Introducing my self and my family....

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Hello everyone,My name is Shuvo Rahman and I'm from Bangladesh and I live in Dhaka with my family.I'm new in steemit.I'm only in 14 years old.I read in class 6,the name of our school is BCSIR HIGH SCHOOL.I love my school very much.We are only 4 members in our family including me.

About my father

My father's name is Mahbubur Rahman.He is a director of IUB,full name is Independent University,Bangladesh.He is only in 54 years old.Sometimes my father helps me in my study,specially English,Science and math.He is about to retried from IUB.Because he don't want to work anymore.I love my father so much and he do too!

About my mother

My mother's name is Shamina Nasreen.He is house wife.She is about 42-43 years old.She works hard and take care us.Sometimes my mother help me in study,specially science,social science,Bangla and religion.Sometimes she helps me in math and english .She always cook delicious foods like beef curry,fried hilsha or hilsha curry etc.It tastes really great!.I love my mother's recipe.I love my mother very much and she do too!

About my brother

My brother's name is Shourav Rahman.He is a student of IUB.He is now about BBA 3rd year.He is in 22 years old.He's also a good student.Sometimes he helps me in my study too.Specially Math and English.I love my brother so much and he do too!

Everyone loves his own family and members.I love my family too!

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