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Is collecting Free Satoshis Worth It?

This is probably not the best place to discuss this, as it is sorta preaching to the choir. All of us on steemit are already collecting crypto-currencies.

In the near future, there will be a huge gulf between the haves and the have-nots. And it will be between those who have cryptos, and those that do not. Or, in other words, this is going to be the largest wealth transfer in history.

It will be similar to an old guy coming into town in 1934 with his gold coins. (gold "confiscation" of 1933) All of a sudden, this guy not only has no money, but is doing something illegal. So it will also be with The US dollar. They will try to issue a new The US dollar, but it will fail massively. Cryptos and barter will be the only game in town.

Of course, it is not going to be this black and white, nor will there not be other alternative, such as gold and silver. But we will be in a similar situation to Zimbabwe or Venezuela, OR something worse, such as bank holidays and bail-ins.

We will see people, en mass, panning for gold like they do in Zimbabwe, for food.

So, will having 30,000 satoshis make a difference?

0.0003 of a bitcoin. Or about $3 in today's market. (30,000 satoshis = minimum for faucet payout)

If McAfee is correct about bitcoin going to a million dollars then
0.0003 of a bitcoin will be worth $300

What if bitcoin continues growing and becomes the currency used to balance trade debts? A billion dollars a bitcoin?
0.003 of a bitcoin would be worth $300,000

But lets just take that $300 mark. What if no one was trading food for paper or plastic?
How much is 0.003 worth when it will buy food?

And so, how much is clicking on a faucet every hour worth?
Today, the clicking for a fraction of a cent may make your life tomorrow much easier.
But, is it really worth the frustration of clicking all of those captchas?

(If you have a job and the ability to sign up with the big exchanges that will take dollars, then you have an alternative)

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freebitco.in is one of the oldest still operational bitcoin faucets.

It has no ads, and operates because the guy behind it is a miner.
Although, they highly want you to play their lottery and their Hi-Lo game.
You get more payouts for more gambling, so you can gamble some more.

freebitco.in <-- referral link

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These six websites all use the same micro wallet

this wallet (like website) allows exchanging instantly between any of the coins
this allows for you to reach payout quantities for your favorite coin faster.
The moon faucets also allow you to collect whenever. The amount builds up over time. (but if you collect every 10 minutes, you get the best payout)
Their payouts are really good compared to others. But they also have lots of adverts, they popup, create new windows, etc., but that is what pays for the cryptos.

referral link
referral link
referral link
referral link
referral link
referral link

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As much as I hope Macaffee is right, you know he is a cokehead shill who is pot invested and is using his name to pump up his stake.

The rest of the article, it is with cautious optimism that I am in agreement and that is the reason I am here as you stated. I am getting my stake while the getting is good and was scared shitless in December thinking the time had past. As shitty as the correction has been, it is a blessing in disguise as we buy the dips and grab land before the masses show up.

So glad I found STEEMit.


It is indeed hard to... pin McAfee down. Is he a shill? Well, he has said he has done it before... very open about it. But, the man does know his stuff.
I would say, "I like the cut of that man's gibberish."

I am pretty sure, looking back on the charts, december is going to look like a speed bump. I am glad to have found steemit. And glad you are here too.

howdy there @builderofcastles I'm new to the crypto game, do you participate in these sites to earn a bit of free bitcoin, or recommend it?
very interesting post!


I suggest you get the Exodus Wallet
It has all the big name coins in one very nice, clean, easy interface.

Then, if you have extra free time, then yes, i suggest you use these faucets.
It is why i put all the time into linking all of them.

So, you go and set up an account at each. Just need an email. Then start playing. When you get enough coins to withdraw, withdraw to your Exodus Wallet. (the second set is all set up under one account. you go to https://coinpot.co first)

It costs you nothing but time.


thank you sir, this could mean alot in the near future and really make a difference!
if it does I'll remember you were responsible!


My advice just boils down to, get your feet wet.
Once you have some coins in you own wallet, even just $3.
It changes everything.


thank you sir, much obliged!