Keep calm

5개월 전

People's reactions to insults and criticism are also a direct indicator of their capacity to inspire other people. If you respond to something hateful with more hate; Does it make you a bad person or better than the troublemaker?


No matter how unwarranted or harsh the insult is, staying calm is always the most sensible thing to do, because getting angry will not make you feel better, and you will definitely not be a good example for the people around you.

Ignore the insults as if they had never been done, and let the people around you inspire you to ignore the unnecessary things that will bother them as you do.

What books have you read made a big impression on you? What were the actions that inspired you to make the most important decisions in your life? What have you done throughout your life to become the happy, healthy person you are today and who looks positively towards life?

Share the inspiration that has shaped you to this day so other people can take advantage of them.


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