Bird’s Healthy Friday Morning Treats | Apple Walnut Style!


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Happy Friday beautiful people!

You know what Friday means in the Steemit foodie world don’t you?

Food Fight Friday!!!

One special day each week devoted to food fun and festivity; thanks to food lovin' folks @jlsplatts and @dandays! If you haven’t checked our Friday night food-fest you’re really missing out! Tonight will be super special because rumor has it longtime fellow food magician @puravidaville will be attending! She’s been MIA for quite some time so we’re all feeling pretty blessed to have her drop by! Be sure to stop by and give her some special foodie love won’t you? Perhaps we can convince her to stay around for a while, wink, wink...

This week I thought I would share a little bit of Bird’s breakfast fun! You know even Birds need a healthy breakfast to start their day!

Friday breakfast actually began last night…

Mr. Bird has been chirpin’ about oatmeal lately so before bed I made a detour through the kitchen to start a round of overnight oats. It’ll be a nice surprise for him when he wakes up in the morning. Fresh Almond Milk, a touch of vanilla and a dash of Maple syrup, nothing better! Oats in the fridge and now off to bed!
DSC_0002 (2).jpg

After a brisk bike ride and a quick morning turtle rescue…

I’m not kidding, these guys always seem to wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time! We’re always stopping along the road to pick them up before they meet disaster! Luckily we saw this guy; he was pretty big and not too happy about being bothered!

Notice those eyes?

And that snout, watch those fingers! I think we interrupted his breakfast run!

Nice round of applause…

from the Anhinga drying his/her wings in the morning sun.
IMG_1998 (2).jpg

Meanwhile, back at the nest…

the kitchen was busy, feathers were flying as I chopped up fresh apples and walnuts. One can’t have plain oatmeal now, right?
DSC_0005 (2).jpg

After a quick buttery sauté…

including apples, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon and Maple syrup it was time to eat! Just in time I must say, the peanut gallery was getting a wee bit hungry! Grab the Greek yogurt and follow me!
DSC_0008 (2).jpg

Cheers to a Nutty-Oat-apple-fruity-licious breakfast my friends!

DSC_0029 (2).jpg

Enjoy your weekend my friends! Kick those feet up and relax a bit and don't forget to check out #fff! Such a great group of food loving peeps you'll never want to leave! Thanks for stopping in today!

And as always, blessings to you all!




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Oh... cooking them up in butter! That is something that I will have to try out when the weather gets better! At the moment, we are heavily into porridge... it's a perfect winter food, maybe I can add some apples or something like that to make it a little bit tastier!


Oh yes...better with butter and a touch of maple syrup, yum!!!! I don't think I have had porridge...I'll have to check that out. You are right though, apples with cinnamon and raisins are amazing toppings, the girls will love it :)


Porridge made with whole milk! Don't skimp with water... or skinny milk... it just isn't the same!

Okay, it’s breakfast time over here in my part of the world and I vote for one of these bowls please. I can chirp louder if that will help ?

It’s so nice to see you and be back in the kitchen with you my friend. Of course you put out a gorgeous dish that I’m sure tasted even sweeter. The great thing about it is that it’s fully healthy too. Bravo Ms Bird. You are truly a star and your wizardry has not forsaken you :). Thanks for the shout! I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of you in the kitchen 😋


Aww, I am so glad to hear from you, you're truly been missed! We need more healthy cooking from your side of the world. Your hubby is always talking about how you're firing up amazing recipes each days and those veggies you get at your market, well I can just imagine what you're creating. So glad you've stopped in. I hope Greece is outstanding, Isreal is next, can't imagine how amazing that will be. Please do share, and take care my friend. Thank you for your sweet words, blessings to you!


It’s nice to hear from you too!! I’ve been away but I’ve been thinking of you and the food fixing crew. Lately I’ve literally just been roasting veggies and topping with feta cheese. Haha… so fresh, easy and delicious. When we move every month, to a new country, it’s difficult to acquire ingredients. I’m sure we will be sprinkling the blockchain with our Israel adventures soon. Thanks for always being such a kind soul. God bless and maybe I’ll see you again next week 😉

Your post reminds me of how remiss I have been in my healthy eating habits!

In Lak'ech, JaiChai


I hope you'll try making this simple breakfast @jaicha! You'll be surprised how easy it is! If you wish you can actually layer the apples, raisins, yogurt on top of the oats, cover overnight and it's ready in the morning! :) Cheers!

Breaks piggy bank open to see if a mortgage may be required to buy the imported walnuts. LOL. Cos there is NO BETTER PAIRING than apple and walnut! Super nice. The tiny home visitors? Too sweet.

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Oh, this makes me sad @artemislives! I didn't realize you don't have walnuts in your Thailand! You have so many amazing fruits, I would think walnuts would be everywhere! But you do know, apples and walnuts go so well together :) Glad you enjoyed and just know I truly appreciate your support!! Cheers!

The cover image queen strikes again and then she caught the bird applauding—really?! What’s next? Or should I say first? I haven’t had overnight oats since Long Beach—back in December!

You mentioned the turtle snapping it’s mouth. I don’t remember what kind of snake it was, but I remember catching an animal planet show, discovery, Nat geo (gotta be one of those), one of those, yeeeaars ago when a turtle got into it with some sort of viscous snake and won! I had no idea they were such gangsters.

Thanks for throwing down with us, chef! And I won’t even say anything about the bottom of your bowl being slightly out of frame in comparison to the top of your bowl on the cover. I don’t think you know how much fun I have pointing out ridiculous things like that on your images that are nothing shy of a hallmark card.


lol, you are indeed a hoot @dandays! That remark is appropriate coming from a Bird! :) Dear Mr. Turtle, there are so many around here we frequently rescue them...all shapes and sizes too. As for the NatGeo show, yikes the turtle won? Those jaws are powerful indeed. Mr. Bird is relentless, he picks those big guys up and runs for the water, lol Whether in the car or on our bikes he won't leave one in the path of danger. Glad you caught the intentional bowl misplacement, good eye! Enjoy your visit to Greece, can't wait to hear about Isreal!!! Cheers my friend!


Another thing, Birds—Patmos.

I know why they exiled John over there, @birdsinparadise. We’re nearing 2020 and it’s still nearly impossible to get there—true story.

I reached and tried, and finally found a travel agent who could help us. The only fairy that runs to Patmos makes two return trips in the month of May only, a 10 hour fairy ride. The only way I could’ve got is there this time around is by a single engine plane where neither of us are even allowed an overnight bag and the tab was.. wait for it, wait for it.

$375/person!! And we didn’t eat or find anywhere to sleep yet. 🥶 Uhm.... yeah, scratch that one!

edit (again) That plane ride fee is each way, Birds. Man, no wonder they threw him over there. Thought that counts, right? But they can’t keep us out of Isarael!

I loved everything here, the photos, the story line, and the food.
I do a thing with yogurt, honey and assorted dried fruits, only I do mine for bedtime.
You got my vote here @birdsinparadise!
OH! We have these things called "Alligator Turtles" that are FAST!
(for a turtle) and they will BITE your finger clean off, if you get around
On the wrong end. Their tails really look like alligator tails.
Oddly, I've seen more (in person) here in N Ga than I usually did
Growing up in S Ga. I rescued this guy from the middle of the road

Then a couple years later, there was another one (though smaller) in almost
Exactly the same spot in the road.
What puzzles me, is that they had to climb WAY up the side embankment
To get to the road, when there as a culvert directly underneath us big
Enough to drive a car through.


Oh my goodness, thats a beast @jerrytsuseer! It looks prehistoric, lol You are quite brave to pick that one up :) geesh! They do get quite big, I don't think they are the brightest of beasts but we still don't want them harmed! Glad to know you too join in the turtle rescue, gotta help the little creatures. Gotta love those overnight oats, it certainly was a hit around our house ;)


My Vote Power is down, so I can't upvote this comment, though
I would like to @birdsofparadise.
I've seen bigger alligator turtles down south. When they raise up
On their legs, they can clear almost 6 inches off the ground, hence
Their ability to actually RUN, rather than waddle or inch along
Like most turtles.
Here you can see his/her head more clearly

The terrible thing about those kinds of turtles is that they are NOT adapted or evolved for roads as they are the same colour! We have native turtles here that I often see injured or hit because drivers simply don't see them crossing the road - it's always so devastating!!!


I know @riverflows, we stop all the time to move them off the road. There are so many and although they can move pretty fast, its not fast enough. We love them and can't stand seeing them injured, it's the least we can do :)

The oatmeal looks deee-lish!! It’s all the special goodies like fruit and nuts and cinnamon that makes it so awesome.

It’s great that you rescue the turtles. A lot of people wouldn’t bother.


Thank you @jayna, I'm so glad you enjoyed the oatmeal treat:) Yes, poor turtles, they are often on the road, we pull off to try to rescue them. They get disoriented and aren't sure which way to go. We can't bear to see them hurt.

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Thank you @steemitbloggers!!!! Thank you for the curation, I'm truly proud to be a member of the PHC community! Cheers to a wonderful week.

Lovely story and photos. Yummy food! What more to ask for? Happy weekend! ^_^


Thank you @iamraincrystal :) So glad you stopped by today! Have a wonderful week!


Thank you @miti! So thankful for the curation, I'm truly honored you enjoyed the post.


You're welcome.. and you deserve it ;-)

Yummy! I wish I lived at your house!

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lol you're too kind @cindyhartz, thank you! I wish I could send some your way :)

Wow nice breakfast, I could easily down that beautiful bowlful of pure goodness.
Nice rescue with that big guy.


I guess it was tasty, I didn't hear a word from my husband until it was gone, lol He so wanted his oatmeal :) Yes, we are always on the watch for turtles on the street, in fact it's always been that way where ever we live! There are quite a few here and they're big so we keep an eye out for the! Turtle rescue!


Thank you @shuvo35! So glad you stopped in! Cheers!

Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 69
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck
Have a


Thank you @foodfightfriday :) Looks like another great week of amazing food!

Healthy to help animals back to safety then go home ensuring family stay healthy with a well rounded mix for breakfast @birdsinparadise


We love the turtles, it's the least we could do. It's horrible seeing them hit by careless drivers. Glad you stopped by, thanks @joanstewart :)

Hey @birdsinparadise, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!

This kinda breakfast I'd love to have too Mrs @birdsinparadise 😊 eventhough Im not so fond of oatmeal, but it's okay as long as the fresh apple and any yoghurt involved!

Yes for breakfast, and hooray for turtle saving! Breaks my heart to see any animals trying to test the less-than-observant drivers, so any time we can help a little (or big!) guy along the way makes my little heart happy. Apples and walnuts are definitely some of my favorite oatmeal additions, as well. Mmmmm, I already ate breakfast but now I want more...good thing it's almost lunch time!