Juvenile justice in Latvia. The story of one extinction.

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Hello my Steemit friends!

I have found out that it was @familyprotection`s birthday a day ago. I would like to say thank you to this wonderful community for everything they do. Family is the biggest value and @familyprotection gives an opportunity for our children to grow with their loving mothers and fathers. Thanks to this community I got interested in the topic related to juvenile justice in Latvia and was horrified. All Latvian families, including my own, are at risk to lose our kids but this information is skillfully hidden in Latvia. Poor families are ulways unprepared for the appearance of CPS on their doorstep. And as a result Latvian families easily lose their children. Our duty is not to be silent but inform as many people as possible about the danger representated by CPS and ways how to protect our kids. I want to thank again @familyprotection for giving this opportunity. I wish you prosperity dear community and a lot of success in your struggle!

CPS is a mafia which is interested only in money and when I read the story of one woman and her son, I made sure of it once again. This story happened in Bausk city in my native country Latvia. The events occured many years ago and it proves that juvenile justice have been committing crimes in our country already for a long time.

Rasma Madzule is a lawyer by profession and worked as a head of the tax inspectorate of the State Revenue Service in Bausk. One day local businessmen turned to Rasme Madzule for "help", but they could not "agree." And it was the beginning of all misfortunes in the family. The scammers decided to revenge Rasma with a help of her son who studied in the second grade. The children of these "businessmen" attended the same school, they were much older and they began to mock the boy. They made his life unbearable. Nauris was afraid to go to the school. One day the kids of those scammers (who were much older) attacked Rasma`s son. The boy did not know how to protect himself and grabbed the scissors. Nobody suffered but the CPS immediately rushed to the school. I forgot to say that the teacher at school knew that the seniors tortured the boy but never protected him because the businessmen (the parents of the seniors) did the repairs at school. As you see, schools are just helpers of CPS.

As a result of this incident involving scissors, the CPS told that Nauris was crazy, took him away from his mother and sent to a neuropsychiatric clinic. Rasma had to hire an experienced lawyer to return her son. But the misfortunes of this family were not over. To protect the boy, Rasma moved to Riga - the capital of Latvia but the CPS and police continued to insist on mental examination of Nauris.

And the officials still found the reason to take away the child from his mother. One day the boy was throwing a ball into the wall. Rasma asked to stop this senseless activity, drink a soothing tea and go to bed. The boy refused, and the woman shouted out in a fit of anger: "If you do not obey, you will go away now and live with your father." (Rasma was divorced). Nauris climbed out of the window and ran outside. On his way the boy was detained by the police and taken to the police station. The boy asked to let him go but got a refuse. In the police station he was met by one of the representatives of CPS who told him that Nauris would be sent to the mental hospital. The child got angry and splashed water from the cup towards her. It was his big mistake because the CPS intentionally provoked Nauris but the boy was still a child and was too naive. This incident was immediately fixed in the papers and Nauris was taken to neuropsychiatric clinic. It was forbidden for mother to visit her own child!

A little later the boy was transferred to the family crisis center in the Kandava region, then to an orphanage in Skangali, not far from Cesis. And all this was accompanied by documents telling about the interests of the child, although the boy constantly asked to go home to his mother.

One day Rasma got the permission to walk with her son. The woman decided to steal her own child. People say that they saw how Rasma and her son got in the car and rushed away to an unknown location. The woman called to the orphanage and told that her son would never come back there. After this, her phone did not work anymore. Nobody knows where Rasma and Nauris are now but at least they managed to escape from the CPS and save their family.

It is really a shock to read what CPS do - they ruin the lives of whole families and hide their crimes, lying that they do everything in the interests of children. But in fact, only money rule their actions and only we, parents, can stop them.


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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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That's true, money rule their actions and other power issues aswell. I am happy you got to know much via the initiative.
We as a community clocked one year about a week ago, but we are still young and we still have that drive to make our dream come true as a community.

Thank you @mary82 and stay blessed.


Thank you for the comment @kryptocoin. It is such a happiness for me to know about @familyprotection community because I even could not suspect that all families in my country are at risk to lose our kids. It is the same here as in other countries - everything is hidden. But thanks to @familyprotection and the stories I read, I know how to protect my children. God bless this wonderful community.


Indeed money rather than love of compassion is their ruler. If the CPS were to come on a family with many children 8, 9 or 10... they would think they struck it rich. Their evils need to be ended once and for all.

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection.


You are welcome