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Do you think doctors must treat, and teacher must teach?

Yes, for sure they must, but, in fact, education and medicine have just become CPS "servants".

In Russia "juvenile justice"is becoming more and more agressive. People say it's getting its development according to the western "script", and soon local CPS will "a mirror" of the world's evil...

Parents are in panic from year to year more.
2018 is a year of crazy juvenile dynamic: new laws and bills appear almost every month!

The last one has shocked me greatly.

Teachers will come to the homes of schoolchildren for checking th amount and quality of food, beds, game area, a plce for study, parents' salaries and the psychological situation in the family!

Pregnant women, newborns and kids from kindergartens are under observation as well.
Doctors and tutors will visit them.
This innovation is based on a decision of the Commission on Minors' Affairs that has been approved on August 15, 2018.

The frequency of visits depends on the age of the child: curators will come to the children under the age of 10 years every two weeks, elder kids will meet them once a month.

Every 2 weeks and once a month!

Evaluation of the family and living conditions will bedone using questionnaires on several criteria in the point system.

Here are these criteria:

Adopted and foster children - 10 points

So now it's a reason to chase and check a family like it's something terrible or criminal?!

Critical period of life - 51 points

Parents' divorce, a sickness of a relative, a suicide among relatives, a death in family and....relocation!

But it's life! Somebody can be sick, somebody among relatives can die, nobody is immortal, and people can change place of living - but is it a reason to be in the CPS "black list"?

A pregnancy of a minor, or a minor is a mother herself - 30 points

Conflicts between parents - 20 points

to get into the minimum risk group, it is enough to score from 30 to 50 points,
from 51 to 75 the average level is estimated,
from 76 - high.

And the conditions for life will be evaluated as well using marks "Excellent", "Good", "Satisfactorily" and "Bad"

A sleeping place
Clothes for different seasons
A studying place
Good food

The rules are logical and right, but who and how will decide whether they are Good or already Bad?
What criteria will be used?
What about a human facor and subjectivism?

So, in a short word, teachers, doctors and tutors will investigate the whole flat like real cops!
Miss Marple and Holmes can have a vaccation.

All the information they will get will be transferred to the CPS.
So education and medicine are just agents and assistants of the CPS.

After this news became loud, the society expressed complete indignation and disagreement.

Soon the Commissioner for the Rights of Children gave her comment:

"The school is a method of prevention, therefore its work on revealing of children's trouble is legitimate and justified".

All peeople are used to think that schools are educational organisations.

The truth has become loud.
Teacher must be spies, cops, investigators and chasers, but do they have enough time to teach?!
Doctors - the same.

I've got one more shock when I have been discussing this news with my neigbour.
She is a mother of a son, 6 years old, and she is a teacher at school.
So, in fact, she is in 2 sides of this process: she is a parent, and she is a "spy".
And how surprised I was when she started to rebel not against these impudent intrusions into the house, but against new duties in her teacher's work!
So some people even don't realize what is going on, for what and why...

I worry about this news very much, and the only hope is for the Constitution that MUST protect inviolability of private life and private property - this is the argument parents can appeal to if CPS "spies" knock at their doors.
And I really hope it will help, otherwise....

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This is so very bad.... The people must stand up against this before it goes too far!

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А вдуг вы не хотите воспитывать ребенка как все, что бы он был обычным, послушным, чтобы им было легко управлять. Я в шоке с таких законов... Искренье Вам сочувствую.