Foster Care Underwear - A Poetical Rap On Foster Care Crap - Enjoy with Troy!



In humbleness I offer a crappy smelly rappy poem that I wrote to bring awareness to the filthy way children and families being trashed by our governmental CPS foster care system. Being proactive in a non-conventional way can draw more light to the problem. So to I choose to air the dirty laundry left behind in a rancid style that I hope will wake up some sheeple out there. I sense that the poetically perfumed writings of before are slumbering somewhere on the blockchain. After all the CPS leave families baggages of crappy pain and misery. Perhaps we need to tell it like it is.

I don't suppose you will like the poem...

But then who likes filthy underwear anyway? Yet that is how children and families are treated...or should I say 'trashed.' The government has chosen to use the Child Protective Services (CPS) to legally trap and kidnap children. They steal kids and sell them to foster homes and sex trafficking rings. It is legal but very evil and immoral. The CPS leaves emotional baggage in the lives of children and families and it is a smelly poopy mess. Usually is never gets cleaned up and sadly handicaps the lives of the innocent.

Truth and justice get covered up in this foster care diaper. The corruption is filled in a stench of horror. Child sex or what I call baby sex is encouraged and profits the government. Pedophilia is alive and well thanks to the CPS and the government. Big money is made and of course money comes first above the welfare of people. We may call this 21st century child slavery.

Children must be number one

Yet children need to come first. At best they sadly are number two... if that. They are the seed of their parents and the seed of the future ...tomorrow. When a society is suppressed, proactive assertiveness occurs and the tide turns. Movements are formed and burst on to the scene. There is an 'Ah ha' moment when people wake up and decide enough is enough. It will no longer be tolerated.

Pro-family groups like @familyprotection have formed to offer education, protection and safety to families and children at risk. Why should our children suffer the filthy smelly lies and stench of the CPS? Why should children live in this foster care underwear? It is the loving and selfless endeavor to spread truth, justice and freedom to these so innocent. I encourage you to support @familyprotection as they tirelessly serve our families in bringing freedom to all.

About the puny writing

This is a hybrid of a poem/rap that is meant to be out there to draw awareness to the daily problem children face by the CPS. I use many bathroom puns in this writing which are crude and loud. Yet I feel that the CPS has given families shit for years. Perhaps we just need to lay it out there in a language that can better draw attention. I suppose there is a humor to the rap yet there is a needed serious point made in the writing. In solving a problem it is good to utilize multiple approaches.

Now enjoy the poem/rap and be sure to support @familyprotection.

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Foster Care Underwear

Foster care underwear
Child trap reeks of crap!
CPS poops a mess
filthy lies painful cries.

Smelly schemes, stolen dreams
Diapered truth, stolen youth.
Kids for cash, mourning trash
Drippy eyes, stench there lies.

Baby sex, profits checks
Mothers cry, workers lie.
Innocence common sense
Flushed away, sewered pay.

Number two cannot do.
Children count, baggage mount.
Movements burst, Kids come first,
Family seed, free from greed.

Hearts that droop, drippy poop
End this mess and distress.
Save our youth, know the truth,
Foster care underwear.

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What is @familyprotection

If you do not know what family protection is I would encourage you to read our posts and help support the efforts of the fine bloggers who support the freedoms and rights of families. We work hard to promote an support the values and rights of moms and dads, that has come under attack by governments who wish to eliminate the God given authority and power of the family. @familyprotection uplifts the family and is always welcoming bloggers who wish to contribute to its cause. Consider standing for truth and the family. Consider @familyprotection.

Support Family Protection

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE PROTECTION Of FAMILIES AND CHILDREN EVERYWHERE! God bless the folks @familyprotection who are speaking out for others. I encourage you to support their cause and support the bloggers who expose this tyranny and injustice. I want to offer a shout out to @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam in gratitude for all their efforts in this cause. Support @familyprotection.

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Thanks for reading and listening. Feel free to comment, upvote or resteem

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Yes I did and that is what messed it up. Thank you for your kind help @builderofcastles