seeding rice seeds

2개월 전



because I want to do rice planting in mid-April, today I am seeding rice seeds. this is the method that is always used by all the farmers where I live. Actually, currently all the people in the area I live in, have not dealt with rice fields. because where I live, rice planting is done once a year. here the planting expects in the rainy season.

but different from me. Even though it has not yet entered the rainy season, I have seen that in the past 2 weeks it has been raining all the time. I'm sure the rain will continue to fall. because it was always raining, I ventured to plant rice. I plan to buy a net when the grain has risen. The reason is to avoid sparrows eating rice.

To do the seeding, I took the mud that was in a large ditch. After collecting the mud, I poured it and spread it on top of the long plastic that I had provided. flatten the mud a little thicker. a good thickness in my opinion about 3cm.






then after the mud is leveled, I wait about 10 minutes so that there is no water sediment under it. this is to avoid the occurrence of fungus. After 10 minutes had passed, I sprinkled the rice seeds on the mud evenly. Then after sowing the rice seeds, cover with a long plastic. and cover again with grass on top or leaves such as banana leaves. I do this so that the rice seeds are not directly exposed to the sun.


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