Clay furniture

3년 전

Since ancient times, various clay-making utensils have been used in our culture. Then the use of these utensils made of sugar were used in time but in the evolution of the time it took place in different parts of Chinaman, copper, brass, brass and steel. But in the old fashion, once again, it has come back again, as well as pottery itself, it is used only to suit the utility of the house. Due to low cost, aesthetic and external design, it is now difficult to match the different types of utensils made from the soil in order to decorate the atomahala. So let's come to see a little more than how to decorate the soil with a variety of utensils and decorate your house.

As Shops

Made of clay made of small utensils, especially as candles, pens, fish, flowers, fruit shops, readily read tables, showcases etc. In addition to this, as many big animals, such as elephants, tigers, etc. have been used for many years as a lot of plants. You can keep them at the entrance of the house. In addition, you can keep small utensils for reading tables, tables, and showcases.

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