Cloth Face Masks With Filter Pockets Are The New Normal

5개월 전

IMG20200423WA0004 1.jpg

Today on the beach in Los Angeles people were pouring in like ants and most were not following the Los Angeles Mask Order of covering your face in public.

It is really tough to judge if people were 6 feet apart but even if they were, they won't be tomorrow and the day after that. We get used to things and we are lulled into complacency rather easily.

But it is suggested to wear at least cloth face masks in Los Angelescloth face masks in Los Angeles when out doing your thing and people want to be a little stylish.

The Social Distance Mask Company has charcoal bamboo cloth masks for sale in Los Angeles and they all have a filter pocket. They can be used with a filter or without and are compatible with the 3M® Particulate Filter 5N11 (Part Number: 46464, 3M Product Number: 5N11, 3M ID: 70070614477, UPC 50051138474741)

This means that with this filter they basically become N95 Face Masks and believe me that is the kind we all need for protection against covid-19.

The way that masks are sold they comply with the non-medical mask guidelines we are all supposed to follow. The non-medical cloth face masks are to protect others from you because you will not spray your droplets of virus to others. That is really important and everyone should be wearing a cloth face mask with a filter pocket in Los Angeles

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