It is time when parents are afraid of everything... Even of financial help from the state because it can be just one more CPS trap.

The latest news in Russia was rather pleasant. The President in his last official speech has said about many new variants of financial help to families with kids.
Early parents got the definite sum of money after the birth of a kid and then till he is 1,5 years old. Now the head of the country has claimed that even till the kid is 7 years old parents will get money (much more than it was before).


Is it good news? For sure!
I was glad too. At first. My son is 4 now, so during next 3 years I can get state support (about 100$ per month). Not much but still! We had nothing for the last 3 years.

I was happy!
The first emotion and impression.
Then my head and brains started making an analysis..

This help is not for all families. Only for those whose income per month for 1 person is less than the defnite sum that is set as an official minimum for life.

Many people earn money working as freelancers (like we do),so their official income is 0.
Yes, it is enough to get this help from the state but...

Isn't it a reason to pay attention at our family?

Isn't it a reason for CPS to wake up and knock at our door?? And at the door of hundreds other famlies?

Both parents have low income, or they do not have it at all if they have non-official way of earning money.
They pretend for having state help so they need this very help, so the family does not have good conditions for life of their kid!

That's it! CPS will immediately put you into their check list!

We are already outsiders of their system: an unvaccinated kid with unschooling way of education. It is enough to keep an eye on us, so I try to be as much invisible for them as I can.

If I ask for this help, I will not be invisible any more.
So no statw help for me.

No possibility to be protected and supported if you are out of this system...

And protection and support are only illusions now.

CPS traps are always open.

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We are already outsiders of their system

so I try to be as much invisible for them as I can

do stay out of their damned 'system'