Wilson's Snipe Yesterday!


A quick post to share a photo of my first Wilson's Snipe yesterday!


This was on a creek trail less than 15 minutes from my apartment. Very exciting for me, and even more so when a few more came out :) I was also treated to a glimpse of a hooded oriole just a few minutes after arriving, but I was unable to get a picture. He was calling from within the vegetation of an oak tree, where I also found a single cedar waxwing.

Which reminds me, I keep meaning to share a couple photos of some cedar waxwings I saw a couple weeks ago when I was trying out my new (used) lens. Might as well drop a couple here:



That's all, just a short one today!

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Great photos! Snipe is not so easy to see!
The waxwing on the berry is just wonderful!

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Nice captures !

We hope, you'll keep up the good work, and continue posting such articles in the future as well!!
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