Harmful aspects of hair color~~

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Many haircut hair for fashionable hair or fashion. Many people know that hair loss is harmful; But do not know what the damage is. Oxidizing agent used in hair color, hydrogen peroxide and alkoeing agent ammonia which softens the hair color by using a chemical re-action and helps the hair color pigment used to penetrate the hair shafts.1539483908.jpg

According to the American Cancer Society, there are some chemical elements in hair color that penetrate the skin through the hair and enter the body. In order to prevent cancer of various organs (eg leukemia, non-Hajkin's lymphoma, bladder cancer, multiple myeloma). Paraffinylendium is a chemical element in hair color that can change color on different parts of the skin, rashes, severe itching etc.

Apart from these, hair follicles that do not have asthma also have respiratory problems. Using hair color, the actual color of the hair is damaged, hair loss is due to the hair, and the possibility of hair fall. So it is better not to use color without the need for hair. And if you use hair color it can not be kept on long hair and you should be careful about hair color that does not look like hairy hair. Use good quality ammonia free color. It causes less damage to the hair. Do not use frequent color and have to be used after many days.

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