Stop taking away our children! The protests are held in Litva against the juvenile lawlessness

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Hello dear Steemians and @familyprotection community. I was not blogging for a while as got to the hospital. I had problems with kidneys. After the treatment I left the hospital and in a few days got there again and the reason was again the pain in kidneys!!! To be honest, I am in shock - it seems our doctors can only take money but not treat. Anyway, I am happy to be again with you and hope that my posts will be helpful for many parents and especially families of Baltic States as I am from Latvia. Thank you once more @familyprotection community for giving the opportunity to tell the whole world about the crimes the CPS commit in order to get money and our children, our precious treasure, are just a way to get this money. The representatives of CPS are ready for everything, they are devoid of all values and that is why kids are a good business for them to get richer. It is sad that parents often forget about the danger they can meet on behalf of CPS and as a result the officials use their carelessness against the poor parents. Such cases are becoming more and more common also in Baltic States and it makes me very sad. I can not live without any fear now as I am a mother of two kids. I think that the more people know this information, the better it will be. We should unite in communities and struggle for our children.

I was impressed by a very famous case that happened in Litva just a month ago. The woman from Kanaus city was walking near the forest with two little kids. Suddenly the woman`s son ( the boy at the age of two) ran away from her. The mother asked the boy to come back but he did not listen to her. The woman had to leave a three-year-old daughter alone in the forest to catch up to her little son. When the mother caught up the boy, she was very angry as she was worried about the daughter who was left alone and waiting for the mother and little brother. She lost control and twice slapped the boy. Pay attention that the boy was dressed in a warm thick overalls and he even did not cry because he felt nothing. But the man who was passing by, saw this scene and made a video of it. After this he called to law enforcement officers, they came at once and took the woman for questioning. Her husband was called there too. The policeman told the father to take the child for a medical examination - he refused. As a result the policeman called to CPS, they arrived fast and behaved very rude. When the child was taken to the examination, he began to cry, the father took him outside (he just wanted to calm the kid down as the boy was stressed) but the representative of CPS followed the father and began to pull the baby out of the parents' hands.

Daiva Prutene, the head of the committee for the Protection of Children`s Rights right stated that information about child abuse was confirmed. According to Daiva, the poor mother was drunk that day though it was a lie. Both children were given away to the shelter and a little later they were given to guardians (strangers).  It was forbidden for parents to see their kids. 

The grandmother wanted to take into custody her own grandchildren but she was refused in this. The CPS told that she had a bad health so she could not take care of kids. When the father began to call to the socail worker who worked on this case, he just did not answer the man`s calls. A little later the CPS declared that the father refused to take his children. 

But the family decided not to give up. The couple hired an experinced lawyer. In defense of the family from Litva, a petition was prepared and also a protest called "About state violence against the family"was held. More than 1,5 thousand people gathered at the protest. There were families with children, public figures, actors and politicians. As a result  a representative of the Kaunas Police Commissariat, Justina Kazragita, denied the information about the woman’s drunkenness: “When we arrived on a call, the woman was checked for sobriety, she was sober.” The representative of CPS got scared of the fuss over this situation and decided to give the children away to their father. The situation with mother is still unclear. The officials say that the mother will be responsible for disorderly conduct. So let`s hope that the situation will be resolved favorably for this woman. I do not support any physical violence against a child but it is easy to understand this woman - two little kids, a lack of experience, besides, she was very worried. The social workers had to talk with the young mother and give her an advice how to behave with the children but not to take them away and give to strangers. As a result they caused much more stress to kids than their mom. 

This case is another bright proof that the CPS do not care about kids at all but money and only money rule their actions. Join @familyprotection community and let`s fight with greedy authorities altogether.

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great to see so many people came together for this protest

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You are most welcome my friend!IMG_20181217_144921.jpg


May you find peace and tranquility in the mist of havoc and confusion. God bless you and your family and keep you all safe and secure!

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