International Tribunal Exposes Child Sex Trafficking

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We all know about CPS role in keeping the child sex trafficking pipeline full of victims... and they've been more than successful- to the tune of 800,000 children a year. This isn't to say that CPS is responsible for all of them, but their mission to destroy families has been instrumental- particularly when NGO's (who are directly involved) are some of their most stalwart supporters... like the old saying goes: one hand washes the other. "800,000 children a year in the United States go missing, many of them being sexually trafficked through pedophilia networks where the children suffer unimaginable horrors such as Satanic ritual abuse." An international tribunal is now looking into this epidemic. " Such is the scope of the problem that was reported earlier this year (2018) in Westminster, London by The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ), as the court convened over a 3-day period to launch their Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse." 

I've written extensively about what happened to me in childhood at the hands of sado-pedophiles and when I read this paragraph, it chilled my blood...

 This number is comprised of documented cases of children gone missing, and does not include children who are born and bred into pedophilia networks and have no birth certificates, or undocumented immigrant children who come across the borders.  It was the part about being born and bred into networks that caught my eye. I don't really remember much about my parents only bits and pieces, but I've never had a birth certificate... kinda makes one wonder- events do not happen in isolation.

The tribunal was formed because most governments in the world are corrupt- especially when it comes to child sex trafficking. Pizzagate/pedogate made most of us aware of the scope of this problem in America that went back to the Reagan/Bush White House. Europe has the same problems; the UK is a cesspool of pedophilia at the highest levels. There is also the testimony of Dutch banker Ronald Bernard...

 One of the most amazing victim testimonies given at the Judicial Commission was that of former Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard, who suffered through horrible sexual abuse as a child, and then became an abuser himself while working his way up into the elite sections of the global banking industry.

Bernard claims that there are about 8000 to 8500 leaders in the banking industry that control most of the affairs of this world. He was on his way to becoming one of them, until they asked him to sacrifice a live baby.

His testimony, like other survivor testimonies, will disturb you

Those who have been following Pizzagate/Pedogate are aware of the involvement of the elites and government leaders. CPS being a part of government- it only makes sense that they are the tool with which children are removed from loving homes and placed into the pipeline. 800,000 in the US alone... worldwide the numbers must go into the millions. In fact, the child sex trafficking network today is actually facilitated by the rich and powerful, whose influence reaches into the political and judicial branches of society. 

 The ITNJ initiative has arisen as a response to the disregard for the rule of law exhibited by (alleged) public officials, corporate directors, and ‘world leaders’ who have deliberately privatized and weaponized the governments of the world against their own people.

It is the culmination of years of endeavour and research on the part of many people from a diverse set of backgrounds dedicated to safeguarding a viable future for human kind. It is recognized that we the people must take responsibility in holding government to account when it violates basic human rights and natural law.

Today we know conclusively that many of these activities are being facilitated by politically and financially powerful individuals, government, and corporate organizations who perennially avoid being brought to account for their actions due to their affluence and influence. 

" During the opening Plenary Session, Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer, gave perhaps the best summary of the purpose of Tribunal’s Judicial Commission, which has been condensed into a 15 minute video:" 

I'm going to come right out and say that I do not trust Robert David Steele! When I was researching Pizzagate he said in an interview to "leave the Maccoby's alone." The Maccoby's are at the heart of child trafficking from Haiti and Central America. Michael Maccoby was partnered with Erich Fromm doing research on trauma-based mind control in Central America and also, like Steele, has ties to the CIA. Perhaps he's had a change of heart, perhaps not. I do know that the CIA and some of their cutout companies are directly involved in child trafficking and organ harvesting. This is Steele's statement- you be your own judge:

 As a parent and as a patriot I have been outraged for some time by the clear and present danger to society of pedopredation (pedophilia or paedophilia).

I recognize now that child torture, child murder, and child organ harvesting is an ‘accepted’ practice at the highest levels of government, the NGO and multinational corporate sector, as well as throughout academic institutions and civil society.

This scourge persists because it is allowed to exist by the complicit authorities.

As a former spy and pioneer for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) I have worked with INTERPOL, EUROPOL, Scotland Yard, the FBI, and the national intelligence and law enforcement services or their representatives from over 66 countries.

What I have found, without exception, is that they are all staffed by good people trapped in bad systems – systems that are not allowed to properly address this scourge – the multi-generational crime against humanity known as pedophilia.

Pedophilia – a ‘love for children’ – is not an accurate term. There is no love for children manifest in any aspect of child slavery, sexual abuse, torture, murder, or body harvesting.

For this reason the inaugural seating of the Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse, at the behest of ITNJ Commissioner Carine Hutsebaut (a criminologist and psychotherapist) the term ‘Pedopredation,’ has been designated as a more appropriate term, along with the term ‘pedosexual,’ for that considerable sub-set abuses of children outside the Satanic ritual network.

It is vital to note that many organizations that started out with the best of intentions – from the Boy Scouts to the day care centers to United Nations assistance and development groups to Oxfam as the most recent example – appear to have been infiltrated by pedopredators.

By virtue of being in daily contact with the most vulnerable members of society, our children, many of the mandated organizations have, over time, attracted numerous pedopredators to their ranks, and been compromised by their lack of proper vetting processes, as well as also turning a deliberate blind eye to the transgressions of staff.

This need not be so if governments were honest and counterintelligence were to be exercised. It appears to be a matter of policy at the highest levels of global leadership to turn a blind eye to pedopredation and pedosexuality.

It appears that pedopredation – including the attendant torture and murder of infants to produce adrenalized blood via ritual Satanic abuse – is in some cases considered an elite ‘privilege’ whereupon these echelons are permitted to practice such perversity with impunity.There are two additional causes for alarm.

First, there appears to be a deliberate campaign by the elite to infect local, state (province) and national police, prosecutors, and judges – from Australia to Zimbabwe – with a ‘taste’ for pedosexuality.It is used as both an initiation rite into the Deep State and Shadow Government, and as a basis for blackmail.

Worse, we are now seeing two terrible trends: one toward abusing and murdering children before they learn to speak (they cannot bear witness); and the other, perhaps brought back by US forces from Afghanistan, the combination of war dogs and toddlers in a devastating combination of child rape and bestiality – dogs raping children for videos to be sold.

Add to this the growing market in fetuses, the most prized being those delivered on the floor as part of a Satanic ritual, and one has an inkling of the greatest evil on the planet.

Second, it has become clear from our early inquiries with ample documentation, that both the family courts and the insolvency courts are being used to strip children from families to convert the children into a commodity that can be sold for cash, and are also being used to strip assets from wealthy individuals who are not part of the Deep State network.

Governments are complicit in child and asset stripping, which would not occur if registrars, lawyers (barristers), and judges were held accountable. False claims and documents abound, and in their tolerated existence, challenge the legitimacy of the government.

ENOUGH! The purpose of the Commission is to do what has not been done before: to document the actual totality of missing children each year (preliminary estimates yet to be documented are eight million a year, or 22,000 a day); and also to document what happens to these children once they are ingested into the local to global pedopredation network of networks.

The average lifespan of a child once in the pedopredation (pedophilia or paedophilia) system is estimated by some to be two years — those being groomed for ‘leadership’ roles that perpetuate pedosexuality at all levels live much longer. 

I am familiar with Carine Hutsebaut who is a dedicated fighter against pedophilia. The purpose of the ITNJ is to educate, not prosecute criminals. When the public outcry becomes loud enough the judicial system will have to address this growing problem. One may reasonably ask, where is the mainstream media- why aren't they reporting any of this? Why is the obvious child sex trafficking camp discovered in Tucson by Veterans on Patrol still being covered up by the media and the highest levels of government? The answer, as many researchers know, is because the MSM is controlled by the CIA via Project Mockingbird.

 Jay Parker grew up in a multi-generational family involved in the Illuminati secret society, dating back to the 1700s. As a child he was a victim of Satanic ritual abuse. His mother taught him that 12% of America is generational satanic:

 When my mother in 63 told me that 12% of America is generational satanic, I really found it hard to believe.

We went to regular church, and then of course in the afternoon we went to Church of the Marquee of Hell.

But when you have a society where 800,000 children are disappearing a year, like here in America, and its not even in the media, its not discussed at all except among people who are researching the child trafficking and the horrific abuse that’s going on from these dark occult….. Can I say that we are in an insane position here?

I mean, this is insanity. 17 and a half million people dying of cancer because the cure is banned by the corruption of the pharmaceutical companies controlling the governments.

This is genocide, and yet we’re putting up with it. 

This is genocide. Why is it, do you think, that none of these children are ever heard from again (except for a tiny minority)? Why isn't the government doing anything to help? Why, given the outright corruption and incompetence of CPS, are they still kidnapping children yet the MSM remains mum? We are up against a vast network: "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (Eph 6:12) The ITNJ is just the beginning, it's up to all of us to become involved. If we allow CPS to keep destroying families the problem will never end. Strong families are the antidote to this madness and everyone that doesn't become involved in the fight is helping the traffickers. As Edmund Burke so eloquently put it: "The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

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Thank you for your continuing coverage of this predatory scheme using these children. I knew there was bad shit going on, but wanted so badly to think you were full of shit when I first read your articles on this when i first joined Steemit. After witnessing the persecution of VOP, and then researching more as I read your posts, posts by familyprotection etc, it troubles my heart how much information is all around us on this, hidden in plain sight so to speak. All one has to do is care enough to look.

I hope that this hearing isn't just a charade to make the masses think something is being done as they continue on business as usual laughing at how gullible people WANT to be.


Thank you my friend... I came across this tweet and have been in touch with the guy hoping that he will forward the info to me.



I don't have a Twitter account. I tried to open one, but they claimed 5 minutes into setting my profile my activity was suspicious and demanded my phone number. No thanks, lol.

However, I follow VOP on Twitter, and by extension one of their followers, Fiona Barnett. She was used in the MKultra sex slave project as a child like Cathy O'Brien. She has taken an interest in VOP and has helped them uncover a lot, especially on Sawyer. Such as this post she made on Twitter.

If you don't hear back from the person whose tweet you shared, try reaching out to her. I think she is in contact with him.


I'm friends with Fiona on Twitter, we've spoken on there several times.

Steele has some good ideas - some. At the same time, he is CIA. Once CIA, always CIA.
Anyone creating an organization with the claim of International in its name is catering to a globalist-ruled, one world neo-feudalism imhv.

How about The People vs. Pedophiles. Not international, BS rule.
How about The People vs Macron, Merkel, Juncker, Clinton, Rothschild, etc)

Europol, Interpol, the UN, the EU, all are unlawful usurped powers that MUST NOT BE recognized, obeyed or funded. While there may be people with good intentions working in any of these groups, they are merely UIs (useful idiots) to the Powers that SHOULD NOT be.

Hosea 4:6 (KJV 1900)
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
Because thou hast rejected knowledge,
I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:
Seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God,
I will also forget thy children.


Beautifully put! I didn't want this to get too long, but I've written 4-5 posts about the CIA, their cutouts like DynCorp, The Maccoby's and trauma based mind control, child trafficking, organ harvesting (DynCorp's specialty). This is all part of a HUGE network and I don't trust Steele because of his ties to the Maccoby's who are at the heart of Pizzagate!


The deeper one goes down the rabbit hole, the more ones' stomach turns - in my case anyway.

That HUGE network, for all of you who don't believe in a massive conspiracy because it is so HUGE, we cannot fight the evil that manifests with its darkness under the cover of night, without considering the spiritual (centralized) roots of origin, see: Gen 6:1-4, the same way we cannot fight to eradicate the causes of cancers with chemo-"therapy".

I did not know this. I have always considered Robert David Steele as a good guy. You have opened my eyes. Thanks @richq11


He supports people with some really dark secrets... Thanks my friend!

I too share your reticence regarding Steele. That being said, his rhetoric here is at least true, although a little truth can hide many lies.

Astroturf, gaslighting, false flags... it is difficult to peer beyond the veil of lies to demonstrable facts. I note his comment regarding scouts, and also that the boy scouts were founded by a known pedopredator. Nonetheless, I was not ever troubled by such predation when I was a scout, and know that good people yet staff institutions crafted for nefarious purposes.

The reverse is also true.

For this reason, I eschew institutions to the degree possible, particularly courts and tribunals. I have no confidence that I am competent to sort good from evil, and can rely only on such facts as become apparent to me. When I see a failure of adherence to sound principle, such as that torturing people is bad, and then see a party like Steele working to conceal the crimes of torturers like the Maccoby's, I can no longer attribute even the slightest confidence or trust to such.

Steele's presence on the tribunal troubles me, as heretofore I was unaware of his involvement, and had heard only good things from them.

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice...can't be fooled again.--George W. Bush

Once is enough, and Steele has too wily a character to trust.

I expect the tribunal will use limited hangouts, as is traditional in astroturfing, and ensure no predators are executed, nor effect any changes in the brownstone operations that rely on pedopredation to ensure our politicians remain pliable and obedient. Sadly, the grim reality will be a little bit glimpsed, as they shall have to offer some fruits to lure the gullible into their fold where they can be prevented from executing actual effective remedies.



I'm afraid you're right!

I have a 2 rules of thumb when it comes to institutions: 1) ALL institutions become self-serving out of necessity- the primary purpose for which the institution was created becomes supplanted by the need to survive. 2) ALL institutions, movements, etc. are inevitably taken over by their worst element- people driven by self-interest (myopic selfishness).

This is the only part I don't like about your article.

"This number is comprised of documented cases of children gone missing, and does not include children who are born and bred into pedophilia networks and have no birth certificates, or undocumented immigrant children who come across the borders."

You see the whole idea behind documenting people is to create a free rang of human beings. To create that free range they need these kinds of organizations to make it appear necessary. If you think about it they know about the undocumented. Hmm!

In my opinion the only solution is to create a continual dead or alive bounty for these creeps.


Having been one of the "born without a birth certificate" myself I don't understand how that creates a free range, unless you mean it in the sense of officially not existing. You do however make a good point about how they guess the number. I'm fairly certain the 800,000 only pertains to documented cases.


Most people I have talked to say the same.

"I don't understand how that creates a free range"

One must comprehend that a Birth Certificate is a claim in exactly the same way a bill of lading is. A bill of lading is a record for insurance purposes. See Uniform Commercial Code. In a very real way a Birth Certificate is insurance proof of a commodity. Slaves in such economic systems are counted as commodities. Until people comprehend that those who work for the system are in fact the slave trade, we will continue with these problems.

P.S such knowledge explains the very palpably seen fear coming from the system. I don't see the masses as forgiving and forgetting and I expect they meaning the benefactor's of this system, see the masses as forgiving either.


I get you now... the Maritime Law thing. Ok I missed it the way you had it worded. Something I never had to deal with.

Howdy sir richq11! Thanks so much for your tireless research and for keeping us informed!


Thank you my friend... I'm taking a little time off while the prices are down. I went at it pretty hard for 2 years and I ain't as young as I once was!


Haha! Yes sir richq11 I understand and no one deserves a break more than you do. I suppose this place quiets down some during the Christmas season anyway, just my guess. Anyway, enjoy the time off!

"...children who are born and bred into pedophilia networks and have no birth certificates..." NO KIDDING! (shiver, shudder) This is terrifying. Can this world get any darker?

These Videos need to go viral!!!!! Powerful. So informative. Real info. This is one brave and strong dude!

Another well researched and presented post my friend. Awesome job!!


Thanks... I never got a birth certificate either- makes me wonder???


Yeah, I saw that in your post and in your life story. It does make one wonder. Why was our Mom crying all the time? Was she trafficked to your Dad? Was that why she just sat there inside all the time? TONS of questions about your parents regardless of recent info.


Those are some questions I'd really love to have answers to!

wow, this makes me sick and cry...