Now It’s Carbohydrate We Curse


Thanks to bad science which was confirmed legitimate by bribed Harvard researchers we were told to stop eating saturated fat. The government, the American Heart Association, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry all got on board with demanding fat be removed from the American diet. The hoax went on for decades and still continues from your doctor’s own lips. New honest research shows us how wrong that advice was, but the dogma continues to flourish.

Now we are in the process of demonizing carbohydrate foods without understanding the difference between good, better, best carbohydrates. You might find this hard to believe, I know I did, but carbohydrates have no essential nutrients needed for human life to survive. Only fat and protein contain all the essential elements to keep us alive. That is why Vegans need to supplement what their diets lack from no consumption of animal products. This is also why people who eat animal flesh from head to tail and anything that comes from animals need nothing else.

I don’t advocate any diet. The human body is just too complex in its ways and means of processing foods to keep us alive. My only purpose for this post is to discourage demonizing any food with the exception of processed white sugar. Every night for dessert I enjoy a bowl of fresh fruit. I think tonight will be mango chunks.
(Pixabay image)

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