The Steem FIFA World Cup Fantasy League

2년 전

Hey everyone!

With the World Cup coming up soon I thought it would be fun to have another STEEM Fantasy League for it! I noticed that Fifa are having their own Fantasy League sponsored by McDonald's with some amazing prizes!

Go here to register

Round 1 starts soon so make sure to register your account and create your team as soon as possible! Once you have registered an account you will be sent over to this page!

Similar to the Premier League, you have a certain starting budget and you need to fill your team up with 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. You can select up to 3 players from the same team but this will change after the group stages allowing you to have more players from the same team as teams will be eliminated.

For more information about the rules and how to play, visit this page

After you have created your team you can join the Steem League!

Important, when joining the Steem League make sure to type in your username in this post to qualify for Steem rewards!

Link to league or copy League code: 8NSPI9QC

Remember to comment with your Fantasy team's username in this post to be eligible for rewards.


This league is being sponsored by @blocktrades! Make sure to check out his exchange and vote for him as witness if you like what he does for Steem!

Top 10 players will receive all the SBD earned by the posts leading up to the final game!

Shared this way:

1st place receives 40% of the prize pool
2nd place receives 15%
3rd place receives 10%
4th place receives 8%
5th place receives 7%
6th place receives 6%
7th place receives 5%
8th place receives 4%
9th place receives 3%
10th place receives 2%

Posts will be made every other day after games and changes in the league standings. The content will consist of information about the games and how the players are doing in the league!

The league is waiting! Join now!

There are also apps for the Fifa fantasy league which you can use after you have registered an account. Use this link for IOS and this link for Android

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Hi @acidyo and everyone, Sports Betting Community (SBC) is also doing “SBC Fantasy League” for world cup. Although its similar, I believe the more, the merrier.
And sorry about mentioning it. Prize money is not big but it is more about fun. Please check the following post to join the league.McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy | Join SBC Fantasy League to Win upto 13SBD. Thank you.
And everyone is welcome to join.
Don't forget to comment your fantasy team name in the main post so that I can track you, and reward you.

Signed up and made my team.... See you at the top ^^^ Username is btcvenom!


Important, when joining the Steem League make sure to type in your username in this post to qualify for Steem rewards!


I signed up @acidyo
My username Dedyiannone

I just registered now



Awesome, after you have created your team you can join the league through the link and/or code. Remember to notify me here about your username there once you've done that!


it's Josediccus my username

Oh yes!

More World Cup contests :D

Cheers @acidyo, @blocktrades and mcdonalds!

I joined a few days ago, so I did join in plenty of time. I wasn't aware I was also supposed to leave a comment though. I've only just came across this earlier post.

My team name is: FC @seanreilly, and my username is: seanreilly-

They both include my steemit username, so it never crossed my mind to comment! Am I still eligible?

All the best!

Joined the league, Bonne Chance :))
Team name: H0RR0R

Thank you soo much @acidyo @blocktrades

I'm entered! Team = OracleFrequency

i just registered now


i see you will be cheering for Brazil:) good team!

  ·  2년 전

HI, I'm GROF! And my username for The Steem FIFA World Cup Fantasy League is Grof019, and my (winning) team is YUGOSLAVIA!

I'm also inviting you all to join my own humble World Cup contest! :-)


This looks fun!

I am reading the rules and they are extensive! Still I am gonna participate on this for sure!

Wow, great, I already joined - my team is "Stern des Sudens". Am I eligible for rewards? Good luck everybody, can't wait for the first match!


You are in! :)

@acidyo yes FIFA World Cup Fantasy League.
I have created my fantasy team.
I have joined the SBC league using league code.


It should be possible to join more leagues than just one I believe. Let me know when you've joined this one!

Sure gonna try this out. I missed out of tye premier league and so not gonna miss out on this too.

@belemo get in here, we ain't missing out on this like we did with the fantasy premier league season.




Thanks for hosting this one...I hope to be among the top 10...hopefully. Lol


Samirich's15 is my username
Team name is Salford Internationals


Haha. Better late than never. Username is team_bee

Great information @acidyo, i had actually seen this but because am not a football person i didn't know how to organize my team with defenders and all of that.

But i participated in the blocktrade selection picks

I already joined and created a team, it's called Rekt United :D
For real though :P

Have a good day!


How about we create a league for steemstem writers?


Oh you know I'm all in for that! But it would be unfair for most steemians as I am an actual nerd. :P

hi @acidyo I've joined the league.
username: skycer
team: los papaupa

Joined steem fantasy league

My best team world cup russia 2018

Predict my dream team world cup russia

just got my own team. Screenshot_2018-06-14-08-55-40.png
team name is kaycee15

Awww..what a chance to win luxury car :D

I didn’t know you did these. Now I’m excited :D I remember when you played games and had curation

My fantasy team username is sistemyo



good team, strong defence!:)


That's a whole lot of cash in your back 5...attack looks good too.


Yea lets see if my defence tactic would work. Lets start that way first #smiles


All the best man... I hope to finish above you though lol

Yeah you are absolutely right everybody is looking forward the Fifa 2018..
Goodluck to everyone who have participated fantacy league...

I am in, let's rock!
Fullcover's 11, with the max number of Belgians could win this. Our confidence never has been bigger after wiping out Costa Rica! :) I know it was only a friendly but still!
Who I am kidding but we are there are we do have a chance!



im from venezuela, you have all to win this Fifa world Cup


Beligium has a great team, surely there is a chance!


We so have great players but I doubt it that we do have a great team. Also th coach is lacking some qualities! But we are there so we do have a shot!

Just joined, I am dedicatedguy just like here on steem

It's amazing! I wanna registered in here.
This league is being sponsored by @blocktrades! Make sure to check out his exchange and vote for him as witness if you like what he does for Steem!

Top 10 players will receive all the SBD earned by the posts leading up to the final game!

Shared this way:

1st place receives 40% of the prize pool
2nd place receives 15%
3rd place receives 10%
4th place receives 8%
5th place receives 7%
6th place receives 6%
7th place receives 5%
8th place receives 4%
9th place receives 3%
10th place receives 2%

Let's go! So looking forward to the World Cup!

My username for this is the same as my Steem username - amosbastian. Football is coming home!

Ready @acidyo, already participating. My team name is "NamelessTeam"



very strong team!


Hello @acidyo, my team's name is Doctorchungs.

Definitely going to sign up... It will be fun..

  ·  2년 전

Yeahh, thank you @acidyo, its awesome xD

Re-post my registration

Username : Tvayen
Team: Sharil


I just finished putting up my team, I have also joined the league. Username is nzikak and team name is SuperStrikers fc. Let's go there!!

Registered team - Aeolusia

Good luck everyone.

Username: DiogoAZ08
Team name: @diogosantos WIN

Wish you all good luck, I really enjoy fantasy competitions, and the world cup is always a bit more exciting, especially now, competing for STEEM prizes :D


good luck! It is a great way to make the world cup even more interesting:)


Indeed!! It is so fun to see your player score a goal, or sometimes playing so bad that you only want the game to end :D
Every year I make my fantasy team for the portuguese league and champions league... So, world cup will be even more interesting.

Great idea! just joined!

  ·  2년 전

Signed up
Made my team
And joined the steem league
Fantasy Team username =kay1

Registered, thank you @acidyo. My team name is "Nepal"

Hola @acidyo,
participando en el Fantasy del Mundial con el equipo "fake-team".

Bien voy a armar mi equipo

hey this is great !!
my team name is = Dippa
thanks for this great contest <3

User: Aurielae
Ready for the FIFA World Cup ^^ !


Wow, that is some attack!;)

@acidyo Here is my team : Screenshot_2018-06-12-08-15-30-40.png

Team name: LM10CR7
Username: sifatsarker


wow, strong attack:)


I am not being able to log in since on my fifa account :( doese anybody else also face this problem? other friends of mine also have same problem.

Already have my team, my username is GusvzlaSTM.

My team is Cool_Moves. Thanks

Joined the league, cheers and good luck all
Team name: Lawlees United


You are in!
Thanks for participating!

team name: ASIS


its awesome

Already signed up. My team name is PIRATES

My team username is GetRekt.


Hi Acid. Good thinking. This is harder than predicting the games. Need to think about this one.

I go for the cup and the glory

Joined man, great you organize another event ;)
Just joined under the name: steem_taug, team name: TheAustrianGuysSquad

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-13 um 16.59.36.png


Awesome contest lets see who gonna win hahaha

Let me hurry and create my team also.... Will also be cheering all the Africans team including my country Nigeria at the world cup

I'm in. Username: solcross

  ·  2년 전

I just joined the Fantasy League sir @acidyo here's my team name:




Nicely balanced team, and a strong bench. Good luck!

Im In!


Team Name: JMehta

Hilarious back bench but look at my top 11.


I'm ready!

Team name: Ashers Aces Abh12345

My username in the fantasy is Omstavan and the team name is "Omstavan Man Utd"! Looking forward to the competition!

Wow Signed up with the Team name IJELE

Richgangs is my fifa fantasy name @acidyo.

Joromi's is my fifa fantasy league and have join the league @acidyo

Joined, username: out1stround

I've joined the league. 👍

Username: benadapt

Team name:

Have joines the league @acidyo and my name is Ajcardib on fifa fantasy

My username is Golddeejay. Team is Ayodeji FC

I have joined.

Name of team: Jeg Er Med


Team Name : Rachi FC

Allwork is my fifa fantasy name, i have register for the league

Joined the game, my team is Raisul FC ;)

Codine nation is ny fifa world cup fantasy name . have join the league

  ·  2년 전

Great! I just signed-up
Here is my username: nonz F.C
Thanks guys @acidyo @blocktrades

Have joined the league @acidyo, deadman is my name for the fifa world cup fantasy

  ·  2년 전

Needless to say, I've joined. So many steem games around the WC make it even more exciting! Ty.

Edit: my username is "DasSco", btw.

Check, I already join the league
username: giovaabbati


Look at my bench! Look at my BENCH! Lol! You only live once after all.
Username- SteemDenis
Thanks @acidyo for the fantasy league.


Haha, nice bench:)

Signed up, created team, and joined Steem league. Name is jrvacation

Check this out I just registered

How can we increase ranking on steemit.

Expert opinion please.


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by not posting such comments!

Wow it seem the knowledge of the world cup would earn people a few more SBD, I think a fantasy STEEM would be amazing, it will up the excitement on a virtual level, this is amazing

Congratulations @acidyo!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 2 with 1124 upvotes
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I registered.
My team name is Super Shizuoka.


  ·  2년 전

Nice, I'm here for the Big Game. let the game Begins

I joined too,

Team name: Rhodes Knights

Done !
Team name : konyool
Thank you soo much @acidyo @blocktrades

I'm in! Team = No se :)

Hey @acidyo
im back from work and start created my Team and Joined the Team Already! :)

League: Steemit
Teamname: The Untouchables
FantasyName: RivalzZz

Cheers Bro ;-) wish all a great Game !

I join
My Name :Fajri.a
My Team :Asamtho fc

I just joined the league. My fantasy username is zoneboy


HI, I am @sanne! And my username for The Steem FIFA World Cup Fantasy League: sanneTeam, and my team: FC Sanne

Thanks @acidyo

my team name is Sharil

Team name: Metalheadz


User name: Borran87

user name traderkirk1 team name BILF Life

Lacazette is my name for the fifa fantasy league

Millerava is my fantasy fifa name, have joined the league

Hi @acidyo i just registered with the username as @tallestdop and @teamdop as team name.
I'm really looking forward to this!

my participation in the Steem World Cup @yunisnbr


my username yun_bello

My username is skepticology and my team is tattooedmillionaires. This looks like way too much fun thanks for the opportunity!

Time is coming!!!! Good Luck All
My Username : Geudong
My Team Name : Blang Peuria FC

Thanks @acidyo have joined my team name is Elplaga.

Fantasy team's username faroel

ready joint league

Team name = frostie-lebron

Just joined.

Team name: peepey athletic

Minders is my fifa fantasy name @acidyo

Joined League
Team Name BULLS XI

Glad to join the league guys. May the luckyest man win :P
Joined with username: Tszunami

Username : agussalim212
My team name : Lawak team

Thanks, I'm in as SteemManU18

Sofiab is my fifa fantasy league name

User name : priawan88
Team name : maop hitam

registered, username; kdtemp

Great opportunity here again. Thanks @acidyo and @blocktrades.

My fantasy details are:
Username: Temitayo996
Team name: Temitayo-pelumi

I Register! My team is: appleteam
username fifa: namayd96

What lovely one.. I just joined the league.. Pharouk FC..... Round 1 here we come!!!!

Posted using Partiko Android

I joined the league. My username is team_bee. You can't tell but I'm rooting for Nigeria, haha

I´m in Guys!
This is my team

I hope can win this! good lock everyone

The rules say the following about manager substitutions within a round:
Players who are substituted out will score 0 points. The captain bonus will be lost from your original captain if a new captain is selected. Substitutions and captain changes can't be cancelled once confirmed.

Does this mean that if I have a player that played and scored 0 points I should always substitute this player?

Joined the league
Team Name: Av3ng3rs

okies just picked my team - team name: Travelgirl Steemit (can't miss it lol)

Just signed up and made my team...SinoChip

my team : FC Venezuela :)

Username : Atailah
team name : Tanah Rencong FC

Joined the league.
Team name: Kinakomochis

I'm registered as econom1st.

What will be done with the last 10% of the prize pool?


What last 10%? Should add up to 100% SBD.


Oops you're right!
I'm so sorry for this dumb mistake.

Did I also miss out on how much blocktrades is sponsoring?


He is sponsoring by voting up the posts of the fantasy league.


He is sponsoring
By voting up the posts of
The fantasy league.

                 - acidyo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


That makes sense. Now I really hope to end up in the top10.

We're in: Stewill77 United

Just joined!

User: enormeanimal
Team: elteamgordo

Team = KDM Squad
GL everyone! 1 month of quality football. Lets go!

team = vampirebitx
thanks @acidyo!!!

I'm in @acidyo

Username - Mcshuta
Team name - Shuta

username: mini-tiger
team: miniature tigers
136 members in the Steem league and counting!

HI @acidyo, i have joined!
My Account : PutraPasee
My Team Name: Pasee United