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In Malaysian rural area people do festival every month. They bring lot of things including foods,clothes,toys,groceries,electronics,fruits and lots more.
I was with my fiance that's why i couldnot capture enough picture because she wanted to buy may things and i was busy to observe those things she would love to buy.

Thanks for reading my lil post

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Support women around the world.


Women are always respected and supported by me. :)

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Thank you!!!


Followed you. But i am surprised that how you commented on my post within few seconds after i uploaded the post.. is that an automatic commenting bot?


Not at all, I was going through the feeds and commented,
No worries. I hope my upvote contributed you a little


Its okay that our voting power is not that much.. someday we will be stronger too.. thanks and cheers.. :)

This is really nice post bro..
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Thank you bro. :)

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