As most of you #steemians know by now, farm-mom lives on a farm. LOL. It's really a #homestead, we grow our own #food,
pick wild berries, make our own maple syrup, manage our forest and plant trees galore. We mill our own lumber, take down the dead trees for HEAT, firewood. We fish in our bass stocked pond and grow so many flowers, there's too many to count. The herbs we grow not only provide some KA-POW ! in recipes, but the #health benefits are countless.


For example: Oregano.
Leaf infusion internally helps indigestion, coughs, painful menstruation and headaches.

External use, in baths for sore muscles and joint pain.

Flower infusion for seasickness.

CAUTION: Do NOT use medicinally during pregnancy.

Happy Friday to all. Anyone else heating up the kitchen and making a mess? I am full #steem ahead.

Happy Harvest!


Oregano, beets and carrots...FOOD. Now I am not going to present you folks with one of my fabulous recipes today because a very scary situation arose today while in the #garden. These odd looking things were spotted hiding in the oregano. I was perplexed and a little scared. They had the oddest shapes, deformed really, so I went looking for @thebigsweed, I needed back up.



With shaking hands, these odd balls were gently removed and placed on the counter, put on hold, until a decision
could be made about their fate.


Now, as all gardeners know, growing your own food can be challenging. It certainly takes hard work, lots of time,
research, pest control, irrigation, TLC and "The luck of the Irish", a green thumb.

Question was, should we consume them or sentence them to die?
Lights out, bedtime, we will see what the morning will bring.

Over night, these aliens proved to be smarter than they looked. They were showing their true colors by day break.


They dashed for cover in the oregano, they must be guerilla fighters.😮


Being against war at all cost, negotiating was the only option. We would have a sit down with these aliens to work out a solution. The leader of the tribe was Cata Tater. Now, he was a soft spoken alien who knew my language.


His wife Heartee and their adopted daughter Carrotlee, who's parents had died of pollution, came along.


As it turned out, they were fleeing their home that was chemical laden. There was no clean water, all nutrients in the soil had long ago been depleted, surely they would die if they remained in that wasteland. The contaminated earth had already caused
birth defects and deformities. Sad story.


After a long discussion, the decision was made. These aliens could stay on the farm for 1 year. We would shelter them, feed them and show them the respect they deserved. They would not be eaten or deported. Once the year was up, they agreed to be planted in our garden. It was up to them to use their eyes to grow or just feed mother earth.


BIFF #@%^&* I hope I didn't catch any of you foo foo fighters below the belt.


One last alien was carried back to the home base. Curious Carrot Buttons, a cousin of Benjamin Buttons.


TGIF...Have a wonderful and curious weekend.😊

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What an amazing imagination you have! Those were so funny 😄 ( Cata tater the leader, his wife Heartee and the adopted daughter Carrotflee) ...hilarious


I'm still laughing at myself...glad I tickled your funny bone too.😁

LOL!!! That’s awesome! I’m jealous of your homestead, some day I’ll get there.
Ever think of putting a cabin or even a yurt on your property and Airbnb it and give tours and education to the visitors??? I’d be your first client!

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Good morning @intothewild, thanks for the compliment about our homestead. We love it here, so much freedom and fun. I talked about that same thing with @thebigsweed saying if we just rented the whole place out once or twice a year we could pay for the taxes and a vacation. We currently have a three bedroom main house and four cabins already on the farm. The cabins were built for each one of our four children, so we could easily have 14 adult guests with some kids thrown in.
But we are kind of selfish. We have our family and friends here a lot, so we want to keep it all to ourselves.😁

What a post! I know I’ve been telling you each week about your home runs but they just keep going deeper and deeper.... really, aliens and a whole story line?! Dope!

Your farm is envied by all of us @farm-mom, this is an excellent contender. God bless you guys, enjoy your weekend.


Good day to you @dandays. So happy you enjoyed my silly post, had quite a few belly laughs at myself.
Some times I have to remind myself to stretch a little more, I do have an active imagination believe me,
just don't have enough confidence just yet to let that monster out. Hehehe🤔
Have a wonderful day.


I’m not the only one @farm-mom. Congratulations on the reward. Lookin good!

I love your aliens


Hello, good morning. Thanks for checking me out. It was a really fun project to do with the grand kids, lots of giggling all around.
Have a great day!

LOL brilliant post @farm-mom, just love them aliens;);)
What is it with root crop nowadays, we've also had some really deformed carrots recently! I'm curious to see our next batch as these are supposed to be good seeds.
Read the comment by @intothewild about setting up an Airbnb, guests would love your homestead, hosting is a great experience!

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Good morning @lizelle, nice to hear from you. Yes, we have kicked around that air b&b thing also, but we like our privacy and have so many visitors already. Too bad I couldn't charge my friends, kids and oh heck, why not those little rug rats that are always popping in. hehe


The cottage fortunately is totally separate from our house so neither us nor the guests infringe on each other, would not work if we were in each other's faces for sure!

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Hello @lizelle, that's so great to have the space between units, we could do the same, since our cabins are spread out, but we would need to build a shower house for our guests, since all 4 of the cabins are really just bedrooms. That's why I suggested to the sweed, we should build one, or just rent the entire homestead. It's a no go, my hubby loves this place and only wants to share it with those we love. I get it. He has worked his arse off his entire life, so he has earned the right to be selfish. Shucks, at our age, it's ALL about the pursuit of happiness.
I am blessed, and from what I hear from you, so are you, and I sure hope so.
Really enjoy hearing from you, thanks my friend.
Wishing you all the best.🤗

Apologies for me running late
Life happens from time to time.

Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 66
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck
Have a


Hey man, no sweat, the sweed told me about your fishing trip, hope ya hooked a bunch.

You have an awesome imagination to decorate the odd-shaped garden items. I enjoyed everyone of the items. And you made each one come to life with a different personality.


So much fun to do, silly, yet I laughed at myself, helps me not take life so seriously .
Thanks so much for stopping in.😊

Hahaha hilarious!!!! We have similiar negotiations with zucchini come summer.

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I love your aliens, especially when they showed their true colors overnight! Great post!


Hey there, good morning @goldenoakfarm. Being silly and laughing is always the best medicine for me.
Thanks for your comment, those aliens blew my mind. hehe😂

hahaha... an epic invasion of googly aliens :D

If you wanted to, you could put the #googlyeyes tag amongst the 1st five tags and your post would automagically run in the weekly contest ;)


Love using googlyeyes, @googlyeyes...😁 It's done, edited my post to include your suggested #, thanks. I just love getting into these contests, always fun.
Have a wonderful day!


Awesome! thanks for joining the contest :D

We do this continuously non-stop and you can see over 2 years worth of winners on @googlyprize. So, just keep the tag #googlyeyes in mind when you do something fun like that :D and who knows... maybe you're already one of the next winners :D

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Love getting new badges, thanks so much😀

haha... clearly a very slow day on the farm. :) cute. But how on earth could you eat them after dressing them up and calling them by name??!!

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I refuse to eat these poor little aliens, they will be placed on my front porch and allowed to age gracefully.
Thanks so much for your support.

You sure do have a great imagination, I can attest to that.
The effort was so worth it. Your aliens are a pisser.
Fun post to read, especially when we read it together this morning, with that being the first time seeing the finished project.
Project is a perfect way to look at this post, creating the aliens was like a school project in itself.

Way to go kiddo! 👌✔💕


You are so supportive, thanks. We sure know how to make each other laugh, don't we.😂😁🤣😘

Ha this is hilarious :) It is always a good idea to let the aliens stay, says the alien eyeball. Also googly eyes add a lot of nutritional value to produce not to mention class ;)
@tipu curate


So appreciate it, thank you.


HEhehe… glad you got a little giggle out of the post @carlgnash. Aren't googly eyes fun, love doing silly projects like this with the grand kids...silly grammy.
Enjoy your day and thanks some much for checking me out.

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Good morning...thanks so much for sharing this post and also the resteem.😉