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I suppose all parents remember the "mommy wars". Magazines and other mainstream media addressed the battle between parents who dare to make different parenting choices like:

  • breastfeeding vs formula feeding
  • stay-at-home vs working mothers
  • homeschool vs public school
  • epidural vs natural childbirth
    Today we can add to
  • to vaccinate or not to vaccinate


Lots of parents who thought only their way is the right way took to Facebook and blogs to promote their right way. These actions pale in comparison to what parents face today. These same issues today can lead to the CPS (Child Protection Services) come knocking on your door when someone may it be a neighbour, family member or even doctors can call CPS and report you for your refusal to conform of what others advocate as the "right and only way".

Today if you refuse to agree with the opinions of other parents it can have a devastating effect on your family, you may lose your children permanently because someone else doesn't like the way you are raising your children and decide to report you to CPS.

Opinions and fears, even if they are irrational or statistically unlike fears are becoming part of the social and moral beliefs of modern society. In the past, these persons would have been called harmless busybodies. Today these busybodies have become the enemy and have been given real ammunition to shoot at you and your children. By involving CPS and in most cases, they don't realise that their actions subject children to far worse conditions than the ones they supposedly wanted to rescue them from like,

Separation of parent and child is devastating emotionally and psychologically to children.
Children are at least 6 times more likely to be actually abused, raped, molested, or killed in foster care than they are in their own homes, even if that home is a “troubled” home.
Children who are wards of the state may legally be used for medical research or pharmaceutical drug testing – essentially becoming lab rats – without their parents’ knowledge or consent.
Children in the foster care system are at much greater risk for being victims of child sex trafficking.

A neighbor called CPS when she heard Devani’s parents arguing. Social workers placed her with a man who is now serving a 17 year sentence for running a pornographic pedophile ring out of his home with foster children. (See her story.)

What can you do about this? We need to raise awareness!!!

Make people aware that CPS is not your friend! Speak up!

Tell your children

There are parents whose first visit by CPS was initiated by a child that maybe complained to a teacher about a minor incident. Your children must understand that a small action or lie from their side can result in being taken away from home. We have the example here on steemit of cfs.leaks whose boy want to come home now but he can't.

Tell your family and friends.

Another example of CPS involvement is the story of @snowpea https://steemit.com/ulog/@snowpea/when-we-dodge-one-bullet-it-s-luck-when-we-dodge-many-it-s-a-miracle-ulog-10 In her case, for now, there is a happy ending. She suspects her own mother sent CPS to her door. Your family and friends need to be aware of what will happen to your kids if CPS comes to your door. Talk about this and rather have an open door policy with family and friends to discuss differences or problems. Heck, why do we have family and friends?

Tell it in your Church.

The church should be the one safe place for the family. Speak about CPS in small groups at church. Raise awareness, and start family support groups where families in need can come to with their problems and know that they will be protected and helped. That they can receive Godly counsel and real physical help when in need.

Tell it to your neighbour.

In the old days, the neighbours were your friends. We need to go back to social values and stop to live so independently. Befriend your neighbours and speak about CPS. Every person should be aware that CPS is an enemy and that they should only be called when there is a real deadly threat to a child's life. They should know this:

Children are at least 6 times more likely to be actually abused, raped, molested, or killed in foster care than they are in their own homes, even if that home is a “troubled” home.


This is what @familyprotection is all about here on steemit. Support them!

To share the stories, to raise awareness and to support people that are fighting CPS at this current moment. If you are not familiar with @familyprotection, you can read about them here:
Donations can be made directly to the wallet of @familyprotection.

Source: https://medicalkidnap.com/2018/08/02/parenting-in-the-21st-century-big-government-and-your-neighbor-is-watching-you-and-your-children/

I really appreciate you reading this, but please don't be a silent bystander, let your voice be heard for families all over the world!

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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Opinions and fears, even if they are irrational or statistically unlike fears are becoming part of the social and moral beliefs of modern society.

Spot on. Even in a more general sense I find this holds true in a lot of cases. All someone needs to do to inflict damage is to convince himself and a few people (in government), once they're convinced, even false evidences can be gathered for the sake of affirming such convictions. Really scary


Thank you for commenting @empress-eremmy. As you said it's really scary and it's impacting the way parents raised their kids.


No child should have to suffer like that but something tells me there is much more to this story then we are hearing. In links in the article and other links in those articles it's states she had one child die of heart failure, she had another child her mother took custody of, she was living with a man who had a history as being a sexual predator. It was the courts insistence that she not be involved with the man anymore and for them to insist upon that there had to be a lot more going on with him then we know about....he also had a long history of drugs behind him. To me it looks like everyone failed this little girl, without further proof of what went on in her own home other then just a article trying to color it better than what she ended up facing I am of the impression and opinion that she deserves much more than it wasn't perfect. When a child goes through everything she went through and a judge looks at that, then looks at what started it all then denies a bid to go back to that you know she doesn't deserve that, there's a lot more there then what's being put out there, she deserves the best moving forward and that's what people should hope for.


The system needs to change. To stay in the system is not an answer it has horribly failed most of the children that were placed in foster care or group homes.
There are some things happening. Just hoping it will go through

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One needs to confront his problem head on and public. Yes great advice for families. I hope more get educated and realize this is an all out spiritual war. Being trusting and nice does not cut it. Thanks @hope777


Thank you for commenting @enjoywithtroy this is sad but true:

this is an all out spiritual war. Being trusting and nice does not cut it

@hope777, Yes, current days are really unfortunate days to watch and in my opinion the change has to come for sure.

Awareness is really important because nowadays people follow the trend and sometimes they forget their natural rights.

And we all know that how centralised systems are, they are not good for the common people and they try to dominate, manipulate, influence and control common people.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you for your continued support and comments @chireerocks!


Welcome. 🙂

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I find it rather disturbing the claim that children in foster care are six times more likely to face abuse of some sort then in custody of their parents. What happened to this child is as tragic as the death of three infants in my surrounding area in the last six months at the hands of their parents. Looking at the article about the scalding case there were more articles attributing death/injury at the hands of parents in that same locality then at the hands of foster parents. One article highlight that 80 percent of deaths of children in Arizona come at that the hands of neglect by parents. I often see articles posted coming from out of Arizona concerning foster care, I tend to believe that they have problems. Considering it's a warm state where a lot of transients congregate to, a high rate of illegal immigration and dealing with the opiate crisis has dealt Arizona more than it can handle but I don't think necessarily that what's going on there is highly reflective of the system overall across the US. From what I often see here in my state is that children are more likely to die at the hands of their parents then at the hands of the foster care system.



Rimsza cautions that the slight improvement in that category doesn’t mean anything significant yet. There will need to be some fundamental changes in Arizona before there’s significant improvement in those areas, she said, especially when it comes to child neglect, which was noted as a direct cause or contributing factor in 80 percent of the maltreatment deaths.

Neglect will continue “until we address the poverty and substance use in our state,” she said. Child deaths related to maltreatment increased 16 percent between 2011 and 2015, she said.

Parents lacking access to child care and other resources contributes to those high rates, she said.

Of the deaths that were related to substance use, marijuana was identified as a factor in 30 percent of the deaths, alcohol in 25 percent and opiates in 10 percent, the report shows. Methamphetamine was found in 12 percent.

“Many of these deaths were due to neglect problems and the substance use was a contributing factor,” she said. “Many times people were using multiple drugs.”


How about when parents and relatives lie to authorities and it leads to death:



Thank you for your in-depth reply. I realise that there is abuse by parents and that it can also be a real threat. But there is enough evidence to support that CPS is taking children without there be a proper investigation. These kids are then abused in the system. I also see a lot of kids dying in foster care. Go look at this website https://medicalkidnap.com Maybe you can make a post with comparison figures between abuse by parents and abuse by foster parents. I wanted to do a post like that a while ago but struggle to get the figures. Blessings!


Here you go, write your heart out, it won't be the statistics you were hoping for but they weren't that hard to find:

The majority (77.6%) of perpetrators were a parent of a victim, 6.2 % of perpetrators were a relative other than a parent, and 4.1% had a multiple relationship to either multiple victims in the same report or multiple victims across reports . Nearly 4.0% (3.8%) of perpetrators had a "other" relationship to their victims. According to states' commentary the NCANDS category of "other" perpetrators relationships include foster siblings, nonrelative, household staff, clergy, etc., Please refer to appendix D for more information. (see table 5-5 and related notes)

According to other data in the report 2.36 per 1,00,000 kids die from abuse/neglect on a national average, that's 1,750 kids in 2016, of those 1,750 kids 85 died while in the system.

That's about as much time as I am going to spend on it, now if the stats came out that more kids really did die in foster care then by abuse of their own parents this site would rave and up vote me like mad...but since it doesn't it's a waste of my time. One is to many kids dying, there's stats in their that will tell you how many kids also died after being returned to their parents, it's all heartbreaking but with well over four hundred thousand kids in foster care the system is not always going to be perfect, there are five states who have been or are being investigated because there are to many deaths in the system in those states, but they would also include deaths where CPS hadn't removed children and were monitoring parents or gave children back and those parents were being monitored or let out of the system...there's so many variables but this site isn't worth it to me to search it all out and lay it out, they probably wouldn't like the results anyway.


Thank you for the reply. I will look into it.