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Fat has gotten such a bad rap over the years.

It’s the stepchild of the Macronutrient world.

I still hear people talking about FAT FREE foods and we are over a decade clear of the 90s. Two decades actually.

Take a little stroll with me back in time to my chubby years in college circa 1993. This is when “fat free” was all the rage. I played basketball at James Madison University and had a food stipend with my scholarship. That freedom wreaked havoc on my body. We all wanted to be lean and have great bodies but were grossly uneducated nutritionally . I ate pasta over meat. Toast over eggs. Meat and FAT were the devil.

My dorm room was a fat free sugar bomb. It’s no wonder my face was the same size as the basketball I would bounce down the court everyday. My “go to” snacks included a Mystic juice (fat free) and twizzlers (fat free) and because if was FAT FREE we could eat them endlessly.

I’m pretty sure we made these rules up because I doubt any nutritionist or coach was telling us we could eat anything in endlessly.

How did this fat free epidemic start?

It started in the 80s with an attempt to make us all a little healthier by reducing the amount of saturated fats in our diets which can lead to clogged arteries, high cholesterol and disease. Saturated fats can be found in dairy, meat and processed foods. The food industry’s solution was to offer a replacement for animal fat in unsaturated vegetable oils. These oils were altered by a process called hydrogenation to solid/ semi-solid fat more appropriate for their processing needs.

What we now know is that these oils actually increase trans fats.

Well isn't that great.

Although also found in natural foods, these man-made versions were being marketed as healthy and safe which means we were consuming more of them. (aka my mystic juice and Twizzler theory).

Here’s where bad gets worse.

Manufacturers realized that in order to make these products have the right taste and texture it was necessary to add sugar. This means these products not only have just about the same calorie count and trans fat content, but are also processed and full of carbs.

Here’s what happens when we eat foods high in carbs that are highly processed: Our bodies digest them more quickly. This leads to blood sugar swings. Our body craves more of what we just ate. We need more. Open up the flood gates to insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.



Let’s talk about different types of fats.

There are 3 main types of dietary fats.

Saturated    (animal fasts, tropical oils)
Monosaturated  (avocados, olive oil, nuts)
Polyunsaturated. (flax oil, fish)

On a cellular level, the difference in these fast lie within the bond structure. I know…that makes my head spin too. Let’s just simplify that by saying the molecular shapes of various fats are important because they affect the body differently.

Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats are what we commonly refer to as HEALTHY FATS.
They appear to lower LDL cholesterol (aka the bad cholesterol) and possiby increase HDL cholesterol (aka good cholesterol)

Saturated Fat also seems to increase good cholesterol. Let’s get real though. Humans have ingested Saturated fats for years in the form of animal fats, eggs and milk. The real trouble starts when these fats are processed AND when we consume meats pumped full of hormones. So perhaps a better definition of HEALTHY FAT is


(and unhealthy fats are typically those that are industrially produced and designed to be nonperishable.)

Let’s talk about WHY some fats are good for us and how our body uses them because there seems to be a whole lot of confusion surrounding this subject.

Fat makes our food tastier!

  1. Fat in your diet helps keep you full so you ultimately eat less.

  2. Fat supply more than just calories to our diets:

A. Certain fats found in nuts, seeds and fish provide essential fatty acids like omega-3s       which help maintain healthy blood vessels, keep our hormones  and nervous system in         check.

B.  Our bodies are primed to absorb more of the fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K         when we eat fat.  Without these vitamins our immune system is compromised and our       bodies are unable to heal themselves.
  1. There’s evidence that may suggest the fat in our diets prevent cancer, preserves memory, reduces ADHD and ADD and alleviated depression.

What fats should I be eating?

Nuts, seeds and fish like Salmon are great choices. Of course everything in moderation and be sure to choose unsalted and raw nuts and baked and grilled fish.

Use quality UN-SATURATED oils like walnut and pumpkin.

The American Heart Association recommends keeping the amount of fat in your diet down to about 30%. But what's also important is that you're eating the healthier fats, sometimes called "good” fats.


Get a mix of fat types from whole, unprocessed, high-quality foods. These include nuts, seeds (hemp, flax, and chia are especially nutritious), fish, seaweed, pasture-raised/grass-fed animals/eggs, olives, avocado, coconut, and cacao nibs.

Avoid industrially processed, artificially created, and factory farmed foods, which contain unhealthy fats.

Keep it simple. Don’t worry too much about exact percentages and grams.

Supplement with algae oil or fish oil daily. We recommend 1-2 g of algae oil or about 3-6 g of fish oil each day.

When eating meat, fish or dairy make sure you are considering the source. These animals should be pasture-raised and hormone free. Limit the your intake.


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First I will thanks you for this post. You have done a case study on the fat.


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Im a big fan of advocato it's so tasty even on it's own :))

  ·  2년 전

Fat is good in proportion and the right fat, fat free either means chemicals or high sugar. Not good!


That's exactly right! Stay AWAY From Fat Free!! :)

  ·  2년 전

I would still love to try vegetarian and vegan just as will tester :)


me too.would love to.this post is the best post ever

  ·  2년 전

Yes! I read the big fat surprise not too long ago. I see fat from a whole new perspective now.


Congrats! It makes sense.

I focus in eating good food sling with fruits and vegetables. I try my best to stay away from junk.

I am a very tall woman as well and blessed with a really nice figure


I love the last part of your comment. I need to say that more about myself. Working on that!


I love that comment. I think that will be my next post comment. Our body hears what we say about it!


Keep it up Bae, you are your best cheerleader

Great information and thanks for sharing. I just saw a documentary on Netflix last night called The Magic Pill. It was primarily about the ketogenic diet, but there is a robust discussion on essentially flipping the food pyramid typically recommended, and bringing healthy fats and proteins into the limelight. Thanks for the great info! Cheers


The ketogenic diet is a rave in Nigeria now. LOL

People swear by it. There are a lot of drastic changes of people in the web who stuck to the diet.


I'm trying. The "keto flu" isn't so fun, and living in a house with up to six kids sometimes and a partner not on the keto tip, the struggle is real....


Ive been on keto for just a week now. I just wrote about it in another reply to this post, bit its been quiet an interesting experience so far.


I watched that documentary as well. The most shocking part was just how little the average person knows about nutrition. 90% of what the people had in their kitchen (on that show and likely in most of America) was garbage. We are facing a huge health epidemic. Education (and of course access)is key.


For sure. I am not into keto forever and ever and ever per se, but it is good experience. I try not to go too extreme into anything. I wouldn't even say it's about balance anymore, it's more about what is worth my time or not. And I decided it wasn't worth the time, energy and money to live a lifestyle that required all that maintenance. And people think exercising folks are high maintenance?!?! Have a great day.

I've recently been exploring fats for disease recovery reasons. I Just started keto. Its a crazy diet all about fats, but no carbs ( 75% calories from fat, 20% protein, 5% from carbs). You go into a different digestive mode, your body literally switches from carbs to fat as a primary cellular level energy source. Its actually been used as a healing diet for a lon g time, although as a trend now its used to lose weight.

Im trying keto for gut recovery from celiac. I may have gone a step to far, 3 days in im finding it very hard to get enough calories. My main fats are coconut oil, coconut cream, and then from avocados and fish (im pescatarian, no dairy).

I am simultaneously following the auto immune recovery protocol. No grains, legumes(beans), nuts/seeds or nightshades (tomatoes, peppers). As you might gasp at this list alone, These combined are very hard to handle, but the protocol is only for two more weeks, and then ill have more options with keto.

All this to say, running on fats has been very interesting so far. Its a different clearer energy. I need to figure out more food options for my self otherwise im gonna have to drop it until my auto immune diet is up.


Congrats on taking your health into your own hands. You will learn so much along the way. The greatest part about many of these restrictive food plans (Keto being the best) is that you gain valuable insight into your personal psychology around food. We become mindful of the moments we reach for food when we really don't need it. Best of luck to you!


Thanks holly


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You are what you eat. Great post thank you

balance is the key right?


Salmon, Avocados two of my fav things <3

I eat avos and macadamias on the daily and try and stay away from all that sugar and carbs 😀

Moderation. It is all about moderation.

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You are what you eat. Great post thank you