Rocking Our Steemit Pens

4년 전

Rocking our Steemit pens today at Carfest. Signing receipts for thousands and thousands of pounds to traders with these babies!

Festival starts tomorrow so I'll be rocking my Steemit t shirts for the next 72hours! Don't worry Stephen hooked me up with plenty of Steemit t shirts so I'll be fresh everyday with a nice Steemit pot of TEA! IMG_2252.JPG

MainStage built were all good to go the cars are turning up rumour has it Tesla isn't even here this year which I'm totally gutted about! Will be rocking up to many big time car manufacturers like Mercedes, Audi and Alpha Romeo! Looking forward to it very much.

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I really like the mug.
Are these items available for purchase?

It would be a great idea to have something set up where you could purchase with SBD or Steem. It would help bring value to the currency if you could use it for tangible purchases.



Absolutely everything is in the process and will be readily available soon. This comment will be noted and expect to be contacted soon. We have been discussing and working on offering these goodies to Steemians!!

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I wish I could be there.

nice we appriciate u from all steemias in advance crypto-curt

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Awesome guys. Looking forward to joining you for #uk-promo meetups soon.