Are you a parent? - If you are, it means you are guilty (Crazy laws of Juvenile Justice)

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Hello dear Steemians!

Thanks to @familyprotection I did a lot of research on the subject for what reason Latvian CPS can withdraw children from families and was shocked. Juvenile justice can take away your child just for everything. I have already written in my first post that there is a new law in Latvia according to which CPS have a right to withdraw a kid if you smoke in his presence. In Latvia smoking in the presence of children was equated with violence against them. But this stupid law is not the only one. There are also many others which give rights to CPS to take away your kids because of any little things. I think that I should warn all parents about their existence and thanks to @familyprotection I have this opportunity. Most people do not even suspect that these laws are and CPS can use their ignorance against them. Juvenile justice more and more confidently invades Latvian territory though officials try to hide it and that is why they say that there is no juvenile justice in Latvia. The term "juvenile justice" is disguised by them as a word "guardianship and trusteeship authorities." But I think it does not matter how the term is called if "guardianship and trusteeship authorities" behave the same as juvenile justice. By the law you can lose your child if you say him: "You can not do anything right" or "Leave the room, I do not want to see you!" I do not support such a way of communicating with children, of course but let`s be fair -- most parents at least once in their lives told these phrases in a fit of anger. Does it mean they do not love their children?- Of course not, but all people are not ideal and it can`t be a reason for taking away our children. By Latvian law, parents commit emotional abuse of a child, when they say such phrases. And emotional violence is a crime. Dear parents, I ask all of you - please be careful if you say something like this. Our law allows to  punish parents by forced labour for these words or even worse - CPS can take away your children. 

I think it is very important for all parents to know that we have a parental social movement in the capital of our country. It is called Dzimta. This organization unites people of all professions and fights against CPS. Thus, if officials threaten to take away your kids and you do not know what to do - you can turn to Dzimta and its members will tell you what to do and how to return the kids. In my opinion, such organizations should exist in every city because the Latvian Law on the Protection of Children contains 12 articles on the rights of the child and only 1 article that presupposes the rights of their parents. From the whole family law of Latvia the wording "the power of parents" was deleted. It was replaced by a neutral word "guardianship". Actual legislation does not presuppose the right of parents to raise their child. There is no such word in the laws! Any critism of a child is regarded as violence against him. One of the active members of Dzimta, Helen Kornetova, concluded: "It turns out that juvenile justice does not protect children, but monitors parents. Officials decide how to bring up our children." For example, according to our Latvian laws, officials have a right to talk with kids without the presence of their  parents." Can you imagine what CPS tell our children? No doubt, they tell kids that they are independent personalities who can make decisions without intervention of adults and of course officials advise our children to complain about their parents if adults forbid them to do something. But all children are very naive, they even do not suspect that if they call to CPS and say something bad about their parents - they will never see them but will spend their childhood in terrible conditions in shelters or with strangers. Latvian laws are becoming more and more crazy. For example, teachers have no right to prohibit schoolchildren from smoking. Their duty is to tell children about the dangers of smoking and to provide them with a special place for it if they continue to do this. I think it is dangerous to let our kids attend schools if such laws exist. What useful can they learn there? Schools in this case act as accomplices of juvenile justice and only spoil our children. I have two children and my older daughter attends school too but after I found out about everything what happens in schools, I doubt if she should continue to study there. 

Thank you @familyprotection for giving this great opportunity to tell the world all the truth about horrors commited by CPS and warn the parents this way. Family is the greatest value in the life of every person and we should do everything possible to ensure that our children grow up with their loving moms and dads.

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