Faucet Post for 23rd July 2018 **FAUCET CLOSED**

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The Faucet posts now go out Monday to Friday.

I will share the full post reward with all the people who Comment (jokes and motivational/inspirational quotes) and Upvote this post . If anyone wants to donate additional SBD as a sponsor you will be mentioned as a sponsor in the daily Faucet posts. Minimum donation to be a sponsor is 0.100 SBD.

No registration needed as the only thing people need to do is Comment and UpVote the post to be added to the days payout. Payouts will be calculated after 24 hours automatically so no further action needed.

Please make sure you Comment and Upvote while the Faucet is Open. If you do this after the Faucet is Closed you won't receive a share of the days payout.

Comments and Upvotes on these Steemit Faucet posts will NOT be counted towards my weekly payout.

Check the STEEMIT Matters Facebook Group. Give your Steemit ID or you won't be allowed into this Closed Group.

Today's Sponsors

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Faucet Jackpot

If a Daily Faucet post gets over 600 comments or 800 upvotes, whichever comes first, the below 14 SBD sponsor donations will be added to that days payout.

The Faucet Jackpot target will rise on future posts.

New sponsor donations will be added to the below list until the Faucet Jackpot target above is reached. Sponsors should send a minimum of 1 SBD to @sydesjokes with a memo of "Faucet Jackpot donation".

SponsorSBD Donated

Faucet Payouts

Payments will be sent once they have reached 0.5 SBD. I had to add this payout limit because I have to send each payment manually now.

If you want your payout as SuperiorCoin before it reaches 0.5 SBD (you will need a Kryptonia.io account and provide your name there) use this FORM.

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Past Faucet Posts

Faucet DateSponsorsCommentsUpvotesSBD Payout
20th July 201881224241.69
19th July 201871274511.76
18th July 20187744291.58
17th July 201861214161.46
16th July 201861364890.91
13th July 201871414811.02
12th July 201881324731.21
11th July 201871885591.03
10th July 201881304301.28
9th July 201891234531.87
8th July 20186994060.92
7th July 201871574281.22
6th July 201871233611.14
4th July 201882355861.37
2nd July 201872275931.26
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as always thanks.

Faucet Payouts for 20th July 2018

1.69 SBD shared with these 136 people so 0.012 SBD each.

Faucet Payout

Doing nothing is hard, you never know when you're done.

Thanks as always



This is such a great service. Thank you @sydesjokes.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Mae West

Very nice, thank you sir!

Thank you and the Sponsors so VERY much for the help! It is GREATLY appreciated! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


Thank you for the great work

thank you sir for your help.

Don't fear failure. Fear being in the exact same spot in a year as you are today.

“Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.” ― Washington Irving

Have a good and awesome week

great day..!

thanks for your work colin

Thanks for the faucet!! Kryptonia @psi.acastillo

good work for sbd send

Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence. - Unknown

Turn on that tap!! 😀

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Humanity can not be freed from violence except through nonviolence.

Mahatma Ghandi


"I'm an optimist, it does not seem very useful to be anything else."

Wiston Churchil

"Remember that you're going to die, it's the best way I know not to think you have something to lose.

Steve Jobs


Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave 'em all over everything you do.
Elvis Presley.

buen dia, pasando a saludar para participar en la Faucet de hoy

Thank you very much friend

Monday Monday....

Everything is going to be right.

Great to have the faucet open

The Journey of a thousand Years starts with a Step

Thank you !

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Step

Thank you so much..

Thank you very much!

Another possibility of growth. Thanks for her.


Thanks good sir :)

thank you

Happy day 😉


Q: How does a hurricane see?
A: With its eye.

Have a good and awesome week


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Im early today!

thank you

i am in, thx

cool, thx

Thank you !

esperando ando,,, gracias

Thank you sponsors

thank you


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I am so happy with kryptonia votes!!!!

slow but surely

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Thanks friend!

Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

Thanks friend!

gracias, saludos

I welcome everryone to a new week of fauceting

If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles. – Wayne Dyer

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. - Jenn Proske


"I was playing chess with my friend and he said, 'Let's make this interesting.' So we stopped playing chess." - Matt Kirshen

thank you sir for your help.


Thanks for sharing

Thanks for doing this.
Cheers! Keep up the great work!




Thanks for give us this chance to participate. Kryptonia ID @mejia_martinez

Q. What do you call a snowman in July?

A. A puddle.

  ·  4년 전

You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.

Rabindranath Tagore

  ·  4년 전

present man!!

Present friends!


There's a program that spits out a random quote or joke every time I turn my computer on. This is one of those that showed up the other day:

It takes two to tell the truth: one to speak and one to hear.

Thank you

Thanks for the faucet. Keep it up!

The time is today, tomorrow will be late.

came back again after long time. i hope I am get your help now regular Thanks @sydesjokes

If you do not fight you are already lost.

Hi everyone just checking in !!

Good evening everyone :)

Thanks for your Faucet post 23th July 2018........

Thanks as always

Excellent stuff Colin


You literally pay the sbd from this post with the pay out from the likes, is a good business

Congratulations @sydesjokes!
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Thank you !