Do not trust the government!!!

2년 전

It has been said time and time again. Do not trust the government. These people will rob you blind, fuck you in the ass and then expect you to thank them. That is what happened to these fortune hunters that found an estimated 250 million in civil war gold. Surprise! the Fbi set up a special camp to help them out and low and behold "nothing was found" and all court documents were sealed.
This is a prime example of government theft right in front of your eyes.

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What options we have other than trusting the authorities?


we keep posting to Steem and keep using crypto

those who print the money control the power

every person who doesn't give up on crypto slowly erodes their power away

might take us 5, 10, maybe 25 years....but it can be done, has happened before in history, and will happen again


I am also on the same track, hope crypto effort is going to make the difference.


agreed, we can also do more than hope, build, and also encourage each other on too!

great nations and movements all start with building tiny communities

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