IT'S THE JAYS TURN...BLUE IS THE COLOR #featheredfriday #colorchallange


Hello all my #steemian pals, hope your week went well. It's 9 pm Est. If you live in the UK, as does @dandays, it's Friday already, which means it's #featheredfriday already. Hummm? Which means it's #colorchallange #Friday, #blue.
My friend @kalamandra hosts this daily extravaganza of color. So much fun, you should come join us.
Also in the line up is another wonderful expression of #photo artistry. #featheredfriday displays wonderful #photography with the capturing of beautiful birds. Great hobby. My pals @melinda010100 and @keithboone have been cultivating this awesome event for quite some time and I have been hooked ever since I started my journey on #steemit.
Thanks for expanding my world❤

These pictures of our feathered friends were captured just this morning, which is actually Thursday here in the eastern part of the good old USA. But as I said, it's Friday some where in the world, am I right?


These jays are all about the #fff, the seed is there for the taking, no searching required, they know where to come when the sun rises and it's breakfast time.




These blue birds are fun to watch, but their feathers of blue are spectacular to observe through my looking glass.


If you live in a remote area, as we do, @thebigsweed and I find our #homestead so extraordinary. We lived most of our lives in New Jersey, a tiny state with a whole lot of people, traffic , high taxes and a rat race to make ends meet. But we were born there, had family and friends there, bonds that I refused to give up. So we sacrificed time together to meet our commitments, worked like crazy to pay the man.
Now, we have time together, to watch the birds, grow our #food, love each other, and plan our next trip back to New Jersey.😊

Grammy needs her kid fix every couple of weeks.👼


Life is beautiful in so many ways, just remember to take time to observe through your looking glass, to appreciate the past and take joy in the future.

Peace to all. Happy Friday.

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Howdy farm-mom! lol..beautiful post, wonderful photos and a message of wisdom!


Good morning @janton, thanks for the compliment. That was a fun post to do. I think birds are so interesting to watch and photograph. I am always on the look out for those feathered friends.
Have a great day!


You are very welcome farm-mom! It would be wonderful to be surrounded with a great variety of birds so watch. Have you guys been cutting wood like crazy to get ready for winter or was that done long ago?

Ah your grandchildren are gorgeous, what a blessing @farm-mom, as are your feathered friends ;);)

Lovely Bluejays! We were just remarking today what exceptionally beautiful birds they are. You can use the #featheredfriday tag on any day of the week. It doesn't have to be on Friday! !Tip


Hello my friend, thanks so much for your support and comment. Today was so beautiful here, got up to 62 degrees with the sun shinning. Those birds were here in full force. Excellent to watch.
Be well girlfriend.😊


I have a lot of Bluejays this fall, too. You weather today sounds like ours yesterday. Today was cloudy and cooler. I love that photo of you with the grandkids.

Yup—it’s Friday here, good morning from the UK, all! Rise and shine—it’s a great day to be alive. The path has been paved, all we gotta do is walk it. Get up.... open the door.... walk it. 🙌🏽

Your nails are looking mucho perfecto, @farm-mom. Glad we got that straightened out 😉.

You know you make everyone wish their parents/grandparents were farmers, right?

Thank you for always being so nice and whoever doesn’t like tours of The Jurg’s paradise, don’t like girls.