It's Pride Month! Here's Some Pride Fashion Ideas: PART 1


Sometimes, all you wanna do is let people know how you identify BUT you don’t want people telling you to “stop shoving it down our throats”. So why don’t we roll a high number for stealth and do it without saying a word?

Here are some items that hopefully gives you some inspiration in wearing your flag loud and proud!

The Aromantic and Agender flags are quite similar, especially after the former was given a makeover to accommodate those with colour blindness.

Aro Flag

Agender Flag

The colours you would be looking for a green, grey, black and white. Some of the photos aren’t perfect matches but let’s just have a little fun, shall we?

Pictured below is Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway in a dress from Zara.

Next up we have a flared sleeve crop top with a wrap tie.

We also have trousers that match, they are high waisted and also flared.

Lastly, some nice kicks.

I hope you enjoyed this list! I plan to post some more up tomorrow.

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