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Our pastor spoke today about being called to help others and spreading the love. He shared this story of Addison, an 11 year old girl in Indiana, who distributes 'smile bags' to traumatized foster children. The point he made is that we all have something to offer. If an 11 year old can do so much for foster children, what more can we do!

The smile bags were inspired when a classmate from Greenfield, IN who had her parents taken away by the CPS. This child was upset and no one wanted to talk to her.

We All Are The Fabric Of Love

We all have something to offer others. Working and helping together, we provide a tapestry and a blanket of love that protects and brings warmth. What can you do to help? What is your calling? Are you a voice for the voiceless or will you offer security and protection to those in need? This young 11 year old chose to help foster children separated from their families by the CPS. Regardless what you feel led to do, may you bring love to all you touch.

It is a joy to offer such a positive and beautiful foster care story.

The two minute video and two articles on her story are below.

Article One

11-year-old girl in Indiana starts "Smile Bags" campaign to help traumatized children

LOWELL, INDIANA (WLS) -- An 11-year-old girl from northwest Indiana is distributing Smile Bags to police for emergencies that involved children.

"The Smile Bags are for children who have gone through trauma," said Addison Brown, who started the project after learning one of her peers was having a difficult time in the foster care system.

"I just decided to make these just to help children, maybe put a smile on their face during tough times."

Today Addison dropped off 60 Smile Bags at the Lowell District #13 of the Indiana State Police.

She plans to replace every used bag, which contains an age- and gender-specific collection of toys, books, art supplies, and a hand-written note from Addison.

"These Smile Bags will give us an opportunity to win (children) over and gain their trust, so that we can get them through their troubled time," said Master Trooper Glen Fifield.

The rotary club of Lowell, Indiana funded Addison's latest order of bags and helped design her logo.

Addison's parents say they tried to instill a generous spirit in each of their children, but are blown away by the scale of their daughter's generosity.

"When she presented the Smile Bags idea, it wasn't surprising, but I didn't realize how big it would get," said Dan Brown, Addison's father.

Her mother, Stacy Brown, said Addison's motto is: "Kindness is contagious."

"Give your time," Stacy said. "If you can't do it financially, give your time and help others and help your neighbor. Because that's what's really important and that's what we should be doing."



Article Two

An 11-year-old Indiana girl is making "smile bags" to spread joy.

Addison Brown got the idea for the bags when one of her classmates went through a difficult personal situation. She wanted her gift to bring a smile to her classmate's face and was inspired to make more.

Each bag holds several items meant to cheer up the recipient: a white board and marker, Kleenex, a book, a toy and an encouraging, handwritten note from Addison. She gave them to Indiana State Police troopers to ensure they get to the kids who need them most.

Addison has already donated 60 smile bags to the Lowell Post, and has spread them to six other law enforcement agencies. Her big goal, though, is to get two bags in every squad car in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.

She made sure to let the troopers know that she will replace the bags as needed to bring a smile to everyone's face. You can go to Addison's website or Facebook page for more information.

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I am so happy to see 11 year old Addison bring love through the 'Smile Bags.' Here at @familyprotection on Steemit, we appreciate your commitment to families and children. You help ease their pain with the gift of love.

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What a great story!

That young lady is an inspiration...




She is an inspiration to all of us. Blessings @creatr