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Two Friends Sitting out in the back yard.

Hey, thanks for inviting me over today. It is good to see you children and your wife. Sure, I 'll take a cool one, with ice. I could swear I heard a knock at the door.

Hey Dave, did you know that the CPS is in the market to kidnap and steal children? You not too worried about it. I understand. But it does go on. Do you remember last month they visited the neighbor down the street. Yeah, little Sarah was sent off and has not been seen from since. I know. I know. They are not your kids. But heads up, they traffic children for sex or place them with strangers in a foster home. I know you are not worried about it.

Out comes Dave's wife from the house

Lori looks quite upset. 'Hey honey, what is wrong?'

(In Tears) 'The CPS was just here and they took Abby and Ben. '

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As Apathy Grows

Dave and Lori remind me of so many couples, who chose apathy. They are kind good hearted and give to their local charities. Yet, it is their active choice to be apathetic and turn a deaf ear to evil. They do not hear the tears of the voiceless or the cries of desperation from agonizing parents. Their willingness to not take a stand and ignore evil is pathetic. They think by ignoring evil, it will leave them alone.

And Evil Infests

But evil never leaves you alone. It's cancer seeks you out and its corruption and greed finds its way to you. It destroys families and shatters innocence, in an aftermath of littered emotional baggage and debris. Like a vulture, it stalks and scavenges its prey, only to leave the deathly remains as a carcass of its feeding.

Such are the seeds of apathy in a world of evil.

The Governmental Baby Farm

So to is our governmental Child Protective Services (CPS). As they are Orwellian in their intent, a better name may be Child Parent Separation Services. A social worker may receive a lead or investigate a possible client. This is like a salesperson pursuing a lead. The government worker will collect data and stalk a family, in the hopes of trafficking a child to foster care or the sex trade. They realize for each child they place, their is big bucks to be made.

Inside The CPS

Eventually the worker visits the family, documenting the visit. The CPS then may falsify or color information to further build their case. If parents take the CPS to court or reverse, no worries for the CPS. They have lawyers and judges in their back pocket. This is all part of the governmental baby farm of child trafficking that pays with commissions and bonuses under the table.

Leaves An Emotional Roller Coaster

Dave learned the hard way, that evil will not leave you alone. His friend has warned him about the CPS countless times. They wanted his children, Abby and Ben. But those who do not listen, must feel. This was the beginning of the emotional roller coaster from hell for Lori and Dave. Who could they turn to? They were not in the pro-family loop and had not helped other voiceless families. Fortunately, Dave's friend was, and knew of a pro-family group in town and a site on Steemit.

Those who do not listen, must feel.


Of Nasty Distress

Lori and Dave's life had forever changed. Gone was the family outings to the zoo, bedtime stories, and playing with the children. Gone was happy conversations around the dinner table or children TV programs or trips to see grandma. In its place was stress, nightmares, arguments, visitation and court dates... and a possible divorce looming on the horizon. Tears, pain, guilt, sadness, resentment and fear had come into their lives... all uninvited.

The tapes keep repeating in your mind over and over.

For Some, There Is Hope

Fortunately, Dave's friend pointed him to a local pro-family group that meets weekly. He and Lori were able to find the support and direction to reclaim their children. He also told them about @familyprotection on Steemit. He said they tirelessly strive to inform and protect families. They are a voice for the voiceless and a defender of innocence. I agree with him and would encourage you to support @familyprotection as they bring hope and freedom to families and children.

With a Moral to confess

If we do not help others in their time of need, who will be there to defend us? Is cloaking yourself in apathy really worth it? I think not.


Tomorrow is in the lives of our children... protect the voiceless.

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What is @familyprotection

If you do not know what family protection is I would encourage you to read our posts and help support the efforts of the fine bloggers who support the freedoms and rights of families. We work hard to promote an support the values and rights of moms and dads, that has come under attack by governments who wish to eliminate the God given authority and power of the family. @familyprotection uplifts the family and is always welcoming bloggers who wish to contribute to its cause. Consider standing for truth and the family. Consider @familyprotection.

Support Family Protection

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE PROTECTION Of FAMILIES AND CHILDREN EVERYWHERE! God bless the folks @familyprotection who are speaking out for others. I encourage you to support their cause and support the bloggers who expose this tyranny and injustice. I want to offer a shout out to @canadian-coconut in gratitude for all their efforts in this cause. Support @familyprotection.

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Thanks for reading and listening. Feel free to comment, upvote or resteem

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

Lori looks quite upset. 'Hey honey, what is wrong?'
(In Tears) 'The CPS was just here and they took Abby and Ben. '

This really shook me in my stomach. Did this really happen just like that? Is it really that widespread and blatant?


You would be surprised. Yeah, it is widespread on a global basis. That is why many of us write.. to share truth and support family and children


We in turn, support you.
Keep on writing, and singing :-)

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I absolutely support @familyprotection and appreciate you still using the #familyprotection tag.

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Thank you my kind friend.