Unknown is feared

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I'm telling you as someone born in the mid-80s; my parents didn't give any notice to date about my TV viewing time. But my mother, who was not a member of our home computer, never let go of my computer. What made the reactions about the two concepts that were not quite a difference between them in the face of wasted time and dangers?


Based on my parents, I interpret and interpret this to all parents of the X and Y generation. The first and foremost reason for the previous generations to be so reactionary to the computer and its derivatives is that they are not born into this technology.

The fear and insecurity against an individual who later joined the family in a way that coincided with the fear of the unknown. For example, a few years before I was born, my family members who had never thought about the problems of the television that had been taken to our house had already been accustomed to the existence of this foreigner until I was old enough to watch TV. They wouldn't be afraid because they knew him.

However, television was a very simple mechanism, it was easy to use. And the invention of the devil he derives? Wasn't it easy to concede him? A small minority of people interested in innovations and complicated things closed the gap between their children and the next generation.


Because if a person knew your enemy, he would fight stronger. The remaining majority have taken the foundations of a conflict that lasts a lifetime in this matter, saying that in the strange event bad. On the other hand, he was extremely well-intentioned but could not keep up with the rapid progress of technology and the ones who remained half way.

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