from Anna but also from 2 other families here that I helped, and I saw them act illegally over and over again. Therefore everything that Anna has told me is confirmed by my own experiences with them.

Not every place has Social Workers that are as evil. I know that. I know that some children are better off in Foster Care than with their own families.

But the Court and Government systems in Canada and the USA and many other countries, PROTECTS these Social Workers from any harm and evil that they do. This side of the story MUST be told, and that is what we are doing at @familyprotection.

The general public only knows one side of the story.
It is a very good thing to hear this side of the story as well.
Changes MUST be made so that Social Workers are not all powerful and able to get away with atrocities with no repercusions.


If there were three murders on your street and you seen one man do two of them does that also make him guilty of the third? Facts are what establishes guilt, facts are what motivates people to believe you or a jury, facts are what gets you a ambulance chasing attorney (as they are called) to take your cases for free and facts are what gets a jury to award them millions of dollars in settlements. That's why facts are important because they uncover the truth.

  ·  3년 전

I read through your comments and I found some FACTS and claims that you stipulated. And I'll like you take a look at it again.

I sincerely believe that there is corruption in all large systems, I believe that there are bad case workers and sometimes even people who get caught up in the system even longer because of bad work ethics.
There have been bulk "missed funds" unaccounted for, as a result of several misclassification of youths between the ages of 18 and 21, who were living independently but were wrongly classified as dependents. FACT

In addition, there are two major federally funded programs that are specifically designed to provide foster care assistance to states – Title IV-E and Title IV-B of the Social Security Act. But sad to say that a significant part of these funds are unaccounted for. FACT

You also stated that;
more kids suffer and fall through the cracks because of bad workers.

But you are neglecting the FACT that;
That there are kids wrongly taken into the system and that the system has too many flaws
If you are going to put these articles out there then you should allow for people to verify them.
With the above statement, it's obvious you know nothing about the blockchain network (a decentralised system) and there's absolutely no one on the blockchain network that need your permission before making a post of a life experience.

Furthermore, I agree with your statement that you're;

...missing something it's bits and pieces of her account of what happened
And my advice for you is that you do your research before laying accusing fingers.
While you're doing a detailed research you can also take a look an article I published sometime ago. Have The Foster Care System Failed Us? together with articles from @gloglo @kryptocoin @richq11 @nobutsd @trucklife-family @pangoli and many more information waiting for you to get informed.

Howbeit, if your intentions are to gain attention through baseless comments, my advice for you is that you halt. Or you would be flagged into obscurity.

Thank You

I don't need attention that bad. I am a high rep blogger on several sites, I haven't even decided if I will stay on this site. You guys so far have been the only ones I've found that even want to participate in the issues, most just seem to want to suck up to people. I don't care if I ever earn a cent and I really don't like being threatened. You have no right to threaten someone just because they asked for links to facts to back up claims, it's not like I said I think you are all liars looking for attention, that would be someone also looking for attention not truths or facts. With that said I will go through sometime today your listed links but once again if there are no link ups in any of it so I can look at details and facts, such as I did with the senator per se then anything in them is just hearsay not actually research-able data to foster the claims or give credence. I could write a whole story on how I am a domestic abuse victim let down by a system that collected money for their program then didn't help me...I could gain a lot of sympathy, attention, and pity, maybe up votes but it still wouldn't contain any facts to back up my claims. One thing I found while blogging is that google is your friend, when posting stuff add links so people know what you are talking about is true. Further more when I said maybe they should ask people who are not afraid to step forward it was to help the site under this topic to say you know what this woman gave us copies of her court papers, or newspaper articles, this is horrendous, how does this even happen to people and people will then continue to follow the stories and even not question the ones were all the details are not readily available.

  ·  3년 전
if your intentions are to gain attention
I started my statement with an "if", hence suggesting that it could be true and it couldn't.

I continued saying;
my advice for you is that you halt...
My statement was never meant to be a threat but only an "advice." However if you see it as otherwise, my apologies.

Then you said:
when posting stuff add links so people know what you are talking about is true.
In as much as I added several sources and links to the article I referred you to, I want you to know that one of the objectives of this awareness campaign is to look at this issue HOLISTICALLY. Since a lot of people are ignorant about the negative side of the coin, it is imperial to bring to visibility the voices of people that are YET to be heard.

So someone can relay a bad experience if that's what the person have. You don't expect to see links to the life experience of a victim (probably a close friend) who recently relayed his/her experience.

Although, I admire the fact that you're looking for personal details, it shows that you're not new to journalism. However, I want you to know that not everyone is willing to put their life under a "media microscope," and not everyone is willing to risk losing more family members by revealing the documents you requested.

I don't know about you, but there are people who do not enjoy publicity and all we have to do is respect their privacy.
One thing I found while blogging is that google is your friend
I totally agree with you my dear and so if you're looking for personal details and facts, I advise you to wait, just maybe someone may reveal theirs. But if you're impatient, yield to your own advice and use Google to find people's personal details.
it's not like I said I think you are all liars looking for attention
You may not have said it directly but you certainly implied it.
I don't need attention that bad.
I'm glad you said this and I want to believe it's true.
I am a high rep blogger on several sites, I haven't even decided if I will stay on this site.
That is really cool, steemit would be a nice place for someone with your expertise. I look forward to seeing professional posts from you, I would be looking up your profile. Nevertheless, If you have positive experiences to share, that would be cool. But that doesn't mean that people can't share their bad experiences.

Welcome to the steem blockchain. :)

@sunlit7 have you heard or read about the many kids who have suffered similar case on the internet? Have you read about hurt parents who have being misjudged and denied access to the children they love? There are testimonies everywhere on the internet, although people are afraid but some are speaking out.
I think we all should keep encouraging and supporting victims of CPS until their cry is heard and not try to suggest they are making up stories..


I believe that any system has it's corruptions but the fact will always remain that a unsubstantiated claim is questionable, as hard as that may be that is a truth, moving forward to be more convincing in their endeavor on this subject maybe they need to just publish stories of those who are not afraid to step forward. If you really want to convince people and stop the abuses claimed it must be upfront proof otherwise people will tend to have questions and doubts.


@sunlit7 I know there are a lot of the issues that come with this topic. Here is some info that may help you see the scope of this abuse. If you truly want to know I think this will help you understand a bit more how big the problem really is : https://steemit.com/fullyinformedpublic/@vickiebarker/what-goes-on-the-blockchain-stays-on-the-blockchain


I don't think the senators report had anything to do with her death as her report had been released several years priors. They were having financial problems and I am sure the police looked at all available options before determining it a murder suicide.

It was Hillary Clinton who pushed for changes to the Children and Family Act because the emphasis under the old act put to much emphasis on trying to return children to their families leaving children in homes or multiple placements while waiting for parents to clean up their act. The law or act was changed to give agencies a time line that was acceptable to start terminating procedures so that children were not languishing in the foster care system and to provide funding for such endeavors. The additional bonuses paid out were not for healthy children but paid out to give states a incentive to work harder to place children with disabilities. What gets lost in translation is the fact that not only do the children get attorneys but so do parents because they are charged with child neglect, when protective services goes into these homes they take pictures and accumulate evidence of said neglect that is used against the parents, so her (the senators) argument that parents are losing their children because they can't afford to fight the system isn't true, everybody in America charged with a crime and who can't afford an attorney is entitled to one. What else is established law is the fact that biological parents have rights over their children. In her first case, and as hard as it is to not want to apply morals over rights sometimes, the father never had a criminal or neglect case against him, she just wanted the grandmother to have custody because his job was in the porn industry. That doesn't make him guilty of anything legally just morally. What I think could be the bigger problem is the fact that the timeline for getting your children back is a couple years and for most that isn't a sufficient amount of time to make the changes necessary therefore a lot more parents fail especially if there is drug and/or alcohol abuse involved on their part. Sometimes in cases of sexual abuse it takes even longer before a woman determines that their children are more important than the abuser. We see this a lot even with domestic abuse victims, they continually return to their abuser over and over again until they finally have had enough. Do I really think that any state is eager to take away children so they can get a four thousand dollar incentive to add to their budget if these children are adopted, so that drug testing companies can make a profit, so that counselors and therapist have a study flow of clients? No, I dont. Why I don't is because in most cases these services are provided by the states to the parents which cost the states more money. Most people think that all kids are in foster care or group homes, to them a group home would be a house supervised by someone(s) but in large cities these homes are as large as hospitals sometimes and there is no amount of four thousand dollars incentives going to get all these kids out for adoptions for many of them have behavioral problems no one else wants. It cost the states money to run these homes, they aren't making money off this system, at least not as the senator seems to think. When we are talking monetarily that is not the motivations, it cost well above what any states pays to protect all rights involved than any amount of money pouring in at four thousand a pop.

I sincerely believe that there is corruption in all large systems, I believe that there are bad case workers and sometimes even people who get caught up in the system even longer because of bad work ethics but I do not believe the state(s) are kidnapping kids for profit. I am more prone to believe that more kids suffer and fall through the cracks because of bad workers.

that is very sad :(

Parents are very important in looking after the families of children. I think everyone should understand that. Thank you through this article may be many benefits gained.

Good post, Follow and Upvote me yes

Trafficked children must be punished appropriately

nice brother @

Amen. May it be a year of healing for not only terrorize family but also those living in debt. Breakup family and those that have lost their path in life.

Amen. May it be a year of healing for not only terrorize family but also those living in debt. Breakup family and those that have lost their path in life.

Thank you for your story and sharing your pain with us #sad

I don´t know about CPS in Canada, but in Germany, they do a very good and important job. They're certainly not monsters - but their "clients" think so, because they lack the mental capcity to understand, why themself are unfit to raise kids. Most of the time, it´s because of (sexual) violence, drug addiction (not marihuana but hard stuff like heroin, etc.) or malnutrition. Most of the kids who are taken into custody show significant deviations in social behavior. I don´t want to say that this story is fabricated, I do believe there are social workers with CPS taht don´t do a good job, but most of the time, their actions are absolutely justified and for the good of the child.


This is not at all a rare type of incident here in Canada. I have other personal friends who have had similar things happen to them too, and I have seen it with my very own eyes as I took in a young mother who was fighting to get her baby back. They broke every law trying their hardest to steal that baby from a loving mother.

I would think that it is same in Germany, but more Germans would have to come forward and share their experiences.
Some friends of mine in Canada could NOT believe what was happening, as I walked them through day-by-day what was happening with the young mother that I took into my home and helped. But they had to believe it as everything fell into place -- unless they thought that I had some reason to lie about this, which I do not. Amd anybody who knows me knows that I am not a liar.


@aschteroth If you ever had any personal experience with CPS you probably wouldn't say that 'most of the time their actions are absolutely justified.' Making home education illegal is bad enough, but taking kids away from their parents because of it is just madness. You can't tell me that is justified. They did a pretty crappy job protecting that girl who had 8 children by her father. But that's the reason why they stepped up their game in Germany. I've heard of kids taken from their parents for home birth or even not vaccinating...so I don't think German CPS is any different from all the others.


First of all, the case of the girl you´re talking about was in Austria, not in Germany. Besides, my Fiancee works for the CPS - or Jugendamt as it is called in Germany. They can´t and won´t just snatch children away. They don´t have the authority to enter private property unless authorized by a court and backed by the police or if they have the direct permission of the family. You don´t seem to know what you´re talking about.


No, there was a similar case in Germany, look here: http://www.dw.com/en/in-light-of-abuse-scandal-germany-steps-up-child-protection/a-14846129

And I know what I'm talking about. They are not allowed without a warrant but they intimidate people in a way that makes it seem like they are and people let them in. I've dealt with cps three times now, once in Holland and twice in Ireland. I am not a drug addict, I drink maybe twice a year, if at all, my kids are well fed, with organic food, well dressed even though we live in the country and they're dirty often because of being outdoors a lot. And still they came... Both the time in Holland and once here was because someone (I know who) made an anonymous call. The one in Holland was because they wanted my kids, here it was because someone hated me so much they did everything possible to ruin my life. But once those people are in the door (and the ones in Holland are like the Gestapo...) you're stuck with them and they make up work for themselves.....while others walk around with bruises and visible domestic abuse signs, but because they live in a two parent family and they just won't go there easily....And Germany is huge. Your fiancees work is not the same everywhere. I do know what I'm talking about, you seem to see it very one-sided.


I feel the same way. It's like a lot of things in life, one bad apple wrecks it for the whole bunch. There are millions of kids sheltered in this country by their perspective states, they can't find homes for these children nor is there enough foster homes, I don't think this comes our way by the means of the state allowing CPS workers to kidnap children from their families, there has to be a lot more wrong for a state to want to provide shelter and care away from parents. Getting at the bad apples is what this site is trying to achieve and the only way to do that is open exposure, I wish them the best but the only way to achieve a goal is to come out of the closet so to speak not hide anger-ily inside spewing out unsubstantiated venom every now and then. If you really want to help step forward and squash them.

It is very grate post


Indeed a touching story and heartfelt sympathy goes to Anna and everyone else. Let us continue to spread the awareness. Thank you for sharing.



Your big family is very noble.
and I am very grateful to have my extended family.
your post is very good friend of mine.
Upvote and resteem

I like it! Subscribe to your blog!

Wow nice story

its really unfortunate to see this terrible things happen to this humble people. i had the same experience in my vicinity where a student whose parents are dead and been maltreated by his guardians.

Each family member should be in protect, good job @canadian-coconut

Hy my name is ubay. I have read your post. I hope trafficking of child must be destroyed in this world. I hope next year you will get your best. Thank you

This is so sad..Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I appreciate that.
I hope that you will be reunited.

I send you positives vibes.

Olivia D.

Be mindful in the work.
please add me.

Great post! I Think that family is the most important have a good night @canadian-coconut

good post.

Hi! I am Shahin. in bangladesh. I just upvoted you! if you like what i do...follow me and vote my post also...

These Government agencies such as the CPS have shown its ugly head thus it really makes me sick.

its a nice little family

Nice post you fren

Nice post, please you guys should upvote my posts and carry me along i am new here, if possible please introduce to your steemit groups so that i too can grow, with just 81 vote you have 308. Please help me @muchlove . Thanks as i look forward in your reply and assistance for me to grow in steemit.com

your post is so fantastic, your post is so inspiration for me and all the steemit users, I am proud of you ... I love all your posts, you are fantastic in making a post, may the victory and goodness side with your work. Thank you..

Very nice my friend,success always..

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Hi great post I am new to steemit but am planning on exposing Child and family services in my city as well as exposing a child prostitution ring that was in my city

Any advice would be great

Truly, the concept of family need to be revisited and amended before it is beyond repair. The children are always the victims and they grow with such bad memories which in turn affect their way of living and socializing with others.
Keep the children safe.
They are our tomorrow.
Our hope of correct in the ills of the society.
Nice piece

This is so interesting. As good as part 1 for sure. I read a story today that was so heartbreaking about a Calgary boy and how Family Protection came through but the Judge decided otherwisw. and in the end a terrible outcome, Thank you again for these. Very informitive

Great post, family is the greatest thing on earth

I went through the same thing with CPS. They sometimes do a good job alienating parents from their children. love the post

Life anna is full of obstacles, why the government can bear to make life of others like that? I myself am eager to help you from this problem, but I can only wish my anna family and family @canadian-coconut to be the best.

drops of tears are flowing down my eyes. This is just too much for humanity sake

Truely ,Families needs protecting, I do not support "Child Protection Agencies ......
Families are background trees to success...
@canadian-coconut that's a nice idea in supporting @familyprotection.
I've resteemed the post for more awarenesss
Nice post there!!!!

I like it

your post is so fantastic, your post is so inspiration for me and all the steemit users, I am proud of you ... I love all your posts, you are fantastic in making a post, may the victory and goodness side with your work. Thank you..

Congratulations @canadian-coconut!
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Thanks for writing about this story.
Time to get it out and trending


We know what's going on but the majority don't. It's time for us to step up and push harder.

The post is so rich am happy to be part of its audience. So much abuse at the family level which most times doesn't get heard. thanks for putting this down.

Children are ours

may i share your post,
if please please vote me yes.
I also want a lot of votes like you

I like your post because of so nice,I also like your blogs. Good work dear @canadian-coconut
Keep it up

useful post, my warm regards @rijal123 from indonesia country

Great post there, keep up good work !

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