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Sometimes it’s nice to relax and let the day slowly pass you by :)

Calling @originalworks :)
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I love it so much.

What will happen if everything speeds up at the same rate? I mean everything from the oscillation of the electron to the galaxy rotation. Including speed of every event and process. Who would notice such a change in speed? And what if everything slooooows down? What if the speed is continuously changing? How can we know from within a closed system?

What if there is some kind of a dial outside the system (universe) where it can be used to control such a speed? How fast it can go and how slow? What if the controller turns the knob such that the 13.6 billion years to us is one second to him? So is life too short really?

Agreed. Life is short and that's why it's best to live our lives the way we want to because one day, we won't have that luxury...we won't have the time anymore. Sometimes slowing down only means allowing the chaos to pass you by.. Chaos will always follow those seeking to escape it though it only means that we must tell "Father Time" that we have things to do for ourselves and not rush for everyone else's sake. I'm sure he'll understand. But then again, what the hell do I know? Thx for sharing, Sandoyan.

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