Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2018

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 The janama utsav of lord Sri Krishna is known as “Sri Krishna Janmashtami”. Each year Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in different parts of India with full devotion and eagerness on Krishna Ashtami Tithi. Lord Krishna took birth in Gokul Dham, Mathura.In 2018, Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 2nd of September. People who want to keep fast and perform the Janmashtami puja, the below-mentioned time chart will help them complete all bidhi and bidhana (rituals of Janmashtami) in a proper way.

  • The starting time and date of Janmashtami puja is 11:57 pm on 2nd
  • The puja will end at 00:43 am on 3rd
  • Krishna Janmashtami will start at 8:47 pm on 2nd
  • It will end at 7:19 pm on 3rd

It is considered very auspicious if the Puja tithi falls on Rohini Nakshatra. Coincidently, this year the puja coincides with the same nakshatra. 


Puja Bidhi Step By Step 

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