@FARMS And You (Presentation to steemit community)

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Video credit to @theonlyway

We @farms are still pin point with our primary aim of eradicating poverty and hurnger from the world and we have sworn never to stop or give up until we have achieve this goal, plans have been set out to achieve our primary goal which include SteemChurch Farm empowerment scheme (#scfes) and a new project we are currently working on, #taged: One steem per day for the less privileged


But our hands are currently tied due to low funds on @farms wallet to support the kick start of this project, but even with this discouraging situation we @farms, so far so good we have been able to empower only one steemain (@druids) and support his poultry dreams with $100sbd for rearing chicken with the aim of eggs production


we @farms are non government organizations but we have kept the people wefare at heart, funds generated from this blog are mainly used to support the above stated project.... @farms is a sub community of #steemchurch, we are bearly a year old, but we have been able to achieve a lot at this short period of time, we believe that steem would feed the world, one small farm at a time.

It is your duty to support @farms dreams and goals of eradicating poverty by simply resteeming, upvoting @farms post, and also by talking with whale to delegates steempower to @farms to ensure the kickoff of the above PROJECT... If we want a better world we have to create a change first within us...... If @farms grow we all grow together.

@FARMSSetting Up A Poultry Farm Update


@farms team lead by @abiye would be visiting the rented farm site today to confirm payment for the 1year rented land that would serve for the rearing of poultry birds for the xmas sales...... which in return, funds gathered would be used to support #scfes

Read more:

Detailed information about the event process would be passed out later on this blog.

@Farms Daily Theme Week

New Doc 2018-07-28_1.jpg

For this week theme starting on the ; (30|07|2018) as suggested by @theonlyway, which we find interesting and has honored his request.... below is the new theme week.

▪Monday-fruits (30|07|2018) start
▪Wednesday-farm animals
▪Thursday- vegetables
▪Friday- Technology & cultivation techniques
▪Saturday- Technology & techniques for raising farm animals.
▪Sunday- feeding with steem

Steem will feed the world, one small farm at a time


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What a quality video by @theonlyway showcased the essence of farm so well, lack of fund will really deter the magnanimity of the farm projects, it will really make so much if farm can can approach some willing organised projects like @sndbox and @curie I'm sure it's selfless projects can be given a consideration, if a proposal is written.

In my prayers is this beautiful project of a small farm at the same time, your vision is a great blessing for the less fortunate, I hope to participate actively in the theme of the week, the internet sometimes does not help but with the favor of God, we will achieve ... @abiye God will continue blessing you and giving you the wisdom to reach the goals of @farms. even my vote is worth nothing, but you will still have my vote and resteem.

Farms is undoubtedly one of the best communities on the STEEM Platform. Surely, farms will eradicate poverty globally. A journey of thousands miles begins with a step. We will surely get there.

I really commend the efforts of @farms and the teams for their tireless efforts to keep this community growing and by always coming up with things that will help to make life better while creating opportunity to feed the nation through steem.

I love your presentation

This is a nice initiative and I would be glad to be a part of it as I also seek to own a farm in the nearest future

something amazing. I am very happy with the farms. thanks for the information

I am very interested in this initiative...good one

I am very interested in this initiative...good one

It is a great project indeed and undoubtly we will succeed in our endeavours. God bless this community for their impact on lives

Excellent theme

Admirable, an excellent project full of love and kindness in its purpose

Wonderful wonderful and wonderful. @farms have a dream and that dream is coming out. I guess we all are seeing it.

Blessings @farms we will be growing little by little together to achieve the goal of eradicating hunger, I share that dream too

This is wonderful. Would love @farms to visit my farm someday. Cheers!