My gratitude to @familyprotection for everything they do. God bless you dear community!

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Hello all Steemians and @familyprotection community!

At first I would like to introduce myself. I am new on Steemit but really like this platform as I can read true information on any subject here. I am interested in everything connected with health and Steemit is the only place where you can know all the truth about harm of vaccination. I was pleasantly surpised when I discovered it. I have already told that my two kids are not vaccinated though doctors in my country do not tell how dangerous vaccination can be for children`s health. 

I forgot to tell that I live in Latvia right now but spent many years in Russia before so I know everything about life there. I also travel to different post-soviet countries as I have a lot of relatives there.

I was very happy to discover tag @familyprotection. I found this tag occasionally - thanks to @joalvarez.   I think @familyprotection is a wonderful community because thanks to it people all over the world have an opportunity to know about evil things that CPS do. 

The situation in Latvia is terrible too. By statistics CPS withdraw 1500 children from families every year. A great number of children are sold to the USA and other countries. It sounds incredible but Latvian children are very demanded as they mostly have fair hair and blue eyes. CPS make business on children and get huge  money for this. In some cases it takes just a day or two to adopt a kid. As you understand it is impossible to find out any information about adopters for such a short term. And nobody is interested in their biographies because CPS are interested only in money. Thus, the state loses all connections with children as soon as they get abroad. By statistics about 25% of foreign parents get rid off children and give them away like puppies to other families. Some foreigners turn to internet-communities and place kids to such establishments as "Ranch for kids". And do you know what it is? It is a ranch in the state of Montana, that people call "a trash can" for unwanted Russian children. I have done some researchers and found out that there are not only Russian children at this place, but also children from Latvia, Ukraine and Litva. But unfortunately CPS are motivated only by money. They do not care about kids at all. And to get money - they need more and more kids to sell. For this reason they steal children from normal families. You can lose your child because of any triffle and it scares me. I have read some laws and found out that it is possible to lose a child in Latvia just because you smoke in his presence! Smoking in the presence of your kid is interpreted as violence against a child because it can harm his health. As for me, I am against any smoking and my family does not smoke at all but how can it be a reason to take away a child? It sounds shocking for me. 

One of my friends Emma had problems with CPS too. She was pregnant with her third child at that time. One day Emma was walking with her children near the house. Suddenly one of her boys (about 6 years old) pushed his younger brother ( about  2 years old). The child fell down on the ground and began to cry. His nose began to bleed. The mother got scared for the health of her son. Besides, she was pregnant as we remember. And pregnant women are very emotional and impressionable. So Emma shouted at her older boy and even slightly slapped him one time. The neighbor, who hated Emma for personal reasons, saw this through the windows. She called  to CPS and in a few days they visited Emma`s house. It was a big shock for the woman who has always been a good mother. The social services threatened to take away Emma`s kids and as a result she nearly lost her unborn baby because the woman was stressed all the time. I know that CPS stopped terrorizing poor mother only when her husband paid them illegally big money. And I am sure that it is still better for kids to live with their mother who loves them than with strangers. Now Emma moved to Italy and does not even want to discuss that terrible case. Every time we begin to talk about it, the woman starts to cry because it was a big blow for her. 

As you see, CPS does not feel shame at all. Money is the only thing they are interested in. And I think it is very good that such community as @familyprotection exists which fights the evil represented by social services and helps families to defend their children. In my opinion families all over the world should unite to provide our kids an opportunity to grow with their parents in friendly families. And thank you @familyprotection for your help in this difficult struggle against CPS.

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doctors do not want you to know how dangerous vaccines are. And if you bring it to them they will tell you they know better, but many do not even read the ingredients. Ask your kids dr to tell you what is in the vaccine, not just hand you the insert that simply said nothing.
They are all about getting more and more money.
I have never heard of this ranch you speak of but I am sure it exists as many of these places exist. We have one simular in our town


I have read about this rancho on internet, it is quite a popular place in the USA.

And what about vaccines - it is getting more and more scary in my country, I have heard that it will be forbidden by law soon to attend schools or kindergartens if children are not vaccinated.

Thank you so much for the comment.


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