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Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?-Exodus 15

photo view of the land

Few weeks ago @farms set out a task to get a land for the primary aim of practicing agriculture, plans were set out to achieve this goal, we @farms made our research and finding on what part of agriculture we should venture into for the early stage and we came out with an awesome idea of rearing poultry birds which will be sold for the xmas festival and income generated from this sale would be used to support the #SCFES project (steemchurch farm empowerment scheme).

Payment Completed For The Rented Land

It gives us great joy to announce to all steemians and parishioners of the #steemchurch that our goal of setting up a farm land has been achieved, as our beloved @farms is now an owner of an 100*100 plot of land which is located at: 14th Street, BDPA, ugbowo, Benin City, Edo State.

IMG-20180723-WA0004.jpgphoto of payment receipt

We @farms has been able to complete transaction for the plot of land, which was achieved on Saturday 28-07-2018 when @farms team lead by @abiye payed a visit to the land owner and signed an agreement for a 1 year rented fee of 42steem (#20,000).

Legal documents where handled over to @abiye as prove of ownership.

Double package

The rented land comes with a double package which includes;

  1. An empty farm land
  2. An empty old apartment (although its in bad shape)

Also we @farms are pleased to say that we have hit the jackpot, the empty land would be used for the poultry and the remaining piece of land would be used to plant maize since we are in the raining season.

Also the old apartment would be used to store our equipment and other @farms product.

Update on the poultry birds

The poultry birds are set to arrive on friday this week and agricultural activities would begin immediately. For now, we @farms are maintaining the old building structure and putting it to good use.

Further update about the birds would be passed cross later on this blog.


Eradicate poverty and feed the world through steem, one small farm at a time.


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Another terrific initiative by the FARMS team. Well done guys. Us mice look forward to seeing the clearing of the land and the establishment of the new poultry farm. If all goes well and the price of Steem rises, you will be able to buy a new block to move the farm to in 12 months.


We @farms are glad for the support and encouragement we get from our two little mice and strong believe steem would skyrocket sooner

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It's totally amazing how you guys @farms put in much effort in this great activities. A good leader leads. Amd thats exactly what I'm seeing. Thumbs up 🖒.
Wish you sucess @farms🖒


Waaaw this is amazing, congratulations to @farm and the manager @abiye for such a wonderful project.

Wow... This is goodnews. Congratulations @farms
More blessings to come. You all are amazing. God bless @steemchurch @farms

This development is a positive and great one. Indeed @farms is expanding.

Wow, good work @farms. STEEM will feed the world, one small farm at a time

This is really great news....
I really wish I had a farm too 😔

What a good work, thank you for sharing it with everyone.
sure it will be a very productive farm.

Thank God, we all must contribute a bit to eradicate so much poverty and hunger in the world great work @farms congratulations

Excellent work, CONGRATULATIONS! Little by little, we have achieved goals, farms, anger growing, much more Blessings.