Turning Fear Into Action - A Battle Plan For Parents In The CPS War - Enjoy with Troy!




"Wake up! Wake up! Abby!"

"Where am I. Are the children ok?"

"Yes. You were screaming and having another bad nightmare, honey."

"Oh, God I know. It was about the social worker. I was driving into town for a court date. Suddenly that damn CPS worker, who is trying to take away little Ben, zoomed out in front of me on Highway 5, just laughing and daring me."

"You got to not let her get to you. Stay strong and take care of you... for Ben. I with you would eat better and try to get decent sleep. Worrying is only going to make it worse."

"Your right, but what can we do?"

" Get some sleep, honey. I'll contact my friend, Dave, tomorrow. He said he knows of a good pro-family group in town."



Replace Intimidation And Fear

There is no illusion greater than fear. - Lao Tzu

Too many parents suffer in silence at the hand of the Child Parent Separation (CPS). Social workers know just how to use intimidation, fear and surprise as tools to manipulate. Whether there is a phone call, unexpected visit or inspection, the government knows how to play with the mind.

Fear and intimidation are not your friends... and neither is the social worker.

Parents worry that they may lose their children. The CPS lies, that are littered in conversation, weigh in the lives of the innocent. It affects eating and sleeping. Suddenly, proper nutrition is replaced by stressed over eating or not eating at all. Good healthy rest is replaced with nightmares and tapes of conversations that play repeatedly in the sub-conscience.

Worry only brings emotional baggage and is counterproductive. Think positive and be healthy. Don't litter your mind with CPS garbage. Why do they deserve free rent in your mind?



Know Your Enemy

The CPS is a quick learner and may know your weaknesses better than you.

Often in warfare and in nature, an animal or human will wear down their prey before going after the kill. So too is the strategy of the CPS. This is not by accident, as they know what they are doing. You must realize this is warfare. The social worker is not your friend and not to be trusted. Yet, you must not allow yourself to be in fear.

A soldier does not do battle without proper training... and neither should you.

And Their Plan Of Child Theft

It would benefit you to learn about the CPS and their agenda to traffic children for cash. Take time to educate yourself on what strategies they use in stealing and selling children into the 'baby farm' foster care industry. Realize they have quotas and profits to make in the world of governmental kidnapping. Read up on last court cases, and tactics of lies, fear, intimidation, surprise attacks and their corrupt practices of documentation. Knowing your enemy is important if you want to win.

Prepare For Battle

For the sake of your children, you must be strong. That included eating right, getting enough sleep, as well as preparing mentally, spiritually and financially. But your children and family are worth it. Your preparation is your armor in the warfare.

A good athlete gets proper sleep and nutrition. Some will incorporate a holistic approach to their efforts. If you do not take care of you, what good are you going to be for your children? They deserve your best!



And Take Action.

Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will. - W. Clement Stone.

What is your plan of action. Know that the CPS already has theirs. It would be wise to have yours long before you get that initial phone call or visit. Surprise is a tool they use. Why not surprise them by being prepared. Overcome fear with faith and action. Here are some tips to start you out. You will want to add to this list as it fits your needs.

Tape Record any and all conversations with the CPS.
Keep a written journal of all CPS interactions or suspicious activity.
Consider surveillance cameras for your protection.
As a parent be ready with prepared answers if cross examined.
Become friends of pro-family people who can help you.
Teach children how to respond to strangers who may coerce conversation.
Teach children how to respond to informants (teachers, nurses, doctors, police, clergy, etc).

With Help From Allies

Don't go it alone. Team together.

When you go to battle, you need friends who will support you. Countries work together in groups to defend freedom. You should consider the same. Don't go it alone. Find a pro-family group. They are invaluable in their support, education and resources. There likely is a group in your community. Here on Steemit, we have @familyprotection who do tirelessly work to educate and defend the rights of families. They believe in truth and real justice. They protect innocence while battling the enemy. I encourage you to support @familyprotection as they bring freedom to all.


What is @familyprotection

If you do not know what family protection is I would encourage you to read our posts and help support the efforts of the fine bloggers who support the freedoms and rights of families. We work hard to promote an support the values and rights of moms and dads, that has come under attack by governments who wish to eliminate the God given authority and power of the family. @familyprotection uplifts the family and is always welcoming bloggers who wish to contribute to its cause. Consider standing for truth and the family. Consider @familyprotection.

Support Family Protection

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE PROTECTION Of FAMILIES AND CHILDREN EVERYWHERE! God bless the folks @familyprotection who are speaking out for others. I encourage you to support their cause and support the bloggers who expose this tyranny and injustice. I want to offer a shout out to @canadian-coconut in gratitude for all their efforts in this cause. Support @familyprotection.


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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

I've never had a first hand experience of CPS and what they do, but from the things I've seen, they're a blot to humanity


Me neither. But I have heard the tearful stories of countless parents who have suffered at the hand of the CPS. Blessings.