My latest creations ~ made from organic scraps

3년 전

Hello Steemit family ♡ I'd like to share with you some of my latest creations! Both tops, and the skirt that my sweet sister Bailey (on the right) is wearing are freshly made by me. These garments are organic, good for you and for mama earth. I spent the whole day yesterday crafting beautiful things ♡ I made everything but the shoes, socks, hats, and the purple skirt I'm wearing. That was made by another seamstress who uses plant dyes and organic fabrics.














I love this girl so so much and it was truly an honor to be able to shoot with her. Her light shines brightly, in front of the camera and everywhere else for that matter. She is one of the greatest goddesses I know so it feels good to have captured these moments. A huge thank you to Jo ~ RainbwPeace for taking these shots!

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♡ Endless gratitude to you for joining me on my journey ♡

Your comments, follows, re-steems & up-votes are always noticed and greatly appreciated!

~ @hempress


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First, we will like to learn more about plant dyes. We believe when you know better, you do better and secondly and most importantly, your work is very creative and looks beautiful @hempress.
We are glad to know and connect with you and you have our support always! Peace!


In the coming weeks, I will post more about plant dyes as I embark on my journey with them. I would love to share the knowledge I learn with you. I am ecstatic to have found someone on this platform who is truly interested in this ancient art form like I am. As always, I am so very grateful for what you are doing and for our connection ♡ Your words mean a lot. Many blessings. Looking forward to seeing more from you ♡


Good work. The complete part of my recent article has been posted.


Thanks for having a look. I'll be sure to read the second part of your article!


I appreciate your keen interest, I follow you for more success. Don't forget to resteem. Send to me your discord username. Thanks always.


Hi dear, my name on discord is the same as here ~ @hempress
Thank you very much for the follow. Wishing you a beautiful day!

That was made by another seamstress who uses plant dyes and organic fabrics.

This is why I love love love you two here at the dynamicsteemians discord! As in losing myself in Steemit and discord you and @elamental pop up out of nowhere! I love organic stuff! Outdoor weed and pretty much everything you two are doing! I'm as envious as I'm ecstatic to have you two sharing your amazing life and of course clothing which looks great! Was the ever talented @elamental the photographer? 💓


Thank you so much for you compliments and sincere words. I'm so happy to be an ambassador of Dynamic Steemians. These photos were taken by my dear friend Jo. ♡ Wishing you a blessed and beautiful day!

Upvoted. Love your photos here, the fashion, style, beauty, reminds me of hippies, gypsies, very creative, very interesting, and if I was a girl, I'd wear things like that for sure. Oatmeal.


I appreciate your comment and upvote! Thanks for looking ♡

This is what I am talking about. Do you need a sewing machine to make things like this or will needle and thread do?


You could certainly hand stitch if you had the time, but a sewing machine will speed up the process tenfold.


Word, yeah. I'm just thinking about the women I've met who survive travelling while making clothing. Some had machines and some didn't. Would you try to lug one around with you if you were to go travelling?


My dear friend who helped me get started on my sewing journey travels in her van and has a few sewing machines, one of which she keeps in a little black ottoman - it fits perfectly. She cannot use it in her van though, unless she had a power source running to it which is rare. Most of my traveling friends will just hand sew, though. I think it would be hard to do it on the road, but some women do, which I commend them for! If I were traveling, I think I'd leave mine behind and try to use a friend's if it were available :-)