Nr 1 - Tszunami 3000$ FPL League (Sponsored)

3년 전


Hi guys, i am a big fan of soccer since i was a little kid, i watch most of the soccer tournaments through out the year and i also participate in various fantasy league competitions. I also started a fantasy champions league torunament on steemit, but i did't have time to manage it and i end up donating what was raised to @acydio to add it to the steem fantasy football total prizes (you can verify that of course).
So, this year, i decided to sponsor a FPL torunament that will have 3000$ in total prizes (will be paid in BTC or Ether at the end of the season).
In adition to this, half SBD revenue gathered from the upvotes of Tszunami FPL league will be added to the prize pool.
Here are the prizes!

1 - 700$ + 25% SBD
2 - 450$ + 15% SBD
3 - 350$ + 10% SBD
4 - 250$ + 7,5% SBD
5 - 175$ + 7,5% SBD
6 - 150$ + 5% SBD
7 - 100$ + 5% SBD
8 - 75$ + 5% SBD
9 - 50$ + 5% SBD
10 - 50$ + 5% SBD
11 - 50$ + 5%SBD
12 - 50$ + 5% SBD
13 - 50$
14 - 50$
15 - 50$
16 - 50$
17 - 50$
18 - 50$
19 - 50$
20 - 50$
21 - 25$
22 - 25$
23 - 25$
24 - 25$
25 - 25$
26 - 25$
27 - 25$
28 - 25$

Note, the League will be valid only if 50 PLAYERS join.
Rules for participating:

  1. ReSteem every Tszunami FPL post (the posts will have a number attached)
  2. Upvote every Tszunami FPL post
  3. Have fun!

All the account will be checked manually to evoid fraud attempt.
I will create a public spreadsheet to keep track of every players progress. (if you see this message it means the spreadsheet is under development).

Deadline will be until the start of the second gameweek.

This post could require editing (adding rules and such).

League ID : 2988563-816788

Also, check this post if you are interested in more fantasy leagues that have prizes included:

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Hello @tszunami..
My team Nurul City.
My name manager Nurul Fazillah

Hey @tszunami,,I have participated in your fantasy league with the name Payakambuek and the manager name Alpayasteem FC ...
Good luck.😊

  ·  3년 전

entered the league, team name; ufaz fc

Team: Tchalla and friends
Manager: Ukeme Uduak

Im in.
My team : anakmama
Manager: aceh timur

I joined
Team: apscry
Manager: aps cry

  ·  3년 전

I'm in
My team name: sanu
Manager: sanusi sanu

Have joined! My team name is Kinderjurgen Klopp

I'm in.

Im in. My team:HOKAGATA UNITED. Manager: ninety nine

Joined, my team name is Ehizzy fc

  ·  3년 전

Im in
Team: leumang fc
Manager : zac er

  ·  3년 전

Entered the League,

  ·  3년 전

Team: The Syndicate
Manager: Fego Edafe

I'm here to enliven this league , hopefully more crowded. 😁
Team: Asamtho FC
Manager: Fajri A

Just joined, hope its not too late:)


It's not possible to resteem the post anymore. Still ok to join?

Hello sir.
My team name: mailiza_united
Manager: Putri Mailiza

I’m in...

Suqya United is my named Manager in Fantasy Priemer League..